21 Awesome Suggestions On How To Be Romantic In A Relationship




Having a romantic relationship or being in one, is practically what every human being with emotion dreams of in their bond. Though some controversialists would argue this out with their lives and seeking answers to the question on how to be romantic in a relationship?

Have you ever noticed that as a teenager we easily got curious and carried away by the sight of any romantic book or magazine covers with romantic gestures? Probably, this is when the feeling of being in love with the opposite sex arises, and hence, it is common in almost the entire regions of the world due to the fact that these learned acts are a bit difficult to control in the society.

Romance is one monster which when awaken is difficult to tame. Once mishandled, or wrongly expressed can pose big trouble for the hearts in love. Hence, the need for a guide on how to convey the intentions of the heart without missing a shot which in turn may intrigue the process leading to break up.

For partners who are truly in love with each other, bringing in romance into their relationship is not seen exactly as a difficult task to do, however, one has to be careful because a misfired shot can be a great danger to the health of the relationship. Hence, to prevent horrible incidents from happening in your relationship, you need to model yourself using the tips below.

What are the tips on how to be romantic in a relationship?


How To Be Romantic And Stay Romantic In A Relationship

Here are a few things to do that can be counted as being romantic in your relationship:


1. Get To Understand Your Partner 


Here, it is required that you get intimate with your partner in order to know his or her likes and dislikes about being romantic. In your quest to know more about the type of touches loves by your spouse, you should consider asking yourself these two questions in the bullet points below.

  • Does he or she like anything about the concept of romance?
  • Is he or she easily swerved by the mere mention of it?

Different people have different opinions about romance, as well as, different ways of doing it. So, find out what is the best way of carrying out this love affair. You are really going to enjoy your relationship when you have discovered what your spouse wants in the courtship.

Understanding your partner and adjusting your methods to fit his or her style increases the trust level for each other. A relationship that is defined based on trust is definitely going to be sweet and romantic, as partners will be pleased trying the different forms of fantasies with the pal without being afraid of exposing themselves to danger.


2. Communicate With Your Partner 

Yes, talking to each other as often as possible is key to understanding the love language of your partner. Hence, you need to be able to express your ideas and feelings plainly and sincerely in an encouraging and lovely tone. This ensures closeness amongst both of you and serves as a weapon against impediments to being romantic in a relationship.

You should never fail to listen to your partner and implore him or her for clarifications on the preferred touching techniques to be used during the process of romancing. This will contribute to a scintillating encounter resulting in a romantic relationship.


3. Little Things Matter 

Having to live together with your partner means a lot because so many things are involved. One of them is the popular house chores. There are some house chores that your devotee would want to do without looking for external service providers, and you have to be on standby to help out. This will make the session pleasurable and helps in fostering the love existing between both of you.

Occasionally, try to help with the dishes, laundry, and academics assignments if he or she is a student. Try to put more effort into making research on a matter that has been pressing on him or her, and you can be assured of having what you want whenever you reach out for a romantic session with your partner.

It is romantic when you help to wash and dry her hair, preparing his favorite meals as often as possible, taking her on at locations or malls you can afford to pay for, assisting with the kid’s care and homework, praying together, preparing his wears for the week with matching suits, jackets, ties and a pair of shoes (though this depends largely on his kind of profession), and most importantly assists in keeping the house neat and orderly for the purpose of having a befitting place for a romantic relationship.


4. Going On A Vacation Together 


Buy tickets and travel to destinations he or she has always been dreaming of visiting. Places with beaches, great weather, and good seafood have a sort of soothing feeling like soft music to a hurting soul, it heals.

Make sure that you are capable of handling the wishes of your partner during this fun time, and the vacation should involve a tour of other tourist attractions within the place you are visiting with your partner. This fun trip will be incomplete if you did not plan to have an additional romantic moment in the hotel. Hence, booking a hotel around the visitation site should be included in the budget for that day, so that there will be a party after the party.


5. Get To Know The Family Members 

Visit his or her parents and if possible get them a gift and let them be the ones to call your partner and informed that you visited. This gesture will only make you more romantic towards your spouse.

Being in a relationship does not mean that the family in which your spouse hails from should not get to know that you are in love with one of their own. It is very important to allow your family to get along with your partner. And that gives rise to familiarity and acceptance. It is amazing when your partner can be involved in different social activities with your relatives and hang out with the other people you care about.


