13 Foreplay Sexy Card Games To Learn More About Your Partner


Foreplay card games to learn more about your partner

Everyone can play card games. I would say they are the most popular games two or more persons can play. But, there is more to card games than just playing it with friends.

Sext card games can be a great way to spark the fires between you and your partner. It is beautiful when you play the old card games you played as a teenager but with a little twist to make it more sensual. If you didn’t play a lot of card games when you were younger, don’t panic, they are easy to learn. Flexible rules, no restrictions, you can add your ideas to make the game sexier and fun.

To play foreplay-friendly sexy card games, all you need is a deck of cards and a partner of course. Here are 15 best sexy card games you can play with your partner to get close and intimate.


Frisky Go Fish

I love this game because it allows you to go wild and live up your fantasies. It creates room for creativity. How do you play this sexy card game? One partner hides the cards in different places of their body and the other goes “fishing”. You could hide the card in your pocket, lingerie, hair amongst others. You can use your hands even your teeth to fish out the cards. Interesting right? Best believe the foreplay idea involved in this game is endless.


Pick A Card, Any Card

You can play this game using cards. The firsts two are to redefine the four suits. For instance, diamonds could represent kissing, Hearts can represent massage, Spades oral sex and clovers could be hand-job. To make this even more exciting, the numbers on the cards could determine and is qualified to the number of minutes the act is supposed to be performed. Take turns with your partner to do this. You can also play this game using a two-sided die. Each number determines the sexual act to be performed and the time frame. Trust me you will likely end up under the sheets before the game is over.


Sexy Card Trail

Have a sizzling night of sensation with your partner using just cards, interested? The bedroom sexy card trail is so easy to pull off. It builds your intimacy with a little touch of mystery. How do you play it? It’s simple! Get a deck of cards and leave sexy trails of that card right to the bedroom. Wear something smoking hot and wait for your partner to trail the cards to the bedroom.


Foreplay card games to learn more about your partner

Intimate Uno Cash

Originally, the major aim in Intimate Uno cash is o get lots of ‘cash’ cards. So here is the gist, every time you play a Draw 2 or 4 cards, you have two options; whether your spouse will draw cards to add to their hand or if you would draw cards to add to a reserved ‘cash’ stash.

This store is like saving up money that you can cash later. Well, you can only spend this money using the Value Menu whenever you desire. The Value Menu includes some intimate and sexy foreplay ideas. That’s not where it ends, whoever wins the game gets to keep the opponent’s cards and use it whenever they like.


Kissing Royals

Do you know how to play Slap Jack? Then learning how to play this game won’t be difficult for you. Here is the gist. Each person gets 26 cards. After you deal the cards, either you or your partner turns over a card on the top of his deck and lays it on the table. Whoever first slaps a designated area in front of you when the overturned card is a face card; that is an ace, King or Queen, or Jack, gets a kiss from the other party. At the end of the game, the winner determines where he is kissed.


Truth or Dare

This is quite popular. However, playing it as a foreplay sexy card game will inspire some interesting exploration between players. 50 prompts and dares are written down on a card (or paper) and put in a tin. Since it’s much more intended for the bedroom than the party house, the dares and prompts should tilt towards that angle. It sure brings couples closer and increases intimacy.


Foreplay card games to learn more about your partner

Strip Poker

Like the name, these games involve stripping. Interesting right? Play your favorite dance music in the background using your iPod or a CD player. Every time you or your partner lose a round in the sexy card game, the party turns up the music and strip off a piece of clothing. Make it sexy and seductive, please.

Private Affair

Most couples find it hard to discuss sex. This is where this card comes to your rescue. There is a specially designed card for this game which contains intimate questions. Cards are assembled and each person picks one card. Whatever is the question on the card, he or she must answer. It helps couples discuss things they never had.


Deck of Desire Sexy Card Game

Want a simple way to spice up your foreplay using card game? This is it. To play this game, get a deck of cards and the Deck of Desire instructions. Each suite in the card equals to an action. Each number also represents a body part. Following this format, make rules that suit your mood. Trust me, it is a sure way to bring excitement into the bedroom.

Dare Duel

This is a more mature form of charades. In dare duel, players take turns in picking cards and words to produce a fun, sweet, or naughty “dares” to act out. Keep your toys closer, they might come in handy.


Romantic Poker

This is played like the regular decker, however, the twist comes in in the stakes. To play this game, you and your partner will each write down what you would like to do with each other, what you have done to each other or what you don’t want to do. The next step is to cut into half the stakes. Each partner gets 10 face-down cards. Remember the things you wrote down? They are your “poker chips”. If you win you can “cash” it out in the future.

Foreplay card games to learn more about your partner

Wagering War

Wondering how “war” came into a card game? Don’t panic. The “war” here is the card game. So whenever you play a this sexy card game, you make a bedroom wager. “If I win, you lose your shirt” or “If I win, you give me a message,” “If I win, you kiss me”, are the commonest wagers. There is no limit so choose whatever sexy and intimate act you like. However, both parties will have to agree for this to work.


Apples to Apples In Bed

This is the usual apples to apple game. All you need to do is to add the phrase ‘in bed’ to the end of each combination to help you set the sexy mood! Yes, some of them would make no sense when you add the phrase which would make your partner laugh more and relax better. They might give you some topnotch foreplay ideas.


Sexy Eights

This is an adult version of Crazy Eights and is played with a regular deck of cards. How do you play this game with the twist from what you previously know? First, partners will write down a secret fantasy they want to fulfill (if they win). Seven cards are giving to each person and the rest of the cards are placed.

Turn over the top card next to the pile. Eights we understand can be wild and can represent any number or suit. If the seven cards facing up are hearts, then you can play any seven or any heart (or an eight). The game continues until one of the parties run out of cards. Well, if you can’t play a card game, there is another way, just draw a card from the pile and your partner plays.


Domin8 Quickie

The name sounds kinky right? Yes, you are correct. Domin8 is like BDSM dominos. They are designed with 24 scenario cards and a multiplicity of ways to explore the erotic charge that comes with the play. If you win the game, your partner is directly under your control. Your every wish becomes their command.

They will do whatever you say and the way you want it. Domin8 allows you to make real your fantasies. Rest assured, playing a control game with your partner increases trust and brings great sexual pleasure. Both of you can explore exciting new grounds together.


In Conclusion

While you should try out the above games with your partner, you can design your own kinky sexy card game using regular playing cards. The idea is for you to be creative and let your imagination run pretty wide.

Remember, there are no losers or winners in a game card. Both partners are winners as long as they end up sexually satisfied and fulfilled.

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