Are Glass Dildos Safe To Buy?


With the mind-blowing advancements in sex tech, we have today; having a glass dildo is a great development. There are so many misconceptions about glass dildos. The truth is a lot of experimental sex can easily be done with a them, many are safe for use, and of they can even stand as art when they are not in use!

The positive thing about glass dildos is the material it is made of. Glass is non-porous and it can easily be sterilized and cleaned. The outstanding thing about  is that they are well crafted and quite attractive; therefore, it naturally draws people to always want to try them out. But are these glass dildos safe? If you really what to find this out before using one, continue reading.

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What Is a Glass Dildo?

A glass dildo is a sex toy made from borosilicate glass. Glass dildos are solid sculptures and this makes them heavier to handle and shatter resistant too. So it can rightly be said that glass dildos are long-lasting as well as damage resistant. The attractive thing about this kind of dildo is its beauty. They are sculptured in such a way that it can be passed as an ornament. Another outstanding feature of glass dildos is that it is compatible with varieties of sexual lubricants.

A glass dildo is best enjoyed when used internally; they come in different sizes and shapes. Some glass is textured, curved, smoother even with a strap on. It can be used by both males and females.

Features of a glass dildo

  • It is a phallic-shaped sex toy made from glass
  • They are very smooth and non-toxic
  • They are easily washable and slightly more expensive
  • It can easily and effortlessly be clean off to avoid bacteria, one just need to wash it under running water with soap
  • It can be produced easily with different glasses
  • It can easily withstand any form of wear and tear and durability is certain.
  • It can withstand odors.
  • It does a better job of intensifying orgasm than others; this is because of its smoothness and rigidity.
  • They are hypoallergenic and quite idea for persons that suffer allergies or sensitivity to most materials.
  • It can be used with or without lube
  • There are designed to suit the majority of stimulation preferences like butt plugs, vaginal vibrators, and dildos.

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Are Glass Dildos Safe to Buy?

Glass dildos are produced specially for the benefit of being internally used sex toys. The advantage is that there can be inserted into the body to intensify sexual pleasure. They are resilient, tough, solid and shatterproof. So as long as you don’t keep dropping your glass dildo on the hard surface then your glass dildo is safe. The truth is that even with the smallest fissures in the glass that can bring out breakage and the crack turned to a breeding ground for bacteria.

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Why Are Glass Dildos Safe To Use?

To answer this question directly: glass dildos are safe to buy. The following reasons are why they are safe to buy

  • The material used for production: They are made from borosilicate glass, which means that the material can withstand thermal shock. Also this glass is not treated with chemicals so no adverse effects there!
  • Lower thermal expansion: The type of glass used to produce these dildos can cool down or heat up very fast. These processes wouldn’t come with splitting, cracking or even shattering. So they don’t harbor infection on it.
  • Durable: It is safe to buy because merely sliding a one in the vagina wouldn’t shatter it even with a strong pelvic floor muscles
  • Condom friendly: They are safe since it supports the use of a condom
  • Non Toxic: These forms of dildos are non toxic in the way they are built! 
  • Non porous: It is non-porous and as such is safe to a large extent. Because of this, it is very easy to clean between uses to avoid infecting oneself


How To Clean Glass Dildos to Keep It Safe

To increase the safety of a glass dildo it is recommended that it be cleaned before and after using it. The following tips are options for better cleaning

  • Trying washing it with unscented soap and using warm water
  • It is better to wash it in the top rack of a dishwasher but if you want to wash it inside the dishwasher, be cautious of how you load it.
  • You can also spray it with rubbing alcohol on it and later wipe it off with water.You can use a spritz of anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner after a wash to have a completely hygienic glass dildo  

To have a thorough new clean, the above methods will be helpful. So to be on a safer side with yours, always treat it like a delicate wine glass to above it been broken or chipped. When it comes to storing it, the perfect place to leave it is in a padded pouch.


How To Use a Glass Dildo Safely

The safety of a glass dildo lies more in its usage; merely sliding it into your vagina wouldn’t break or shatter it. They are not easily broken or dangerous unless it falls on a stone, falls from a height or on a tiled fall. This is when it can get a crack or a break. If that happens it is suggested to discard of it immediately. This way you are never worried about it breaking or cutting inside of you, or holding back bacteria.

It is advisable though to use the your new dildo in a laying position. Nevertheless, you can use them too in a standing position but you need to have a firm grip of it. When using a dildo made of glass with lubricant, things can get a little slippery! It can be hurtful if your dildo slips and lands on a more delicate part of you or your partner’s body, like you toes! So make sure to use a good grip if you will be experimenting with more challenging positions. 

For those reasons, consider a flared base or specially made handle glass dildos for vaginal stimulation because these can also be used for anal stimulation too. So both you and your partner can enjoy it but be very sure to thoroughly clean it as you transfer it from your vagina to the anus of your partner. This cleansing will ultimately limit the risk of transferring any potentially harmful bacteria from point to the other point.

Or better yet, make sure to use and dispose of condoms while using between partners.


How To Play Safe With Your Glass Dildo

Glass dildos are safe on their own until you make it unsafe directly or indirectly.  Playing safe with it will always leave you having a great time. With a dildo of this fashion you can having an orgasm or even multiple ones with your glass dildo. To always be on the safe side, assimilate the following tips:

  • Once your glass dildo drops on a hard surface please retire it or use it as an ornament even if you didn’t notice a crack.
  • A cracked dildo is no longer protected and putting that in your body can be risky. To be on the safe side, don’t use it.
  • Wash your dildo before and after use and keep it from the reach of children and others to avoid having an early crack or break.
  • To keep irritation away while using your glass dildo, be sure of the lube or lubricant you are using with it. If you are using a flavored lubricant with it remember that the glucose or other sugar content found in them will cause such. So choose your lubricants wisely.
  • Be very careful when playing anal sex with your partner, even in the heat of the moment; remember to thoroughly clean your dildo whether you are moving it from the anus to the vagina or from the vagina to the anus.


There you have it; glass dildos are as safe as other types of dildos. So if you are looking out for a wild and kinky sex session or you need a sex toy to stimulate your G-spot perfectly or looking for an intense sexual experience then you can go for a glass dildo.

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