Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination


Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Searching for your Caribbean Honeymoon Getaway?

Going for a honeymoon in the Caribbean is always something thrilling and fun. A lot of couples look forward to spending time together in such a lovely and romantic place. However, often they do not know where to go and visit for the most part.

Prepare yourself for the honeymoon of a lifetime on one of these best romantic honeymoon destination. Feel free to escape to your island paradise on the perfect luxury trip of a lifetime, loaded with 5-star gastronomy, natural beauty, adventure and all the romantic extras you could ever want.


Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations

With a plethora of luxury Caribbean vacation for couples honeymoon to choose from, you can surely feel confused. To help you in that matter, we will break down the best luxury Caribbean honeymoon.


Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Caribbean Honeymoon 1: Grenada

Grenada – St. George’s Grenada

This Spice Island is sought-after for making a massive amount of nutmeg, becoming a honeymooner’s idyll in the past years. It offers a trifecta of rainforest, beach and rich culture. In Grenada, you can scuba dive, sunbathe or sail one day, climb to the top of the foliage-covered mountain the next, and enjoy soaking up English and French colonial culture by walking the streets of the capital city of St. George’s.

What to do in Grenada

Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Island Hop

You can take a ferry ride to the neighboring island of Carriacou where you can do more lying on the ocean or relax at the seaside bar.

Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Take a Hike

At the heart of this romantic honeymoon destination, you will see the Grand Etang National Park loaded with green rainforest surrounding a crater lake. No matter if you are up for a heart-pumping hike or a smooth walk, you will surely discover a trail fitted for you.

Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Set Sail

After spending the requisite time sacked out on the wonderful beaches of Grenada, try watching the water from the vantage point of a yacht.

Why Honeymoon in Grenada

It is not the expense of the airfare or the caliber of the hotel which you will remember most about your travel to Grenada. It is the kaleidoscope of greens, yellows, and reds which describe St. George’s harbor and how they are mirrored in the sapphire water.

A lot of honeymooners have long ignored Grenada, opting for resort-laden and showier islands. However, Grenada is always worth visiting. Indeed, this portion of the Windward Islands does not boast the sprawling first-rate nightclubs of Barbados or St. Lucia. But that is the key to the charm of Grenada.


Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Caribbean Honeymoon 2: Jamaica

Jamaica – Montego Bay, Jamaica

Worshippers of the sun looking for a bit of sex appeal with their best honeymoon destination can look no further than Jamaica. This extra romantic Caribbean island visually assures sunshine all-year round, although it is best to stay away from the island between August and October when hurricanes are not your stuff.

This tropical place and the private Caribbean honeymoon is home to many sandy white beaches where clear aquamarine water laps at your toes, green botanical gardens, limestone, and caves. In short, there are lots of romantic honeymoon packages to hide away for a picnic.

Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Why go to Jamaica?

You can find lots of white-sand beaches, an extensive golf course just about anywhere in the Caribbean. However, in this all-inclusive honeymoon, you can dance to the thrum of a calypso song, taste the bittersweet Mount Gay Rum or take in a cricket or polo match.

Even though you could spend your time on the beaches, you will find lots of things to do when discovering this Caribbean vacation. This luxurious island is overflowing with incredible architecture, a passionate sports culture, and plenty of party-loving attitudes.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit is between July and November. Those months fall within the hurricane season of the Caribbean, hurricanes rarely hit the amazing island, and you could also attend one of their many parties and activities when you wish to vacation during this month of the year.


Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Caribbean Honeymoon 3: Barbados

Royal Barbados – St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados

Loaded with a lush but varied landscape, vibrant communities, turquoise waters, and white-sand beaches, this Caribbean honeymoon vacation all-inclusive is a magnet for honeymooners like you!

While the majestic west coast features posh resorts and pristine white-sand beaches, the east coast entices every visitor with its romantic ambiance and shabby terrain. This gorgeous romantic honeymoon vacation is ideal for honeymooners seeking for fun in the sun. But also a diverse experience which combines the great outdoors with one-of-a-kind cultural activities.

What To Do in Barbados?

Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Snorkeling and diving

With its crystal-clear waters offering a hundred feet of visibility, it is simple to see why this honeymoon vacation is a haven for divers and snorkelers. This is perfect for a certified couple divers to discover the underwater wonders.

Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Guided off-road trip

You can see Barbados from a different vantage point through setting out on an off-road trip.

Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Zip-line adventures

This experience will surely assure an exciting adventure while you learn and enjoy the amazing ecosystem of the island.

Why Honeymoon at Barbados?

The island offers a contrasting atmosphere and terrain which will make you feel as if you have visited two different island destinations. Barbados low-lying west coasts attract visitors with its superior resort facilities, crystalline waters, soft-sand beaches, and wealthy sports activities.


Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Caribbean Honeymoon 4: Antigua

Grande Antigua – St. John’s Antigua

Once a British hot spot, Antigua provides a genteel take on the leisurely life. Situated in the heart of the Caribbean Islands, Antigua is cherished for its chalky beaches, boating, and pleasant weather year-round.

What to do in this romantic Caribbean vacation?

Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Seafaring lore

Yachters and history lovers should not ever miss Nelson’s Dockyard National Park at English Harbour. These former naval headquarters host lovely old restaurants, historic buildings, and craft shops.

Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Shipyard views

For a remarkable panoramic view, plus a splendid sunset, barbecue, and steel-pan music, spend your afternoon at Shirley Heights Lookout. It’s a restaurant located in the south part of the island.

Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Abundant beaches

Rimmed by 366 beaches, you will find a sandy paradise for each beach personality.

Why Honeymoon in Grande Antigua?

Lively cultural scenes, tasty cuisines, and historic sites can all be seen on Grande Antigua. But most often, it is the versatility and beauty of the island’s beaches which draw honeymooners from afar. Do you wish to party in the sand? Perhaps you are seeking for deep waters where you and your lovers can swim? Would you be attracted to discovering the ocean deep? This luxury honeymoon destination got you covered.


Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Caribbean Honeymoon 5: Bahamas

Emerald Bay – Great Exuma, Bahamas

Secluded along a mile-long white-sand beach, Emerald Bay is an isolated romantic destination for couples catering to newly-wed couples in the Bahamas’ Out Islands. Bond over a round of championship golf on a course which was deemed as one of the best in the Caribbean by Travel & Leisure Golf.

You can also take up some scuba diving or get a new hobby with the help of the experts. Simply enjoy and relax with a tropical cocktail by the swim-up bar of the pool or relieve some of your tension at the Red Lane Spa. No matter how you and your partner plan to spend your time at Emerald Bay, you will surely have an unforgettable and fun experience.

Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Why Honeymoon at Emerald Bay?

The roughly 700 islands which make up the Bahamas lure a lot of visitors to their romantic vacations, scuba diving excursions, duty-free shops, and white-washed shores. Couples who flock here are more likely to indulge in the diversions of Emerald Bay.

Got Hitched?6 Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Caribbean Honeymoon 6: St.Lucia

Royal Bahamian – Nassau, Bahamas

After your wedding celebrations wrap up, there is nothing better than escaping to Royal Bahamian with your new spouse to enjoy a soothing, romantic getaway for two. Imagine a long, laid back stroll on white-sand beaches, unwinding in private poolside cabanas, lasting over long candlelit dinners, and watching remarkable sunset each evening. It is no wonder why the Bahamas is the ideal and best luxury honeymoon.

Why Honeymoon to this Luxury Caribbean vacation?

Thanks to St.Lucia’s prime location you can have all the elements of fun and relaxation. What’s more, one of the ideal things about this luxury Caribbean vacation for a honeymoon is going as casual as you wish when we talk about cuisine. Indeed, St. Lucia is home for delicious and mouth-watering dining spots. But you can also join the locals along with street food-style fare that is served straight in the sand, eating on seafood favorites such as conch, grilled shrimp, and fried snapper served any way you’d wish, best paired together with a local brew such as Sands.

Bottom Line

After you have recharged, you will more adventures to dive into. There is no better place to begin that new stage of your life together than Sandals & Beaches. Planning your dream romantic honeymoon Caribbean vacation is easy. Just choose a private honeymoon Caribbean destination package to experience the best and ultimate retreat! For more information, visit

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