20 Important Things A Man Looks For In A Partner


20 Important Things A Man Looks For In A Partner

There are numerous ideas that often emerge from the huge amount of thoughts that pop into a man’s head when it comes to having a perfect woman. But can you always make a good selection from these neural processes to unravel what things your man prefers to discover in you?

This article on 20 Things A Man Looks For In A Partner will guide you through the cycle of making a valuable choice, as well as, knowing what men want to see in their spouses.


What Are Men Truly Looking For In Their Partners?

Now, there is a follow-up question you should ask yourself and that is, “Why are most men who have partners interested in other girls over their spouses?”

And to give a correct reply to this subject in view, we have to go farther than just mere looks. Despite the fact that it is a significant factor considered by men, we really have to dig deep in order to give you a perfect response that answers that question beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The actual answer has to show great details about what men are actually looking for in a partner they have rightly married under the oath of staying together till death do them part or in someone whom he is dating or wants to date.

Perhaps, there is a feeling of not understanding why men are deeply attracted to some women and not to others. It may seem like you are visually impaired, and you have no idea about what to do so as to get the guy you want to hook up with you.

Probably, there will be a great concern when you have been into different relationships and it feels like you keep falling into the wrong track by dating guys that are not interested in committing to you.

As a result, you will be troubled and start to look for the answer to what will make him more emotional and committed to you.

Do not fail to acquire anything that will make you look good to your partner. We are not speaking about getting only gift items for your better half, but putting on those lovely and looked after attitudes in women.

We are simply making an effort to bring out the best in your appearances and actions at home, and having a sweet look and good attitudes are invariably a good way of getting noticed by a man regardless of him being someone you are dating, engaged or rightly married and living together.

With the exception of possessing the natural postures that made you attractive to him, imagining about 20 things man looks for in a partner is a sure way of enhancing your natural looks and attitudes, upgrading your level of romance, and making him have only you. And when we say only you, it means you are his priority in everything, no cheating and no quarreling, bullying, and fighting at home. Hence, a much better relationship is achieved.

Why do think your crush, boyfriend or spouse want to see in you? If you have had a brainstorming session and can not come up with more than a limited number of reasons, say between one to five.

Do not worry because we have got some attention-grabbing ideas that when you use it, he will see you as his nicest treasure and world best.

Whether you are on a date with him, attending an occasion, sitting concurrently in the dining room, watching movies together, gisting in the parlor, he needs to see somethings in you that will make him proud to have you as his one and only partner.

Here are 20 essential things that your man looks for in you. 


20 Important Things A Man Looks For In A Partner

The 20 Things A Man Looks For In A Partner He Is Dating Or In Marital Relationship


1. He wants to see you as a woman who listens to her partner

One of the things a man looks for in a partner is a good listening skill. He glances at you to ascertain if you are like those women who will prick up men’s ears whenever a message is passed across.

That is if you are someone that will listen to him very carefully when he needs you or the type that will give deaf ears to whatever instructions passed at home and the resolution he has made.

Obviously, we are not letting out that you should just give attention to him and whatever he declares at the cost of expressing yourself. That will be the bizarre utterance with no proof.

However, what we are disseminating are the things that you can do with your man to make him have a strong and serious emotional rapport with you.

This will definitely ensure that there is no distancing in the relationship but brings about togetherness in the decisions taking and every other thing that is being said or done at home.

Men will be fully committed to women in a relationship where there is no impediment to share whatever they want to share with their partners.

They actually do not engage in a courtship that will make them discuss the things they are facing outside their homes, but they will easily fall in love with someone who creates a chance for different issues to be discussed and resolved in the house.

Furthermore, we will now look at those things that can make you be a good listener for your man.

Once you are in need of a perfect bonding and full-blown intimacy with your man at home, on a date and all other moments with him, you have to establish a rapport with him where he is always happy and excited to share everything with you. When this is done, there is an avenue created for some impressive events to unfold.

Immediately, there is the beginning of a fresh connection with you. A type of rapport that will be characterized by undying attractions towards each other when he notices that you are surely being attentive to him and that you are getting involved with him on a discussion about the things he cares about, as well as, those ones that take him closer to you.

Another event that unfolded, when you give a listening ear to your man, is that an opportunity is created by you for him to uncover the veil he was using for the period before this change and let you have a glance through his real self.

