How to Give a Man Powerful Prostate Orgasm – 5 Must Know Tips


How to give a man powerful prostate orgasm-5 Must know Tips

Have you considered giving him orgasm without ridding on his dick? Do you know that even without using Accessories That Intensify Orgasm, you can still make him moan by giving him prostate orgasm? Helping your partner achieve mind-blowing orgasm is great! Orgasm doesn’t just come via penetration. There are other ways to give your man or woman that awesome orgasm and massaging the prostate is one if it. Prostate orgasm lasts longer, is more heightened and intense than the regular traditional orgasm.


How to give a man powerful prostate orgasm-5 Must know Tips

What is the Prostate Gland?

Also called the P-spot, the prostate is a gland located two inches inside the anus just below the bladder which produces seminal fluid in the ejaculate. The prostrate sits comfortably between the rectum and the penis.

Medically, the prostate is designed to produce fluid which mixes with the sperm to form semen. Thus, stimulating the prostate gland speed up the whole process and makes the sex more pleasurable. The Prostate is encircled by nerve ends that give unimaginable pleasure when touched the right way. It’s the G-spot for males and trans women.


Who Has a Prostate?

The prostate gland is not found in everybody. Only people who are male by birth or transgender women have prostrate. It is one of one their pleasure point.

However, people with a vagina has something similar in texture to the prostrate; Skene’s glands (occasionally called the “female prostate”) which are located near the lower end of the urethra.


How do I know I have found the prostrate?

The prostate gland is the size of a walnut. It is easy to locate.

The texture: it is bumpy or ridged, different from that of other sexual organs, which makes it easy to locate. There are two ways to find the prostate gland: From the inside, insert your finger in the anal region and head south, you will find the prostrate waiting. From outside, the prostrate lies in the skin that runs in between the anus and accepting.

The prostrate is linked to the penis. Indirectly, you can stimulate the prostate by massaging the perineum region with your fingers. Also called the taint, the perineum is the region found between the testicles and asshole.

The prostate is mild from outside and feels like a fleshy bulb of tissue on the front wall of the rectal lining from the inside.

So if you want to try prostate play with your partner, try prostate massage and be blown away.


How to give a man powerful prostate orgasm-5 Must know Tips

What are the steps to giving your partner prostate orgasm?

Stimulating the prostate for more pleasure using fingers, sex toys, or through massage or pegging is like dancing slowly. It is not to rush. While you can slow dance by yourself, it is more beautiful when you do it with a partner. The following are steps to prostrate orgasm.

Make your partner relax: If you are trying to poke around the back door, then you must get your partner relaxed. The anus is made up of two sphincters that tighten up and close especially when you want to poke in there. To get an invitation, therefore, you need to get yourself a partner to relax his whole body. You could start with a massage to get him relaxed sooner.

Anal foreplay: Don’t just jump into the anus because your partner is relaxed. Start with anal foreplay. Approach the anus slowly, play first with the buttocks, thighs, and outer part of the anus before slowly sliding in. Don’t be rough if you want him to enjoy it. Here are great toys for anal foreplay ideas!

Keep lube handy: To give a prostate massage that will lead to a prostate orgasm, you need lots and lots of lube. Unlike the vagina, the anus provides no natural lubrication. Choose lubes that are designed especially for anal penetration as they are thicker and more effective.

Pick your tools: Fingers and prostrate toys are the best way to stimulate the prostate gland. If you are part of the group who finds it difficult to use your fingers, try a toy: preferably a slim butt toy. You can get your perfect prostrate toys from sex toy shops for a wonderful experience.

Massage the prostate: The key to making a prostate orgasm happen is to go slow especially if it’s the first time you and your partner are attempting this. Once you have slide inside, focus on the direction of the penis to find the prostate. Once you have succeeded in locating it, apply little pressure, and stroke slowly. While you are doing this, communicate with your partner.Let his expression and words show you what to do: to go fast or slow, to stroke or apply even pressure, press more or less intense. With this, the big O will arrive in gland style. And, trust me, he will feel to be on top of the world having you beside him.

