About Us

About Us

Sexual Revelation was created to be a one-stop shop for great sexual tips, products and practices. And sure we threw in some merch, for fun too!

Flipping through numerous books and websites and then having to visit so many stores online and on the street is a lot! We figured that time could be better spent having fun, mor pleasurable sex!

Do you love sex? Sexual Revelation is here to help you explore the world of sex by educating and producing content to help learn more about sex, relationships, and sexuality.

Our goal is to create a sex positive environment that will help improve people’s sex life and sustain a healthy sexual lifestyle. This is the reason why we choose to focus on every aspect about sex – to encourage society to have a open dialogue to solve sexual issues within the community.

By removing trivial taboos that hinder sexual growth and sexual tranquility, we can enhance the curiosity, creativity, and prosperity to enrich one’s life. Follow us as we explore the mind, body, and the state of orgasmic bliss here on Sexual Revelation.