How Should You Use Lube for Masturbation?


How should you use lube for masturbation?

Masturbating without lube on the genitals does not only bring pains on the person but can affect the vagina. Hence, a continuous act of stimulating a dry vagina introduces it to more aches. So, how should you use lube for masturbation? 

The procedure can be tricky but simple when there is a sufficient guide to read and assimilate before practice. This post will serve as a guide to achieving the proper use of lube for this sexual activity, as well as, advice against carrying out masturbation without lubing the vagina.

You have been asking yourself this question on how to use lube for masturbation when you can simply perform the process without it. Each woman with sexual urges now has a way of getting to touch, stroke, and massage the clitoris down to the point of orgasms.

Caressing the female genital organ requires a touch from a hand, vibrator or sex toy that has been lubed. A lube is used during masturbation to lessen the tension to or between the walls of the vagina. In the case of using a sex toy, it is applied to the object in order to decrease the rate of friction around its surface and to ease penetration.

Lubing for masturbation can be performed by using the vaginal lubricants such as:

Changes in your body often lead to the reduction of self-lubricant. That is the lube produced by your vagina when you are sexually aroused. These transformations range from a reduction in the secretion of sexual hormones, aging, menopause to the effects of medications on the body tissues. During this period, you are advised to use lube for masturbation in order to avoid breaking the vaginal lining.

To use lube on the vagina, you should consider the following steps:

  • Put a towel or any thick clothing materials underneath the butt to avoid smearing your bedspread with lube.
  • Drop the lubricant on your palms and warm it up in your hands to prevent dressing the vagina with sticky lube.
  • Apply it slowly and gently with your fingers to stimulate your sexual urge.
  • On arousal, the vagina should now be rubbed with the warmed lubricant on your palms.
  • Make sure that you lube the vulva and vagina to have enough wetness.
  • In the case of using a sex doll, apply the lube on it before utilizing it for penetration.
  • On masturbating, check the quantity of lube that you still have on the vagina and reapply if need be.

You are bound to get the most out of your experience in the use of lube for masturbation once you follow the steps as stated above. Now, when this is achieved you will begin to see the reason why lube is important in your sexual life as a woman.

How should you use lube for masturbation?

What Does Lube Do For A Woman?

As a woman, you are supposed to take proper care of your private part before masturbation. Failing to do so can lead to infection or injury. To prevent this incident from happening, try as much as possible to keep your vulva and vagina wet prior to having sex or masturbating. 

There best method to achieve the wetness of the female genitalia during masturbation? – the use of lube on it!

When a lubricant is applied on the vagina and on the sex doll before masturbation, it is not only serving the purpose of keeping it wet but lube has other advantages in which it renders to a woman. That brings us to the list of those things that lube does for a woman. They are shown as follows:

  • The rate of arousal is heightened when lube is used on the vagina
  • It facilitates sexual pleasure and satisfaction
  • It makes the vaginal skin to be smooth and soft
  • It reduces friction during penetration (that is when a sex toy is used)
  • It keeps your vagina away from infection
  • It makes you feel comfortable during the act

Don’t be left out of this enjoyment. From now,  get yourself a lube that will change your sexual life without being afraid of any side effects.

How should you use lube for masturbation?

Does Lubricant Have Side Effects?

There are problems that originate when different forms of lubes are used on the female genitalia. Mostly, when safe lubes are used, they come without any side effects. When it is used on other objects such as the sex doll that have a similar compound that reacts with a particular type of lube, there are bound to be some side effects of lube during masturbation.

This is why it is advisable to know the content of any lube you are planning to use, as well as, the content of the sex doll. This will help you in selecting the type of lube to acquire. This, in turn, prevents the appearance of reactions on the vagina. For instance, a silicon-based lube should not be used on a silicone-based sex toy.

Lube manufacturing companies are saddled with the responsibility of stating the available side effects of their products when used continuously. When the side effects of this substance persist, you should terminate the use of that particular lube and look for medication or other measures to curtail the effects. It is a known practice that you meet your doctor for advice.