6. Exchange Greetings Through Hugs, Not Handshakes 

Always acknowledges the arrival of your partner from the workplace or any other outings by being kind enough to show him or her how romantic you are in your relationship through warm hugs. This shows that his or her presence is felt by you and also a sign that you missed him or her when he or she was away from the house.

Hugging your partner from behind gives a special kind of feeling of being admired and wanted, and this creates a sure way to get more romances from your spouse. Hence, leading to a romantic relationship. So, you are advised to hug as often as possible.


7. Exchange Kisses With Your Partner


Kissing your partner at different times when he or she is not expecting it, is extremely important as it is a sign that indicates you cherish him or her. During this process, there is a release of oxytocin which helps to make a strong bond in the relationship resulting in more affections and being attached to the one you love.

Having some rounds of kisses with your partner is a guarantee of reaching a point of satisfaction in your relationship. This act is free as it requires no or very little effort to accomplish it. Hence, there is outright freedom of examining, tasting, licking and touching your partner’s lips. This support and serves as evidence of a romantic relationship.


8. Check On The Welfare Of Your Partner 

Do not be a type that only enjoys the bedroom activity but not interested in the welfare of the partner. Always be ready to provide support to your spouse when it is needed. Take responsibility for the well-being of the one you love. Of course, love demands sacrifices, hence, you should not feel that you are romantic in a particular relationship when you have not contributed a dime towards the welfare of your fancier.

Pay close attention to her most when she’s going through the monthly cycle menace. Get her pads. Possibly, surprise her with her brand pad and she will see you as the most romantic she has ever had. Whenever she is on it, she would always remember you.


9. Get Things In Place For Your Partner Before Leaving Home From Work 

What else would have been more romantic in the morning than getting things set up for your partner before leaving for work? Be the first to wake up so as to assist him, since he returned late from office and would be leaving as early as possible to meet up with the deadlines outlined in his place of work.

Fix him his favorite brand of tea or coffee on his reading or work table whenever he is ready to leave or when you are planning to go out before him. He will always remember you fondly while on that table. And this opened up the barriers to intimacy and great a vacuum for an active romantic relationship.


10. Make Lasting Memories 


It is now an easy step to make our different dates with our partners a thing to remember. Thanks to the era of technological advancements. You should have the ability to take photos or make videos at work, maybe a short clip telling him or her how your day is going and that you missed his or her company. Send a voice note where the video is not convenient.

You and your partner can create a big memory that the two of you can cherish forever. These should be those things that stick out to be seen and deserved to be remembered because of their powerful emotional impact on you. Moments that enriched your life, tied you with your lover and helped you define your relationship should be recalled and later try to establish such moments again. This process will only make you a better romantic partner in your current relationship.


11. Know Your Partner’s Favorite Colors 

Dress in his or her favorite colors as often as you can. Even if it is not your favorite color, having his or her colors on you shows that you want your spouse to be happy and have him or her at heart.

The creature called man is a unique being, and as such, he or she is bound to have different thoughts and tastes for different things. Every person has their own likes and dislikes. When it comes to colors you know that your spouse’s color may likely not be your preferred choice.

Sometimes, your partner might not have a specific favorite color but he or she can often be attracted to one or more colors, despite the fact that it is not on their list of favorites colors. Make it a duty to know those desirable colors and let it be seen occasionally at home. You will end up being romantic to your partner whenever you take his or her things like the number one stuff in your everyday activities.


12. Get Your Partner Some Surprise Packages 

Send postcards with probably gift items that do not cost much. If you can’t afford it big, get things like cakes, snacks, e.t.c. and make them deliver it to him or her while at work in the office. You will just blow his or her mind away.

When it comes to creating surprises, you should always remember the care packages, as it will add to the moment by bringing in joy and happiness to the heart of your partner and establishing a scenario for romances. This surprise can come in the form of notes. You can hide notes or little gifts in the room for her to uncover where it is hidden or write a romantic love letter, a romantic poem and a lovely song for him or her.

Additionally, you should at all times be ready to do what you know needs doing to have a romantic relationship. Gifts can be distinctive, but make it to his or her taste. Get him or her nice underwear or pajamas to look romantic for yourself.