Here is very popular lube for prostate play.


How to give a man powerful prostate orgasm-5 Must know Tips

What are the benefits of prostrate orgasm?

Aside from helping to produce sperm, the prostate gland can heighten pleasure. Here are the benefits of prostate orgasm. Take your time to go through these benefits and you definitely would want a prostate orgasm if you haven’t tried one.

  • It can cure erectile dysfunction (ED): Sometimes, prostrate massage is used to cure Erectile dysfunction. Though this is not so common now, it can be used separately on its own or in conjunction with other ED treatments like medications and pumps for best results.


  • It can alleviate painful ejaculation: The blockage of the reproductive organs by fluids can cause painful ejaculation. Receiving a prostate massage can help remove the fluids that block the organs and make ejaculation pain-free.


  • Relieve benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) symptoms: “BPH is an enlargement of the prostate that becomes more common with age”. A 2009 review showed that receiving prostate massage help relieve lower urinary tract symptoms of BPH.


  • It improves the flow of urine: A swell can occur on the prostrate which puts pressure on the urethra and interfere with the flow of urine. Prostate massage can help ease such swelling and improve urine flow.


  • Prevent or even treat prostatitis: Prostatitis simply defined is the painful inflammation of the prostate. Massage is the general treatment for prostatitis. Though antibiotics have now taken its place, some people still prefer the old way of prostate massage.


Common Sex Accessories You Can Use for Prostate Massage.

People who are not comfortable with using their fingers for prostate massage can opt for sex toys. For those who use their finger, why not give it a break and try something different? there are sex accessories that can intensify orgasm just as there are benefits you can get from using sex accessories. Would you like to know the benefits? Click The Reason You Need Sex Accessories as soon ASAP to find out.

There are various sex toys designed especially for prostate massage; here is a list to help you choose.

Vibrating Prostate Stimulator

Vibrating Prostate Stimulator: Designed specially to give the guys amazing prostate orgasm, this vibrator is sleek and has a perfect handle for adequate control. What’s more? It has a great slender tip plus a stimulating rib base that helps you find out the right spot.Click here, thank us later!


Twisted Rimmer Rotating Prostate Massager

Twisted Rimmer Rotating Prostate Massager: This toy can perform the dual function of a prostate massage and Finding a woman’s G-spot. This smooth silicone made toy comes in a perfect curling finger shape. It is easy to insert and clean. If you desire extra sensations, turn on the included bullet. Go for the big O!

He will love it and you! Click here. 


Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug: The Booty Buddy Butt Plug is flexible and designed to fit perfectly into the backside for that big “O’’ you have been anticipating. It is ideal for both gender and its curved T-bar base prevents unwanted travel for complete peace of mind.


Prostate Massager

Prostate Massager: If you are a beginner, this toy is for you. Prostate massager gives you a firm stimulation. Made from plastic, it’s great for lubrication and penetration. While the curving tip performs magic at his P-spot, the extra perineum massaging tabs rubs the spot externally. Click here for a new kind of pleasure!


10 Function Self Pleasing P

10 function self-pleasing p: Every man needs the 10 functions Self-pleasing P. Like the name, this toy has an intense 10 functions of vibration, and ability to remember your favorite function you last used. Its smooth tip rests right on the prostate when in use. Pleasure is just one click away!


Dr. Joel Kaplan - Prostate Power ProbeKaplan Power probe: For beginners and men who love it quiet, this handheld prostate massage is best for you. It’s nice and has two strong speed of vibrations. It 100% waterproof, has a pronounced P-tip, and a superior silicone shaft. You can use it for water play too. No need to search, it is waiting for you right here!



Despite the tools being used, prostate massage should be done with lots of lubrication. Not using lubes can cause injuries on the anus or rectum. You can get water-based lubricants for use.

Always ensure that you are ready before getting down. Get your tools ready!

Finally, let there be communication. You and your partner will discuss all before any arrangement is made to avoid clashes of interests.


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