Side effects are shown when lube is mixed with some substances that react with the chemicals used in preparing it. Notable side effects of lube are listed below:

  • Itching: This is a sensation felt on the vaginal skin and it causes you to want to scratch your vagina. Scratching a private part that has been softened may lead to other severe injuries.  When this happens, consult your doctor for advice.
  • Rashes: This is characterized by the reddening, irritating and inflaming vaginal skin. It is caused by the reaction of applying a that should not be used on the vagina. You should stop using it at this moment and seek medical attention from a professional.
  • Hives: This is the swollen and reddish regions of the vagina which appears quickly in response to applying a lube that acts as an allergen.
  • Complicated breathing: The process of opening up the pelvic area for the intake of vibrant and positive energy into the womb space, and the expelling of stagnant and negative energy from the womb space is hindered as a result of effects of lube on the vagina. This process that would help in the sensitivity, elasticity and in the enhancement of the dexterity of the vaginal canal is impeded. This affects conscious decision making.
  • Swelling in other parts of the body: It often leads to swelling in the tongue,  throat or face. 

Having read through these side effects of using a wrong lube on the vagina, you are advised to stick to those ones with no impacts on the genitals. Consequently, the lube to be used before masturbation.

How should you use lube for masturbation?

What You Should Use for Lube Before Masturbation:

There are different forms of lubricants as we have mentioned earlier. Here, you will be brief on the type you should use for lube on the vagina before masturbation.

Water- Based Lubricants

The contents of the lubricant should be considered before you think of using it. For water-based lube which is the commonest lubricant in the store, we have those ones that contain glycerin. However, it is important not to use too much. 

Glycerin has the ability to pull water to itself and it is characterized by a colorless and odorless liquid derived from plants. Hence, it is said to be a humectant. That is, it is a substance that promotes the retention of water. In this case, it is used to keep the vagina wet. It has a sweet taste, and as a result, lube that contains the substance is suitable for use before masturbating.

But there are indications that it takes less time to dry. Consequently, you should be observing to know when it dried up and to add water to reactivate it (not more of the lubricant itself. A little goes a long way.)

Another good advantage of using a water-based lube with glycerin is that your bed sheets will not be stained. Whether you are using a towel or thick clothing materials to cover your sheets or not, you are sure of not having any spot on it because of the type of lube used during masturbation.

There is glycerin-free lube that serves the same purpose as the one with glycerin. But the only difference here is that it is very bitter since it is made without adding the sweetener from plant sources.

Examples of water-based lubricants include the Astroglide, Carrageenan, etc. Click here for more examples of water-based lubricants.

Silcone-Based Lubricants

The silicone-based lube is another form of lubricant that should be used before masturbation. Just like the water-based, this lube is odorless, but it is tasteless, slippery and smooth. It lasts longer when used. Hence, it can be used without having to purchase more to keep for further usage in one round of masturbation.

It has a disadvantage that it does easily wash out, when just using water. A light scrubbing of the area is required to remove remnants from the vagina. And it cannot be used for silicone sex toys since it can react with the walls of the object and makes it gummy.

Check out other silicone based lubes to try, by clicking here!

What You Should Not Use for Lube Before Masturbation:

So, you find yourself in the mood and are craving sexual touch. Your body is tingling but and you being caressing your vagina. Suddenly, you notice that the main region is still dry as a wood! This happens to all of us. What’s worse, you realize you don’t have  any of the lubricants we mentioned above (that happens to all of us too).  You might have decided to evaluate saliva from your mouth and let it dropped on your palms in order to use it as a lube for masturbation.

Saliva is produced by your body and it is totally free. So you might be thinking, saliva is the way to go. It is NOT! There is a high risk of getting infected when saliva is used on the female genitalia.

The various risks of using the saliva for lube during masturbation include the following:

  1. Contacting of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): When saliva is as lube on the vagina, there are possibilities of passing any STIs available in the nasal cavity, throat or mouth to the vagina or vulva. These STIs include the herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV, syphilis, and trichomoniasis, and it comes without any symptoms in the mouth.
  2. Implementation of bacteria on the vagina: The different types of bacteria and enzymes present in the saliva contributes to the infection of your privates when saliva is used as a lube for masturbation.
  3. Lack of texture to be considered as a lubricant: A saliva is not smooth and it lacks the slipperiness to be called a lubricant. Apart from it not being slippery, it dries up easily and it has a kind of an annoying odor.

Hence, saliva should not be used as a lube for masturbation.

What Happens If You Don’t Use Lube?

Not using lube during masturbation means more harm to the female genitals. It changes the sexual pleasure to an undesirable experience. During movement of the hands of the vagina or the sex doll on penetration will exert friction on the dry vaginal skin and this results in severe pains. There are chances of getting blisters around the private part.