There is nothing more vital to having a lasting relationship with your man than for him to realize that he can be his real self around you.

Once you acknowledge the true nature of your man at the time when he is not being covered by a veil, it is now shown that you can listen to him without a hint of judgment, knowing very well that judgment will shut him down and drive him away from you in a blink.

At this juncture, he will feel deeply and truly connected to you.


20 Important Things A Man Looks For In A Partner

2. He wants to see you as someone with big dreams and goals for yourself

What a man looks for in a partner can be attributed to his longings for having a woman who has dreams and goals for herself. He believes that this type of trait will be of an added advantage to him, as those plans when actualize will contribute to the smooth running of the household.

Apart from having your dreams and goals, you have to play a part in his dreams and goals by ensuring that yours are aligned with his own in order to get the best out of your relationship with him. Do not think that he should always take your own view at all times, else he will look at you as someone who is not fittings for his kind of a partner.

Hence, I am not instructing you to do away with your blueprints and other good deeds in your life and follow him wholly. That will be a show of awkwardness at implementing set goals. This will make depend solely on the guy for everything, of which, most of them do not like it and it can only end up in a break from the relationship.

The point we are trying to leave here is that when you want your courtship not to be terminated by your man, you have to consider taking some time out of your busy schedules to find out whether your set goals and plans in life match with his own. If they are in line with what he has, then you should be lucky to get it implemented together.

But If those objectives are not related to the ones he has outlined, it is getting on to a path of experiencing a ton of conflicts in your bond because everything you would want to do will be geared towards the realization of your dreams and goals in life. Your man will also be thinking about carrying out his own written plans and achieving the set goals.

Consequently, if you have varied and incompatible goals for the things that you want out of life, you will be obliviously acting against each other all the time paving the way for grievance, frustration, and fights that neither of you understands why they are occurring in your home.


3. Your man wants to see your smiling face

Recall that William Shakespeare stated that “A smile cures the wounding of a frown”. Hence, your smiles can be a reason for your man’s happiness. He will prefer to smile when he is tired, bored, or felt down.

This can only happen when you wear a smile on the face. He is interested in a woman that will be able to know when he is depressed, and attempt to do everything to change his adverse feelings and horrible thoughts.


20 Important Things A Man Looks For In A Partner

4. He wants to see someone who is ready to give him the care he needs

Every man wants his woman to become a loving mother to them when they feel helpless.

He needs your attention when he making his plans, suffering from sickness, not financially stable, and when has limited time to care for himself. On the whole, you should be concern about him and have your interest in you man.


5. Your man looks for that decision making skill in you

One of the things a man looks for in a partner is the ability to decide what she wants at a particular time and to openly ask for what she is in need from the spouse.

Before you could do this, you need cognitive and communicative skills to stay decisive about your preferences. He will adore you when you are up for this game and maintain it.


6. A man wants to see if a woman is morally gifted

Your modes of conduct matters a lot in a relationship. He wants to have a partner whose behavior conforms to a standard of right behaviors at all times.

Strive to do the right by following what is acceptable by him and in the society as the right thing. Showing him that you are guilty conscious in a mistake made, will compel him to have a feeling for you.


20 Important Things A Man Looks For In A Partner

7. He is determined to know if you are productive

Another important thing that a man looks for in a partner is for him to confirm if the spouse is a lazy type or not.

Men love women who are productive. Do not stay idle in the house waiting to consume the income of your man, pick up something that you love and trade on it.

8. Your man looks up to see if you are humble

A man does not want to associate with any woman that will be giving him hypertension every now and then, but a woman who is humble at all times. Hence, he wants to see this humility in you.

This may even serve as a source of inspiration to him, and a sure way to have a fulfilling relationship.


9. He wants you to be supportive of him

Your man wants you to be a pillar of support for him by helping him through many difficult moments in his life.

You do not have to wait for this trying moment to come, but you have to be supportive in all ramifications to reap the benefit of your relationship with him.

This will not only be a sign that you will be there for him through all huddles encountered but also makes him have endless love for you.


20 Important Things A Man Looks For In A Partner

10. He wants to see that self-confidence in you

Having a strong sense of self-worth and belief will make him want to have you as his own.

