Best Sex Toy for Males | Masturbator Fleshlight Review


Single but not quite yet ready to mingle? Or perhaps you and your partner are looking to spice things up? Either way, you are horny and need to blow off some steam! Check out our review of The Fleshlight Pink Lady, one of the best selling sex toys, for male and female sexual pleasure.

Best Sex Toy for Males| Masturbator Fleshlight Review

Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex Masturbator (Amazon):

Maybe you are single but not yet ready to mingle? Or perhaps you and your partner are looking to spice things up? Either way, you are horny and need to blow off some steam! The Fleshlight Pink Lady, one of the best selling sex toys for men, can take you when you need to be…all of you. It can be a struggle to find a high quality adult sex toy for a man, and Fleshlight has created a solution for so many men and couples. shares with you the best sellers for male and female sexual pleasure, and are happy to tell you all about the Pink Lady for your masturbation pleasures. But don’t let the name fool you, she certainly likes to get dirty!

Fleshlight , the creator of the Pink Lady, is known for how simply realistic their award winning products are and the satisfaction their customers experience. They pride themselves on realistic sex toys, and nothing gets more realistic than a Fleshlight based off of a real woman!


It is not a new sex toy for men, but is a true sex toy for men. Fleshlight has created some of the best adult toys for men and couples; so much so that it is impossible to own only one! The Fleshlight Pink lady masturbator for men, has all the great feels of a vagina, and is always ready to play when you are!

The well-thought design is great for solo and partner play. The Fleshlight Pink Lady adult toy for men grants you the feel of a woman even if she is not there.

The Pink Lady masturbator for male pleasure, features a life-size vaginal entry created with their patented Real Feel Super Skin. This Super Skin is pliable and makes the fleshlight a high-quality realistic sex toy. Its dimensions, 10 x 4 x 2.5 inches allow for a easy hand management and wrist action and snug, comfortable fit.

This masturbator for men and couples of course has a suction power to get you to orgasm, but it also has a special end cap so you can control how you orgasm. The cap can be tightened or loosened for a custom fit. This allows for variety. Now you can have a new way to orgasm by yourself at home and a way your partner can make you orgasm.

The inner chambers feature an inner Destroya texture to increase sensation intensity.


The Pink Lady adult sex to for men’s reliable design includes no frills but does pack a punch. The vaginal entrance to the inner chamber’s pink flesh tone gives this masturbator a realistic look. Always shaped after a real woman’s vagina, the vaginal lip design is unique and inviting. The jet black handle is both durable and sturdy. Weight 2.5 pounds, the handle is wide enough for you or your partner to grip comfortably without risk of slipping.



The Pink Lady Hyper Realistic Male Masturbator feels just like a real vagina with a little added excitement. It may come cold, but it warms up fast! After running the sleeve in warm water for only 5 minutes, get ready for pleasure. You can shake any excess water, re-insert the sleeve, adjust the end cap to your preferred tightness and have fun!

The best part, no need to pull out! Feel free to orgasm right inside the sleeve. Just make sure to clean up after yourself and get ready for round 2!




It may look simple on the outside, but there is nothing but treats inside. Upon entry, there are three small rings of bumps built to grasp your penis tightly. These rings are followed up by a dome, described by the company as the piercing pleasure dome that, created for intensity all the way around.

Don’t stop there, there is more! The following chamber starts with a small row of rounded teeth. I know, I know, teeth may sound crazy but trust, from the review it gives a delicious rubbing sensation. If those three layers were not enough in your male adult sex toy, the Pink Lady has one more surprise for you. The finale is made up of a one row of large bumps that lead up to a incredibly ribbed texture. This last chamber narrows the deeper you get inside, adding pleasing intensity.

No Phthalates

It is also important to note, that while made of latex, the Pink Lady Fleshlight contains no phthalates, a product often found in plastics that can cause serious health issues.

Easy To Clean

The Pink Lady is easy to clean, even with its build and the variety of chambers.

It is great to know this realistic adult toy for men can be used with any water based lubricants. However, make sure to note that it is suggested to clean with anti-bacterial cleaner to preserve the quality of your toy.



  • Positives
    • The Pink Lady is ready when you are! It is discreetly shipped and can be discreetly stored.
    • The Patented SuperSkin looks and feels very realistic.
    • Great for solo pleasure or for couple’s play
    • Suction control cap allows for an orgasm on your time.
    • Easy to use! No need to boil or microwave to get the real feel and warmth of a vagina with the added intensity of the Destroya
    • Easy to clean when used with water lubricant.
    • No odd smells.


  • Negatives
    • You may want to stay single forever!
    • Best to use after putting in warm water for most realistic feel.
    • Don’t be too rough with it, it is still a toy!
    • Once you try on Fleshlight, you may want another.


Is it safe to use?

A: Yes, as there are no phthalates, this can give ease of mind to health concerns. It is suggested to clean with their Anti-bacterial cleaner to preserve the high quality of your masturbation toy

Worth it for the money?

A: Considering the four-chamber ribbed build, suction adjustment and access into an exact replica of Riley Reid, I would argue yes.

Is the item durable?

A: Yes, it has been noted to handle men of different girth size


Bottom Line

Whether its your first of 50th toy, the Pink Lady it is well worth it! It is reliable and totes a simply beautiful design. Be it an assistant in solo masturbation or as a s couple’s sex toy between you and your partner, this adult sex toy will give you some of the strongest, best timed orgasms of your life. It is not only a great value but a great deal as well. With other high quality male masturbation toys ringing in at over $100, this deal of $69.95 is well worth it.

Want to get going? Great! Order the Fleshlight here at this competitive price and enjoy! And don’t forget to check out the products below that have been noted to work well with the Pink Lady for maximum results without damaging your sex toy.

Order your Pink Lady Fleshlight HERE (don’t pay retail!)

Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex Masturbator (Amazon):


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