6 Erogenous Zones You Never Knew You Had


6 erogenous zones you never knew you had

The human body is covered with erogenous zones that people don’t know exist! Erogenous zones are those parts of the body that offer heightened sensitivity and can bring forth sexual excitement or reaction when stimulated or aroused.

We all know there are some parts of the body that we call sexy like the breasts, genitals, and butts, but the truth is that there are other ones, the unexpected erogenous zones that can put us in a frenzy mood when touched that we ignorantly ignored. Sometimes, we outrightly don’t know about them until we discover them.

Well, studies and research have been carried out by sex educators to discovers from both males and females the other parts of the body that can tick the boxes when it comes to the not so obvious body parts that can be qualified as erogenous zones that people are not aware and the below body parts came up constant on most people list.

So if you have been looking out for other erogenous parts of the body that you could touch or be touched to get some spines tingling pleasure or out of breath ecstasy as your partner continues to explore your body, then you can asked to be touched at the below erogenous zones.

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6 Top Erogenous Zones You Never Knew You Had

6 erogenous zones you never knew you had

Your brain

Where else can be erotically sensational than the brain, this is one place that we hardly think about since we focus more on knowledge and thoughts with the brain than anything sexual. But the good news is that the brain is the most significant erogenous zone of them all, why? The mind is where arousal takes place for other body parts.

The brain makes the connection between physical touch and visual stimulation possible, and as such, it helps people to enjoy sensual touch through gentle caresses and even kisses. The brain, most times also react from seeing one caressing another, so it shows how sensitive the brain is to sexual activities, whether the body is going through it or just being sighted.

So to have an overwhelming pleasure, you need to concentrate and connect the brain to all the sexual activities going on, and you will be amiss at how sensitive the brain is when in used sexually. According to studies carried out in 2012 by California institute of technology which measure of brain response in heterosexual males were carried out, it was found that the brain doesn’t only respond or react to basic touch, but even social or emotional messages passed via contact.


6 erogenous zones you never knew you had

The feet

This is one part of the body that is hardly known to elicit any form of pleasure, but the feet are hidden erogenous zones that boosts one sex life. The fact is that the internal and external of the ankles are all sensitive spots that have many nerve endings that respond directly to the popular erogenous zones of the body including prostate, vagina penis and uterus.

Again, even the reflex areas which are situated below the ankles bones respond directly to the testicles and ovaries that help in boosting libido (sexual power )and also help in enhancing sexual performance. The upper and middle parts of the soles of each foot correspond to the chest and do send waves of sexual energy to the nipples and breast, which will bring forth intense pleasure when touched.

So, in essence, the feet have a lot of connecting nerves that will set almost the whole body on fire when touched, caressed, or aroused for pleasure. Adding the feet to your sexual repertoire is super simple and fun; you can ask your partner to lightly massage and tickle your toes and feet to bring forth more sexual and sensual pleasure. You can go the essential oil massage route, where your partner use an excellent essential oil to give you a massage on the feet; this can be soothing and extra relaxing to put you in the right mood for sex.


6 erogenous zones you never knew you had

The nape of the neck

This is one erogenous zone of the body that a lot of people overlook the back of the neck. Caressing or teasing it can send shivers down a partner’s spine. Lovers of neck pecking and rocking know this; it will just take a light touch to drive yourself and partner crazy.

This is all because the back of the neck is specifically a sensitive spot due to the thinness of the skin there and more still because of the enormous concentration of sensory receptions in the area. So, therefore, any light kissing, touching or even gentle breathing near the nape of the neck will elicit mind-blowing pleasure making the recipient weak in the knee.

The back of the neck is the right place to touch or tease a partner during foreplay for a hot sex session because it will help lead to a more passionate and intimate sexual experience. It can be concluded that the neck is full of nerve endings that one can take advantage of either during foreplay or main sex session to get a partner in the mood for sex or get intense pleasure.

The fact remains that a lot of men enjoy it when a woman gently runs her fingernails right beneath their hairline, for the females kissing or licking the back of the neck does it for them. So when next you need to give your man a toe-curling pleasure tries teasing or rubbing the nape of the neck and for you a lady or woman you can take things a notch higher by establishing a no kissing on the lips rule and have your man focus more on the neck.


6 erogenous zones you never knew you had

The armpit

The armpit is one erogenous zone of the body that lovers don’t take advantage of, to give themselves tantalizing pleasure that might leave them screaming for more. The armpits are hypersensitive and a tickle or soft caressing can make a woman instantly secrete truckload of vagina juice, making her wet and horny at the same time. Cory Beth Honickman asserts that teasing partner armpits is the quickest way to turn them on. There’s nothing that can beat a little titillation that can take action straight from being silly to being sexy. The armpit can be very ticklish and responsive, and it can only be translated into sexual sensitivity.

Eliciting pleasure can be relished when you start with light touching and it will accelerate slowly into brisker motions. Truth be told the feeling of being tickled and aroused via the armpit can be really thrilling. If you can get past a bit of hair, sweat, or even taboo associated with the armpit, then you can experiment with your partner. Have your partner use the tips of his or her fingers to gently brush your armpits, then begin to lightly go up and down before switching to a brisk circular motion; at this point, it is pertinent to pay attention to what elicits the most reaction.

According to Honickman, the sensation derived from being tickled teeters on the edge of sexual excitement, it is undoubtedly playful but seductive at the same time. Lastly, the armpits can be tickled not just with the fingers but also with the nose, tongue, and lips, the natural scent of your partner’s armpit can be sniffed which can help create maps of pleasure in the brain same as engaging in a play with them while smelling your partner’s armpit can build neural pathways of pleasure and this will become an automatic response of happiness and pleasure when a whiff of them is caught.