This frictional force is accountable for major tears on the skin of the vagina, and it promotes the risk of getting infected by sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

How should you use lube for masturbation?

Is It Proper To Use Lube Whenever I Masturbate?

Yes, using lube during masturbation serves you from confronting the various dangers of sexually touching the vagina without applying any lubricant. 

There is a traditional belief that lube should only be used on the vagina of a post-menopausal woman. Recall that it is not only the attainment of the menopausal age that is responsible for dry vagina. Other factors lead to dryness of the vaginal skin, hence, any woman who is experiencing this absence of self-lubricant should consider the use lube during masturbation.

How should you use lube for masturbation?

What Lube Is Best For Sensitive Skin?

When we listed the different types of lubricants above, it was not a guarantee that you should use all of them without having to consider your skin type. It is not every lube that you come across in the stores that are advisable to be used during a self-love practice if you have sensitive skin.

Before we unveil the answer to the question: What lube is best for sensitive skin?, it is pertinent to have an understanding of sensitive skin. It is a situation where the skin is predisposed to itching, dryness, irritation and other modes of pain associated with it. Hence, you should be selective about the type of lube that you use for masturbation. 

Luckily, we have lubricants that are best for sensitive skin and they are manufactured with elements that will safeguard your vaginal lining and give you that feeling of wanting to satisfy yourself by self-love.

Sensitive skin reacts when warming lubes are applied to it. Warming lubes are categorized by the presence of glycerin, capsaicin, and spermicide. These elements can damage delicate skin especially the lining on the female genitalia. Also, lubes obtained from stores that contain fragrances and parabens are toxic to sensitive skin and should be avoided.

Having been in search of best lubes for sensitive skin, we visited some stores in which we got to discover that so many lubes exist in the market and that brings about the difficulty in choosing a lube for use during masturbation. Consequently, you don’t have to worry because we didn’t just check the lubes but we studied to know the elements present in each of them. And we have come up with the list of best lubes for sensitive skin that will give you the desired pleasure without the fear of skin infection.

  • Aloe Cadabra (Natural Aloe): This is natural personal lube derived from Aloe Cadabra which is characterized by organic components that are skin-friendly. It has a balanced PH of 7 and is made up of 95-percent aloe. On application to the vagina, it is quickly absorbed by the vaginal lining and this contributes to the moisturizing of the vagina thereby alleviating its dryness. Check out more natural lubes from Aloe Cadabra here!
  • Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant: This lube is known to be the best when it comes to water-based lubricants. It lasts longer than every other water-based lubes. It is free of glycerin and other compounds that react on sensitive skin.
  • Isabel Fay: This belongs to the category of hybrid lubes. It is a water-based hybrid personal lubricant for sensitive skin. It is known for its long-lasting nature like a silicone-based lube, but more advantageous because it can be used on both sensitive skin and silicone sex dolls. It gives the vagina its own wetness to make masturbation pleasurable.

These three items listed above have been selected because they are all free from those elements that cause irritation, itching and other symptoms we mentioned earlier, and are perfect for use on the sensitive skin of the vaginal lining and on the sex dolls for penetration.

Want access to more lubricants for sensitive skin? Click here to check out TooTimid’s lubricants.

Best Lube For Masturbation:

Generally, there are the best lubes to be used for masturbation when you have normal skin with fewer sensations. These are listed below:

Astroglide Personal Lubricant 

This is an excellent choice for vaginal lubricants and moisturizers. It is considered as the best lube for masturbation due to its longevity and enhancement of self-love pleasure.

Astroglide is a water-based lube that can be cleaned up using water, and it is made up of compounds that include glycerin, propylene, purified water, glycol, and polyquaternium. It counters irritation, dryness and other infections on the female genitalia during masturbation.

Click here for more lubricants from Astroglide.

Water-Based Lube by OVIO (OVIO Personal Lubrication):

It is a water-based lube that gives a durable silky smooth lubrication on the vagina which renders it suitable for masturbation. 

OVIO personal lube is free of carbomer, paraben, and other irritating compounds, and this makes it safe for use on the vagina. It does not react with silicone sex toys, hence, it can be used on sex dolls.

The product is made from purified water, glycerin, propylene, glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium benzoate, polysorbate 20, disodium EDTA and lactic acid.

Durex Naturals Intimate Lubricant

This is a water-based lube and is formulated from natural ingredients with no fragrance or color. Masturbation feels satisfactorily with this lube because of its ability to moisturize the female genitals and that of maintaining skin balance due to the presence of prebiotics in it.