13. Get To Know What Your Partner Wants During Love Making 


Lovemaking is a special kind of romance, especially for married couples. Understand your partner’s best-accommodating positions, use it as often as possible. Practice tantric sex. It makes it difficult for your partner to cheat on you.

It is important to give your partner the respect and attention he or she needs in the bedroom. If he or she needs compliments or at least 15 minutes foreplay before the penetrative aspect of it, try to comply in order to get the most desired romantic experience out of the love affairs.


14. Remember Important Dates And Celebrate Them 

You can be romantic in a relationship when you know that it is valuable to recall important dates in your bond. Dates such as birthdays and anniversaries should be memorized and shared with your partner during romance. It could be your first meeting with him or her, when you first talked to each other and when you shared your first kiss.

When you first went out as a couple, those funny moments should be brought back to your partner’s memory, including the first place you visited together, and lots more. Your partner will go gaga at your fine remembrance of such memories and will naturally want to relive such moments with none other but you.


15. Be Creative

Be ingenious with the way your food is prepared, the lingerie you wear, your table setting for dinner or breakfast, house interior arrangements, e.t.c. This little show of your skills will make your partner adores you. And this leads to intimacy in the relationship.


16. Gifts

Don’t be a type that always takes from your spouse, but be romantic for once by giving out those romantic gift items to your pal. It may not necessarily cost a fortune but serves the fact that you have him or her at heart always. This makes the relationship interesting and romantic.


17. Gently Correct And Educate Him Or Her With Love 

There is a great opportunity for you to be romantic in a relationship if and only if you are a type that doesn’t go with the use of a violence-ridden approach to correct your partner. You can’t improve your partner by hitting him or her with those hands of yours but by being a motivator that inspires a change of attitudes.


18. Spend Quality Time With Him Or Her 

It is necessary to spend quality time with your partner so as to strengthen your union, maintain a more romantic affair, in addition to making the relationship itself grow.

Get your partner involved by sitting in a comfort zone to talk about some random events that have happened. Chat about those big dreams of yours when you were still in high school, your favorite flicks, your beliefs and viewpoint and your interest in those wild stuff.

It is often a pleasure to realize that you can discuss anything with your spouse and give a listening ear to each other’s opinions. Moreover, realizing that your companion has an adorable mind will compel you to fall in love with him or her over and over again. This makes the relationship a romantic type.


19. Share A Bath 

Whenever you are not away and she steps into the bathroom to take a shower, she will always feel your presence. She will be thinking about how you helped scrubbed her back or massage her foot, and can’t wait to call you or text you as soon as she steps out, telling you how much she misses you. Hence, those fantasies with your partner in the bathroom are key to having a romantic relationship.


20. Work Together As A Team 


Reasonable collaboration is the sure way to being romantic in a relationship. This is credible in the sense that as it boosts unity, wealth status of the family and provides adequate remedies to various problems that are likely to happen when there is a shortage of things needed at home.

Partners that support decent and collective work at home will be the ones to enjoy a romantic relationship because the processes of a successful relationship are not undertaken by one of the two lovers, but by both parties involved.

The most romantic part of working as a team is when you acknowledge each other for the accomplishments and this will be a motivational factor for having a relationship that is full of romance.


21. Have A Heart Of Appreciation 

Try to appreciate every little thing your partner does for you. Let he or she knows that you sincerely love it seeing that he or she cares that much for you. Imagine you have a stunning romantic affair with your spouse, and you fail to compliment his efforts. He or she will think otherwise, but expressing those sweet words of a good job well done, will always motivate your partner to ask for a more romantic moment in your relationship.

You may not be able to observe all of these but in as much as you try to show your partner any of these, she can’t say no to you whenever you need her. He can’t think of a better partner than you. You will both be bonded in soul and body that it becomes so difficult to misunderstand each other.

Nevertheless, we understand that romance has different shades with different people. So if it does not come in your favorite shade of color, be rest assured that what you are witnessing is your partner’s best way of showing that he or she loves you. And if you still can’t contend, politely, communicate the same with your partner, and you must have unlocked the tips on “how to be romantic in a relationship”.

All the best in your romantic relationship.

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