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Sexual Revelation and Sexual Health F.A.Q.s 

Sexual Revelation Sex Blog. What’s the point?

Sex is a totally common and ordinary action, intended to bring two people closer together. 

Sex can be for solo play like masturbation or to share with somebody you trust. Sexual Revelation is a sex blog for a complete guide related to sex, intimacy and health!

Sexual Revelation sex blog shares sexual tips and tricks transparently. All those questions related to sex that are knocking at your mind are answered in this sex guide. 

Below are some general frequently asked questions around sex and sexual health. For more information, check out our blog posts!

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Sexual Contact 

Contact turns into a sexual movement in the event that it includes contacting or stroking someone else’s bosoms, backside, butt, or private parts in a sexual manner. 

It can also be considered sexual contact if other body parts are touched in that same sexual manner.  Contacting one of these approaches to excite sexual emotions is called stimulation.  

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Little kisses on the cheek or hand and even kisses on the mouth can be ordinary to trade among loved ones and are commonly not thought about sexually. 

Be that as it may, longer kisses on the mouth and other cozy pieces of the body, for example, the neck, chest, mid-region, and privates, are viewed as a sexual movement. 


For some individuals, their first sexual movement is masturbation. This includes contacting through the incitement of the bosoms, bum, butt, or private parts. Sex toys are now and again used to improve masturbation. 

Masturbation is a one method to realize what sort of touch feels good to you and your partner. 

A few people stroke off (masturbate) each day, others jerk off sometimes, and others never masturbate. There is no incorrect method except if you have an inclination that you are meddling with your day by day life. 

There are a couple of things to remember to make masturbation more secure. Abstain from putting delicate, sharp, grimy, or unnecessarily huge articles in the vagina or butt since they can cause tearing or contamination. 

Any sex toy utilized during masturbation must be kept clean. Also make sure to use proper lubricant when masturbating. 

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Sexual intercourse 

Sexual intercourse or sex is the entrance of a penis into the vagina (otherwise called “vaginal sex”) or anus, (otherwise known as “anal sex”). Fingers or sex toys can likewise be utilized to enter the vagina or anus for sexual joy. 

There is a wide range of positions that couples can decide to engage in sexual relations with. The sexual demonstration regularly, yet not generally, produces climax for people. This climax, known as orgasm, often shows as a vaginal discharge in women and penile discharge for men. 

By getting a charge out of foreplay first, with the goal that both of you are prepared for intercourse, odds are acceptable that you will think that it’s progressively pleasurable. 

It is essential to utilize twofold security when you engage in sexual relations; condoms to forestall the spread of sexually transmitted contaminations and contraceptives on the off chance that you are attempting to forestall pregnancy. 

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Cybersex and telephone sex 

Cybersex and telephone sex include discussing sex on the telephone or by means of an instant message, sending naked or sexy photographs, or seeing somebody touch themselves in an online video talk. 

These sorts of trades don’t include true physical contact with the other individual, so they don’t represent the danger of getting an STI or getting pregnant. 

In any case, there are dangers, and it is critical to be cautious when trading pictures and data over the Internet. 

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Oral sex 

Utilizing your mouth or tongue to invigorate someone else’s private parts is viewed as oral sex. Oral sex is meant to encourage excitement in the person receiving the oral stimulation. 

Neither heterosexual oral sex nor homosexual oral sex lead legitimately to pregnancy. However, pregnancy can occur if any semen enters the vagina, so it is smarter to consistently utilize insurances like a contraceptive.

Oral sex presents a danger of contracting sexually transmitted contaminations.

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Anal sex 

Anal sex includes the entrance of the penis into the rear-end. 

Anal sexual movement can likewise include utilizing the fingers or sex toys to enter the butt for sexual joy. A few people find anal sex entirely pleasurable, and a few people hate it, possibly seeing it as exceptionally agonizing.

 It’s imperative to convey to your partner whether you feel good with anal sex or not. 

Anal sex doesn’t legitimately prompt pregnancy, however, it could occur if any semen gets into the vagina, so it’s ideal to consistently utilize insurances like a condom or other form of contraception.

Anal sex presents more dangers since it very well may be simpler to contract a sexually transmitted  illness, if done without some form of protection. A condom ought to consistently be utilized, with a lot of water-based, silicone based, or oil based lubricant.

Numerous sexually transmitted diseases can likewise be transmitted through anal sex. The hazard can be diminished by the use of condoms.  

It’s ideal to clean the penis or sex toy right after use to not spread the microbes to different regions that could cause disease.

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We should all take the necessary steps to get more joy for ourselves and our partner(s) during sex. 

Do you need to realize how to last longer in bed? Do you wonder how to get your ex back? Hoping to add some new moves to your daily practice? We have simple guidance on the most proficient methods and ways for you to try.

Some suggestions you will find in our sex blog include to attempt invert cowgirl, rimming, or even tantric sex on for size. In our assortment of the best sex positions and tips, you’ll discover tricks, toys, and master intel on pulling off better sex moves and better sex overall. 

Take notes and study hard; your better than ever sex life starts now. This sex blog includes all the sex guides required for real-life sex.