5 Secrets Why Foreplay Bedroom Costume Ideas Will Spice Things Up



The bedroom topic is something we get to hear about every single day. You must have heard a thing or two about foreplay  and foreplay bedroom costumes because it’s not a strange topic. To some of us, foreplay is just something we should do before sex. To some others, it is something you do to get them aroused. When it comes to foreplay bedroom costumes like lingerie or a naughty role, people often indulge in it without actually knowing what can really to for their bedroom experience.

Foreplay is the most crucial and essential aspect of intimacy. There is no record of a woman whose sexuality is complete without foreplay. Though unplanned sex happens sometimes, it may be great but most women will agree that a good sex experience comes with good foreplay.

Foreplay could go from hugging to fondling, undressing, kissing, petting, oral sex before the action itself. For some women, there should be a prolonged stimulation for them to reach a state of optimum arousal; some others just get aroused at the slightest touch. Men are not left out either because they enjoy blowjobs too which is part of foreplay. Bear in mind that there is nothing like ultimate foreplay because it goes according to what works for the body.

There is nothing as boring as going down to sex without being touched at the appropriate place. Trust me, both partners will never wish to have a replay of such a scenario. Foreplay is as important as having sex for couples who are sexually involved. A list of reasons why it is important is endless and goes on and on. But only a few will be mentioned just as you will also be guided on some foreplay bedroom costumes that you will try to spice things up in the bedroom. 



The Benefits of Foreplay Bedroom Costumes 

A foreplay bedroom costume is useful if you and your partner want to increase the flame. Here are the reasons why you should incorporate a foreplay bedroom costume in your relationship.


1. It sets the mood

For you to recognize the importance of foreplay, you have to know how to set the mood first. After that, you pay attention to details and to know which touch your partner responds to. The environment matters too. For instance, try to set up a warm environment, turn off the lights and keep the sheets clean. When the mood is on, don’t rush to yank off her clothes rather you take it off slowly.

That process alone ignites another kind of fire. It has been on record that undressing increases the eroticism and intensifies the feeling. Most women spend a lot of money to wear sexy lingerie, so try to appreciate it by telling her how good she looks in it.  Here putting on a foreplay bedroom costume is her way of tell you that she wants you and being with you is worth the effort.

In turn find ways to give her the same feeling and appreciation. Look her in the eye and tell her how nice she smells too. Compliment her on her foreplay bedroom costume and tell how much it turns you on. It’s a big turn on for her. This process is a way of spicing up things in the bedroom.


2. It increases intimacy

There is no better way for you to take things extra miles with your partner if not through foreplay. Foreplay, in turn, heightens the intimacy between you both.

A foreplay bedroom costume like lingerie, a naughty nurse outfit, or a dirty dirty cop outfit adds excitement. This excitement comes with exploring the body of your partner, tracing the curves of their lips and ass, touching in between her thighs and making her hunger more for you, and you slowly discard them of their bedroom costume.

Doing this, you will both know how to pleasure each other in bed. You will get to know what your partner enjoys and where they enjoy being touched.

3. A way of showing your strengths

Sometimes your partner underestimates your capability, either because you look too big to a fault or for the fact that you are always looking tired and sluggish. This mindset turns off the individual involved and it becomes a big sexual problem. But with a foreplay bedroom costume, you get to impress him or her and show what you are good at. You use foreplay bedroom costumes as a medium to show your strengths, and with this you can make them want you even more.



4. Foreplay stimulates better sex

Imagine I start narrating Money Heist to you, with all the epic moments and suspense you have heard off. Then imagine another situation where I jump all those episodes and go straight to the climax? It won’t be epic anymore. This is the same thing that happens when you go straight to sex without initiating foreplay.

Good foreplay prepares the body for an epic climax. Great foreplay first start with stimulating  the mind. And with a good foreplay bedroom costume, you will do just that!  So it’s important never to neglect that part before getting on the real deal.

