Bad Lube: 20 Things You Should Never Use As Lubricant



Sex can be a tricky thing sometimes. Imagine, you and your partner have spent time together, are very much attracted to each other and both desire to have sex. Imagine the foreplay has been amazing and you are ready to get hot and heavy. Th excitement is coursing through the both of you, and then the next thing you notice is that both neither of you are wet enough or hard enough to have the pleasurable sex you both desire. This is what happens when we forget about lube!

You will feel bad right? Of course, as a human being, you might feel guilt that or your partner are having difficulty in performing. Nobody rejoices or found it funny whenever sex is interrupted. But what if I told you that the cause of you and your partner’s disappointment could easily be solved? And with something as simple as lube no less.

You can save yourself from the embarrassment of this and get for yourself at least one of these Top 20 Lubes For Sex and for Dildo in case you are the types that like going solo or making a foreplay with a sex toy or giving it a shot with your partner.


Why Do You Need Lubricant During Sex?

Truly, lube is pretty great. It keeps you wet and helps you to go deeper and longer without feeling any pain or dryness down there. It gives you that feeling that will make you continue without pausing. As one of the quickest, cheapest and easiest ways to improve your sex life, it can heighten your sensation more than you can ever imagine. Some people think that lubes signify a failure of one being lubricated naturally, no, it is not! You may have been missing a lot thinking so.

Yes, slippery tool or substance is amazing to grab when you want to take that orgasm up a notch or when you are faced with the dry situation down there. It is obviously natural that some times, you would want any available means or natural DIY when you are totally out of stuff and sex is on the table waiting for you.

But wait! You need to be careful since not everything that is slippery is good to be used as lubes. Many have been trying different types of lubes and opting for natural types of substances over water-based lubes, oil-based lubes, silicone-based lubes in the market but experts say: They don’t have a place in your vagina. You really need to avoid and discard such lubes.

Here, I am going to reveal those substances you should not consider as lubes but before then, hold on let’s check why all slippery substances must not be used as lubes. You can check Top 20 Water-Based Lubrication For Women and Men here.


Why You Should Not Use Everything As Lube? 


I know you have been wondering why some slippery substance like water-based type and silicone-based types are good for lubes and others like natural lubes or DIY are not. After all, they are all slippery and that is what is needed to reduce the friction that arises during sex, a handjob, or soloplay. If you do, relax while I open up the problems you might encounter using all you see. Below is the reason why you should stay away from using everything you see as lubes.


They can damage vaginal tissue

Using the wrong lubricant can damage the lining of the vagina and this can develop serious and severe sexual diseases. Some of these substances have chemical contents that are not friendly to the wall of the vagina. Some chemicals in them can are too acidic and these can be very corrosive to the soft tissue of both penis and vagina. To save yourself from the danger that can come from this, you need to be aware of the chemical compatibility of your sex organs to such lubes.


Yeast and bacteria infection

Some of the products were linked to a higher chance of common vaginal infections. This can raise a woman’s susceptibility to sexually transmitted diseases, such as herpes, chlamydia, and HIV. One thing you should know is that some products are not specifically made to take care of the natural environment of the vagina. They are made for another purpose, using them as lubes means nothing but exposing yourself to the risk of contracting infections.


They can cause bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is an infection that can be caused by a number of common bacterial species. These common infections might result from the products upsetting internal pH and beneficial microbe communities, allowing harmful organisms to proliferate.

Normally, the vagina is naturally made to have good bacterial for the biological process and, also for the production of required acid that will help to prevent infection from viruses and other harmful bacteria. Using a bacteria prone substance in the name of lubes will do nothing but expose your vagina to external bacteria and viruses which are not made for it.


They can cause irritation

Painful irritation can come from using material not friendly to the wall of the vagina or penis. This mostly occurs during urination. They can also cause some serious pain even some days after sex.


They can cause fear

How do you feel when you discovered that you have used bad substances as a lube? Do you feel good or bad? Normally, you have to be afraid of the unknown consequences that can result from using strange or harmful products on your sensitive part.

These, among others, are the main reasons why you should not use anything you can grab as lube when sex comes calling. You have to be wise and also consider your sexual health before jumping into using any product. Ok, having known some consequences of using bad lubes, let’s move on to the things you should avoid using as lubes.


What Are The 20 Things You Should Stop Using As Lubes



Here are some products or substances you should stop using as lubes. Some of them are mainly natural products and contain some elements that are not compatible with your lady’s parts.

1. Olive Oil. Olive oil upon being good for the heart is not good to be used as lube. That’s because any natural oil can weaken the latex in a condom and leave you less pregnancy- and STI-protected. Putting olive oil for your skin can give a radiant glow and fresh skin. It can even be a good option for massage and foreplay but avoid using them down there, no matter how dry it is. Some sex coach said it is not good for penetration of the vagina.


2. Baby Oil. Apart from breaking down the latex, baby oil can cause yeast infection by causing Candida growth in the vagina. Baby oil can be used externally, for example on the penis but it is not good and encourage-able for intravaginal use. Gynecologists have found a link between the intravaginal use of baby oil and candida growth in the vagina. Using this as a lube can expose you to the danger of yeast infection. It contains oil really but is not the best option to use as lube.


3. Spit: For some people, spit is readily available and wet therefore it can be used as lube when one is in pinch. What you should know is that it is not slippery enough to be taken as lube. Using it as a lube is just wasting of saliva and time and should be more careful while using it down there to avoid transmission of STDs into your vagina just as unprotected oral sex does.


4. Petroleum Jelly: A study published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology found that women who had used petroleum jelly as lube in the past month were more than twice as likely as non-users to have bacterial vaginosis. Like other oil products, they can cause yeast infections. Petroleum jelly should be avoided when going down there for pleasure.