If this is lacking in you, engage in a daily routine of looking in the mirror to say some words like you are gorgeous, you are kind, you are gifted and you are talented to yourself.

This will help in boosting your self-confidence. At this juncture, you will realize that there is a man who looks those things about you.


11. He wants respect from you

It is your duty in a relationship to give your man the respect so desired for a stronger union to occur.

He is not going to request much from you, but in this, you should never hesitate to have great respect for him by keeping to his instructions. Do not in any way try to dishonor him, as it will lead to a loss of respect for each other.


12. He wants to see you being faithful to him

The state of being faithful to your partner goes beyond loyalty to having him as the only one in a courtship with you.

Nevertheless, the most vital quality amongst the ones mentioned is how faithful you are to your spouse.

It is clear that you got involved in a relationship for a reason, therefore, you have to prove to your man that your heart belongs to only him and that he is the man that you are repeatedly deciding to keep him in your life till death do you paths.


20 Important Things A Man Looks For In A Partner

13. Your man looks for those romantic cuddles and hugs

Your man needs that affectionate embrace from you. Probably, he has seen some lovers cuddling on a couch at a beach and he is desperate to have someone that will not wait for him to ask for a cradle in each other’s arms.

That hugs given to your man can make him forget about the stress and other related cases at the workplace, and all the problems he has faced in my life.

Those romantic moves such as soft touching, kissing your partner can make him forget that the world is really existing. He would have no option to look for another woman when he is drunk in your through these to romantic activities when you are with him.


14. He needs words of motivation from you

When he is struggling to grow in wealth in order to get better, improve for you and to have a happy home.

During this period he wants you to encourage him to achieve his goals, to discover something new, to give excellent output, and never give up in the journey to being a successful man.

Think vastly and come up with new innovations in your home and get ready to communicate and explain in your discoveries to him.

Also, get your partner to discuss his challenges with you and good suggestions for possible solutions to problems mentioned will make him have an undying love for you.


20 Important Things A Man Looks For In A Partner

15. A man wants to see you as a person that will give him space and freedom when he needs it

He is likely going to get ignored when you are trying to force him to do whatever he doesn’t want to do at that instant.

Once you give him space, he will be delighted and can do whatever you have asked for at the expense of this freedom.

Constantly encourage him to take as much time as he needs outside the bond to explore his disposition. If he engages in a job that takes most of his time, do not complain but encourage him to get the best out of it.


16. Your man looks at you to see if you possess that motherly instinct

Even before a man engages to a woman, his topmost priority is always to marry in order to have kids. Hence, he thinks about his future kids and looks for a woman that will be able to take good care of his children.


20 Important Things A Man Looks For In A Partner

17. He looks for the quality of being patient

Men will always act wild at times, but as a woman, you just have to be patient by simply enduring him. Men like it when you are not asking them for funds at the moment where he is broke. This will give him an opportunity to recover from this hardship. Having a woman that can continue to motivate him and stay in confidence only strengthens his gratitude.


18. He looks to see if you have the humor to keep him going

A man needs someone who can make him lively after a period of passing through different forms of stress arising from his efforts put towards amassing funds for the upkeep of people around him.

He will be committed to you if you know how to play your cards well. That is if you can come up with ways that can make him forget those moments of struggles by giving him a course to smile.

This can be achieved through having a fun time with him by cracking some jokes thereby keeping the bond fresh and his passion for you alive.


19. He wants to know if you find him attractive to you

When it gets to be attractive to a partner, men will always put in what the have so as to impress you and at the tail end be attracted to the one they love.

After this move, he will certainly want to know if you find him attractive to you. He is definitely going to try to maintain his best version of himself in order to impress you.

Hence, you should be up to the task of complimenting him regularly. Doing this will only attract him to you and there is bound to be an endless love for each other.


20 Important Things A Man Looks For In A Partner

20. He wants your time

Men loves it when you always have time for them despite the chores at your disposal. He loves you because you always make time for him and happy to stay with him and making him understand that he is your top preference.

Even after having a hectic day or moment, always try as much as possible, to create time to chat with him, call him if he is not around, and will definitely show how much you care about him.

On a final note, men would always want to be with someone who has all the stuff that is appealing to them.

When you are in doubt about having what he needs in a woman, you can be sure of knowing it, as well as, retaining your man by simply going through the 20 things a man looks for in a partner.

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