5. Helps you know each other’s likes and dislikes

60% of a happy relationship is a result of great sex life. It is very essential to know each other’s body language, get to know your partner’s preference. It is a good way to understand what pleases your partner. It does not only guarantee the happiness of each other you also understand exactly what to do to have great sex. 

When you are in a foreplay bedroom costume, you can play up that role you are dressed as, as much as you want. And while you are in that role, you can ask questions and try to make sexy demands that you normally may not feel confident asking!

Wearing a foreplay bedroom costume can take some of the pressure off you both. This helps you and your partner learn new ways to stimulate each other and communicate what you need, want, and dislike during sex. 


Some Foreplay Ideas Which You Should Try With Your Partner To Spice Things Up In Your Bedroom 

Relive your best moment

Remember the early days of your relationship, those days when you were all over each other like white on rice. Next time you want to get intimate, you could recreate any of those moments from the past. For instance, you could go to favorite date night spot or wear the clothes that remind you of hot moments from the past. Sometimes you do not have to look far for your perfect foreplay bedroom costume! Later in the night, you can initiate a move that turns you both on. It is really a great way of rekindling the fire.


Play outside the bedroom

It’s okay to take things to another level sometimes. Don’t always do the same thing every day. If you want to make things a bit spontaneous, you could start by initiating foreplay in the kitchen, office, sitting room or anywhere else apart from the bedroom.

Dressing up a plumber ready to clear all block pipes can definitely be a great foreplay bedroom costume idea to try! Think of the new place you want to enjoy sex and then find find a foreplay bedroom costume that is suitable for the scene you have decided to set! 

A relationship therapist Claudia Six states that “the unexpected keeps things interesting”. Afterward, you could take your partner to the bedroom or better still have it there.


Dirty talk

You may never know the effects of dirty talk until you try it! Even if you don’t know what to say, no need to worry. Simple things as saying what you want to do to him or her in a seductive tone can be very effective.


Try experimenting with temperature

A bit of hotness and coldness can ignite a lot of sensation. Sucking ice cube and licking each other’s sensitive parts is not a bad idea at all. You can also go on take a sip of hot chocolate and licking each other’s part too or you try dripping hot wax on each other. These sensations can send shivers down your spine.


Learn to kiss passionately

This is where most couples fail. Quick kisses are a big turnoff in bed. Not knowing how to kiss passionately might bring unexpected toxicity. If you both have quick kisses before dispersing for work, it’s cool but in bed it is a different ball game. Take your time, close your eyes and place your lips on each other. Slowly and softly breathe into each other and allow the situation to take over you. Trust me there is nothing as passionate as sharing a deep kiss with your lover.

Watch a sexy movie together

In a situation where both of you watch pornography, you can try watching it together. From there you could talk about your likes and dislikes and even get to discover new ideas.

Get a massage

Some people get turned on through relaxation. Sometimes your partner might have so many things bothering them. From a query from his or her boss to a thousand other things on their to-do list. In this situation, it is always difficult to get him or her in the mood. The best form of foreplay at this moment is a massage because it will help them to cool off and reconnect. Just make it sexy while at it, with both of your butt naked, lighted candles and scented massage oil.



Do a little dance

It is very okay to try a lap dance. Have your partner sit either on the bed or a chair and play a good song, Rihanna’s song especially. To even make it more exciting, make your partner dress up fully and allow you to get to undress him yourself.

Make foreplay an everyday thing

Your foreplay games should not be limited to only when you want to have sex. You should send sexy text messages to yourselves, steal glances and kisses or even rub each other while at the back of a cab. Your relationship shouldn’t only be interesting only when it is sex time.


To Sum It Up

The bedroom ritual is an essential part of every relationship. You don’t have to let the fire go off or else there is a high tendency for the relationship to hit the rock. Everyone has different ways they want to be made love to. Just know that foreplay is also a learning process where you learn to understand your body. Don’t even allow shyness to prevent you from communicating with your partner. It is your right to know what you want. Sex without foreplay is like flying in a plane with no pilot, the plane will crash.

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