Why did you start this website?

Sexual Revelations was created to do just that – reveal to you what your desires are AND help you get them! Tired of searching hours on the internet for safe information, new tips to try, and products that could increase sexual pleasure – we made it a one stop shop!


how common are sexual difficulties?

VERY! Part of breaking down sexual taboos is admitting what they are, how common they are, and realizing that sex is meant to be FUN, not perfect! 

Sexual Revelation posts, guides, ebook and merch can help you learn how to get better pleasure with less pressure. 


Are my sexual desires OK?

If your sexual desires and acts bring you pleasure, are consensual, and do not harm anyone, then yes! 

If you are unsure or have further questions please seek out guidance from a health professional or therapist. 



how does shipping work?

Shipping times can vary, but on average to: USA – 5 days. Canada – 10-15 days.  We currently only ship within the USA and Canada, but if you would like us to expand our shipping, let us know here. 


what does it mean to be an affiliated company?

Our goal is to provide valuable and targeted content that allows our consumers to directly get products from a host of different merchants on one platform.

Affiliate marketing allows us a small percentage of purchase price to sustain our goal of bringing great content and products to you, all in the same place.