6 erogenous zones you never knew you had

The scalp

This is a surprise, right? Well, this is a high erogenous zone that can be pleasurable when a good massage is given to it. Our scalp is rich in nerve endings, and because the scalp is always not engaged, maybe occasionally for hairstyling and scratching, it can feel awesome when it gets involved sexually.

The truth is engaging a part of the body that is usually less used, and there’s always a lot of avoidance almost all day from not-needed fingers getting its tresses will foster feelings of intimacy and fondness when it is being engaged by a loved one. Sex experts have opined that an excellent scalp massage can increase blood flow and release tension and this leads or aid your blood by being flooded with feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine.

So you might have never thought of the scalp as a sexy area of the body. Still, it has been proven that a scalp massage incorporated into the early stages of foreplay can be extraordinarily relaxing and prepare one, especially the females, for arousal.

Caleb Backe, a health and wellness expert, reiterated that the scalp is covered in nerve endings and this makes it one of the most sensitive parts of the body. He went further to state that anyone that will ever get a head massage will always say how pleasurable it can be and as such he concluded that anyone targeting the scalp as an erogenous zone will find it an amazing way of getting things going sexually with the significant other.

To add the scalp to your sexual repertoire is very easy, you can start by asking your partner to lightly or roughly( if you like it that way) pull your hair while close to the scalp or give you a gentle massage maybe adding more pressure for a more intense experience. You can also try to take advantage of the sensitive scalp even while in the shower, together with your partner, rub the shampoo into the scalp while focusing on your partner to ascertain you are getting it right.

Better still, when kissing your partner as a female during foreplay, he can run his fingernails through your hair and also along the scalp to stimulate that tingly feeling. He adding the back of the ears and nape of the neck to this mix will be a tantalizing way of stimulating multiple erogenous zones at once.


6 erogenous zones you never knew you had

The stomach

Another erogenous zone you never knew you had is the stomach. According to experts, the stomach is a susceptible erogenous zone. Even as the belly is loaded with nerve endings, with the connection of pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles to it again, one is sure of having a higher level of excitement and pleasure.

With this, it can be safely concluded that stimulation of the abs can increase arousal and in no small measure, produce an intense climax. Experts are of the view that teasing this zone will be a better option since it is close to the danger zone that points that teasing this area would actually boost the flow of blood to the vagina and clit, and we all know that will elicit horniness and intense pleasure.

Anyone can take advantage of this erogenous zone and add it to their sexual repertoire either to be used by oneself or with a partner. You can start by asking your partner to use his fingertips or tongue to tease your belly to get it stimulated or aroused. For temperature play, adding an ice club or a cold washcloth to the mix will be pleasurable.

Make your partner delicately leave a cold or hot washcloth on the skin, maybe a little above your pelvis before oral sex, or he can dangle it playfully from above to up to brush the skin in a caressing or teasing manner and the feeling will be heavenly. For your man, you can tease him beneath the belly button, and this is a major erotic spot for males because it is packed full with nerve endings, caress him down there to make him shiver with pleasure.

Lastly, the thought of a partner moving downward from the belly button is outrightly exciting for women because it will feel like the hands will soon get to the clitoris or vagina for more intense pleasure, so more uncontrollable sensation can be sent to the woman’s body by the man teasingly up and down that region to keep the woman horny and ready to be given steamy hot sex.


Benefits Of Incorporating These Unpopular Erogenous Zones Into Your Sexual Repertoire


To cheat boredom in your sexual life

With these many options to explore during sex sessions then, there can never be a dull moment. You can now have the sizzling and tantalizing sex session you have ever wanted. Your partner can never be bored with you as you move from one sensual part to the other.


Spicing up things in the bedroom

How nice will it be now as you switch up things either during foreplay or main sex? Your partner must have always looked out for that electrifying sensation that will run through the entire body. Incorporating the teasing and touching of these zones now will help to keep things spicier. You will be giving your partner more like a pro now.


6 erogenous zones you never knew you had

Varieties of ways to make your partner horny and in a sexual mood

Who wouldn’t like a super-hot sex time where they will be moaning and screaming for more. This is the whole idea about exploring your partner’s body; you have to put them in the mood to get going. With 3-4 erogenous zones listed here, you would be sure to turn on your partner. You have to try them out and see which works for you and your partner.


Enjoying great sex

Knowing about these erogenous zones and using them perfectly well will only bring one thing- great sex. These sweet and sensual spots, when focused on, will make couples screw off their head. Of course, this is possible because these erotic spots give intense pleasure that is unimaginable when indulging in with no barriers.

Sex experts opined that one of the excellent ways by which we can discover and maybe explore the unknown erogenous zones is via body mapping, which is otherwise known as arousal mapping. This is a simple action done by partners by which each sits passively and allows the other to explore the different parts of the body mindfully and deliberately to discover other erogenous zones of a partner’s body and vice versa.



If you are going the way of having great sex, the best route to a fire bustling ending is rooting more for the erotic zones. You always need to unearth the erogenous zones that can burst your partner’s head and keep them on edge all the time asking for more. Sex needs to be enjoyed, and to achieve this, teasing and caressing of the right spots is necessary.

So there you have them, some erogenous zones you were never aware of, you can start exploring these zones with your spouse or partner. You might just be surprised at what will set the sexual pleasuring soaring either for you or your partner.

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