It adapts to the PH of the vagina which ensures that the PH of the vagina is maintained at the level it was, before the application of Durex naturals intimate gel.

Liquid Silk Personal Lubricant

When it comes to having a lube that prevents the spread of bacteria, yeast infection and fungal spores, Liquid Silk is the answer. This lube is biostatic, and it is a water-based lubricant that ensures the best out of masturbation. It makes those massages and rubbing on the vagina fun-full. It lasts longer than the normal water-based lubricants.

Liquid silk is formulated from highly purified water, propylene glycol, isopropyl palmitate, dimethicone, cellulose polymer, polysorbate 60, orbital stearate, cetearyl alcohol, glycerol stearate NSE BNPD, disodium EDTA, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, and BHT.

Climax Bursts

It is a glycerin-free water-based lube that cleans up handily and it is color free. It is produced with the quality of being an aphrodisiac. That is it intensifies sexual desire thereby giving rise to masturbation and making it enjoyable.

Gun Oil H2O

Gun Oil Premier water-based lubricant is characterized by its longevity, lightweight and smoothness. It is a lube that contains ginseng and guarana extracts which helps in boosting the flow of blood on the female sex organs,  as well as, making it sensitive. There is also the existence of Aloe Vera and Oat extracts in the lube. This fights against irritation and repairs wore out tissues.

Gun Oil H2O is unscented and unflavored lube that is free from both paraben and glycerin which marks it safe for masturbation. It can be used on all sex dolls.

Click here to add Gun Oil H20 to your sex kit OR Click here for more Gun Oil products to try!

We have presented some outstanding lubes that should be used during the process of self-love. These lubes add to the sexual pleasures during masturbation by simply lubricating and moisturizing the vaginal lining of the woman and the sex dolls, making it ready for sexual activity.


How should you use lube for masturbation?

What Is The Best Time To Sex?

Having lube readily available for use during sexual intercourse can make every moment of sex more pleasurable. But if you are considering getting pregnant, according to medical health journals, it is advisable to have sex during the ovulation period. 

However, if your intention is not to make babies, then having coitus interruptus during such periods puts you at a high risk of getting pregnant. The key is: learn and understand your cycle, how regular you are and how your body system responds during these seasons. The answers to these questions are key to determining whether or not you can conceive.

Contraception and abstinence are most advisable if you are a type that has irregular periods. With abstinence, you can still enjoy yourself by simply carrying out masturbation using lube on the vagina and on the sex doll.


How Long Should Sex Last?

Having applied your lube on the vagina and on the penis of your partner, now you are set for thrusting and it is highly pleasurable because of the smoothness and wetness of the vagina gotten from both self-lubricant and the external lube applied on it.

Research conducted during a counseling session for married couples, by a marriage psychologist revealed that different individuals have different views or opinions on this subject. There was a great variation in their replies. Some said 15 minutes, some 5 minutes, some 45 minutes, some said an hour or two, some said as long as their partner can take or last on the bed.

Hence, it is determined by the strength, energy, and understanding between the couple. So the duration for sex is not a widely accepted time, as it involves individuals with different sex currencies.


How should you use lube for masturbation?

Health Benefits Of Masturbation

Masturbating with lube on the vagina comes with a lot of benefits. It is an acceptable sexual activity that sees to the physical and mental well-being of a woman.

The health benefits of masturbating with lube on the vagina include:

  • It reduces the cramping of the muscles, especially in the abdomen and the uterus
  • It helps in the release of hormones that boost the mood of a woman
  • This self-love act with the use of lube helps in reducing built-up anxiety by lowering the stress hormone
  • It is a sure way for sexual pleasure
  • It acts as a catalyst that promotes self-connection
  • It helps you work your pelvic floor leading to strong and healthy muscles. This reduces the rate of cramping during menstruation
  • It helps to augment your sexual encounters leading to a relaxed mind and body
  • It promotes resting which is a criterion for good health
  • It allows proper stimulation and penetration which increases the excitement and wipe out accumulated grudges that disturb the mind

These few benefits reveal that masturbation has numerous advantages to the health of a woman.


The Takeaway

In conclusion, this article has answered the question of “how should you use lube for masturbation?”. And it has been seen that masturbation with lube can help you in fighting against infections on the vagina that can be caused by friction exerted on a dry vagina. Always use lube to avoid the stories of not getting sexual pleasure as you are supposed to during self-love.

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