5. Lotion: Lotion contains a lot of potential irritants. Some people might think that because it is moisturizing it can be used as lube. No! these products are not designed for internal use since it contains chemical contents that can affect the natural environment of the vagina. What you should know is that all daily use lotions contain strong essence and perfumes, which are not ok for sensitive skin around your private parts. They may also contain parabens, which can cause hormonal imbalance.


6. Butter: Butter contains protein and concentrates on animal fat which is not good to be used on our skin. Avoid using it as lubes it has no advantage using during bedroom play.


7. Sudo Cream: Sudo cream is specifically used for cut, burns, and nappy rash. It is not for sex because It does not get absorbed into the skin, and so would linger in the vagina and on the penis and vulval area. It also contains liquid paraffin and citric acid, which can upset the delicate flora of the vagina and you can imagine what it is for your vagina to lose that natural scent just because you are using all you see as lube.


8. Bio-Oil: Bio-oil even though is oily and really great, can not be used as lube. Bio-oil is skincare that is specially made to improve the appearance of skin by removing scars and stretch. While it can hydrate the skin, it is not suitable as a lubricant as it is only designed for external use. This product can affect the PH of the vagina.


9. Avoid putting alcohol like wine or champagne down there: Sex and alcohol don’t go together! Some women often use alcohol to wash their private part thinking it is a good idea of being high while banging with their partner. Alcohol is not good to be mix with vagina moisture as this can cause the irritation of both the external and internal skin of the vagina thereby causing bacterial infection messing up with the natural PH level.


10. Liquid Soap: It is a bad idea to use liquid soap as a lube. The PH level of liquid soap of any type and that vagina are in nowhere compatible. Liquid soap is more acidic than vagina thus using it down there is a call for damage of vagina linen. liquid soap, washes, sanitizes or douche is often considered lubes by some and this shouldn’t be.


11. Cooling or tingling Lubricant: Cooling or tingling lubricant upon adding excitement and sensation during sexual intercourse, is a bad lube. It contains menthol and spice which is extremely bad for sensitive skin and can cause a reaction. You should know that the vagina is a very sensitive part of your sex organ, you must handle it with care if you don’t want a story that touches after the whole game.


12. Whipped Cream: Many women use this heavy-duty food item to indulge in sexual fantasies and also to add little excitement in the bedroom. However, it contains a lot of sugar which can disturb vaginal PH level and cause infections. This simply means that you stay away from using syrup or any sweet sauce as lubes.


13. Juice: A quest for getting sexual satisfaction has made some go beyond using the right lubes. Juice of any kind is never a good option for lubes. Using Juice as lubes is nothing but calling for damage to the delicate tissue of the vagina. It causes yeast infections. Stay away from using any product that contains sugar in your vagina.


14. Coconut oil: Coconut oil has many uses which makes it very popular but coconut oil lube is not ideal. It contains antiviral and antibacterial properties that could disrupt the vaginal PH balance leading to infections (like yeast infections).

Although coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer for your skin and hair, this is not necessarily the case for your ‘’downstairs’’ so avoid using it there. This product is not even compatible with latex condom just as another oil-based lubes.


15. Vaseline: I know many will be surprised for measuring Vaseline here. Yes! Vaseline is not good to be used as lube because it is specifically designed for healing as it creates a barrier over the skin to lock in moisture to encourage the skin’s healing process. This means that it does not get reabsorbed into the body, and it stays on the vulval tissue and on the walls of the vagina.

The worst is that, like petroleum jelly, it is insoluble in water, and this means that it will be hard to clean off. Vaseline is not saved to be used as lube just as it is not saved to be used with latex condoms due to mineral oils it contains. The condom can bust when this oil reacts with latex. Do you see? Using vaseline down there is a bad idea but you can use it on the body for other purposes.


16. KY Jelly: KY Jelly contains both parabens and glycerine which can cause thrush. It also has a higher osmolality than the cells in the body, drawing moisture out of the walls of the vagina instead of hydrating it, exacerbating vaginal dryness and this is not the main aim for using lubes. Using this as a lube can increase your chance of being infected with STIs. Stay away from it.


17. Shortening: Shortening is an oil base, so it is not condom compatible. It is a terrible lubricant since it is not slippery at all. It is can possibly irritate your vagina since it is not specifically formulated for vagina use.


18. Hand sanitizer: Remember, douching is incredibly harmful to the vagina’s PH balance and it can also cause burning sensation to the delicate skin of the penis and vulva area. Using hand sanitizer can expose you to serious vaginal and penial problem.


19.Vegetable Oil: Some people will just grab any oil from their kitchen and begin to use when sexual urges heat them. No, it not nice to use them as lube. Refined and hydrogenated cooking oils, such as vegetable oil and canola oil, go through heavy processing which includes heating, bleaching, and some other chemical treatments. This apart from staining your sheet can leave residue on your body and build up in an area like vagina may increase risk infection.


20. Shampoo: Using shampoo is not a good idea! It is not even good for your skin. So why do you use it down there? Is it not that risky? Using shampoo down there will do nothing but dehydrate and irritate delicate tissue of the vagina and make your privy vulnerable to infections.


Above are what you should stop using as lubes if you must stay sexually healthy after your return from the world of sexual excitement. Go for the right lubes for both men and women and you will always feel on top whenever you get yourself ’’ banging and ‘’wanking.’’ any time you want to feel like not stopping when you are having sex either solo or with your partner good lube is the best answer fo that. If you can take good care of other parts of your body, why not take good care of your genitals too? Remember they are very sensitive so you need to handle them with care.

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