Is Flavored Lube Safe to Buy?


Is flavored lube safe to buy?

Lube can be a lifesaver in the bedroom but picking a toxic flavored lube can be quite harmful to one’s health. This is why it will be pertinent to find out if flavored lube is safe to buy? In life, varieties are the spice of life and lube producing companies want to satisfy all the yearnings of lovers by producing different kinds of lubes. But some of these lubes are not safe which the flavored lube isn’t an exception.

Lubes that tends to lower user libido, contain chemicals that throw off the natural salt balance of the vagina, enable higher risk of contracting bacterial vaginosis and even destabilize the pH in the vagina can be said to be unsafe despite its benefits. Knowing that not all lubes are safe, the safe ones are those that match with the health conditions of the vagina. This is to say they don’t subtract or add to any water from the tissues and finally and don’t disrupt the healthy bacteria.

With the features of safe lube in mind, we will be examining and seeking to answer the question is flavored lube safe to buy?

Is flavored lube safe to buy?

What is a Flavored Lube?

Flavored lube otherwise known as the flavored lubricant is a lube that contains flavorings. These flavors include fruit flavors to boost oral connection. This lube may be edible but most times these kinds of lubricants contain ingredients that might not be advisable to eat though some come with a slickness that tastes yummy.

Flavored lube offers a variety of tastes like dessert flavors, fruit flavors, freshly baked goods flavors and even baked chocolate chip flavor! With flavored lube, intimacy is heightened for partners and there’s sweet satisfaction.

Some of the features of a lube that is flavored are: it has no bitter after taste, it is water-soluble, it is sugar and paraben-free, it can be latex compatible, it can be easily washed off with water, it is lightweight and stain free and it is ideal for massage, oral, foreplay and oral intercourse. But then people still dislike lubes that are flavored because of the following reasons: it is offensive to some partners, some people don’t like its sticky nature, some partners prefer to perceive the odor of the vagina than masking it with a lube odor, and some feel the same with the taste of the vagina. They do not need an artificial taste.

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The Benefit of Using a Flavored Lube

These kind of lubes come with its benefits and if you are the type that loves to keep things spicy in the bedroom may be trying out flavored lube sometimes wouldn’t be a bad idea. The following are benefits derived from the use of flavored lube.


Flavored lube is great for a massage. This can be replaced as massage oil during the genitals massage. Even the tongue can be used here too. The sensation that arises from this message is always heavenly.

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Flavored lube enhances oral sex:

With wet flavored lube one is getting everything wet and this will boost oral sex. The partner can apply this to the other partner’s body and licking it off.

Covers offensive odor:

With flavored lube one can mask odors during sex. If one doesn’t like the smell of the condom, vagina or dental dam then using the lube with flavors will be the best bet.

It helps create more intimacy for partners:

Nothing beats working on the sensual and erotic part of a partner’s body. So with flavored lube, these erogenous zones can be littered with drops of this lube and the other partner will sensually and slowly kiss it off. This will create intimacy from the warmness of the partner’s tongue and close body contact.

Is flavored lube safe to buy?

Is flavored lube safe to buy?

After all is said and done, the big question remains: Is flavored lube safe to buy? Though we might have our preference Many warn against using flavored lubricants. Hutcherson, sex therapy warns people to stay away from purchasing flavored lubricants and using it, especially for penetrative sex.

Hutcherson argued that when flavored lube is used during intercourse it is likely to increase the risk of vaginal infections like yeast. This is because of sugar component hasn’t been removed from the vagina. More experts believe that flavored lubricants should be avoided during vaginal intercourse if one tends to always have yeast infections.

Reasons why flavored lube isn’t safe to buy

There are numerous reasons to answer the question why flavored lube isn’t safe to buy? Which we have established isn’t safe. Now let look at wider reasons why flavored lubricants is not safe.

It disrupts the pH of the vagina:

Flavored lube is one of the lubricants that disrupt the acidic health of the vagina. Normally, the pH of a vagina lube should match with the healthy Ph of the vagina but with flavored, this is not so because it changes this status and as such brings about high vagina Ph and of course this will lead to increased risk of bacterial vaginosis.

Flavored lube promotes osmolality:

Osmolality refers to the ability of a substance to drag moisture out of cells and tissues. Flavored lubricants which has a high level of osmolality than the real vagina secretions leads to vagina tissue shriveling up since the moisture in the cells is pulled off. With an issue like this irritation is sure and there will be a breakdown of the mucous membrane barrier that has been securing the vagina from infection.

The fact is that this disrupted vaginal mucous membrane will bring discomfort and irritation and these two will boost increased risks of one contacting some STDs which could even graduate to HIV. it’s just too bad that some currently flavored lube sold out there have a good amount of osmolalities that are bad to the vaginal tissue.

Some flavored lube contains toxic chemicals:

The harsh chemicals that are found in flavored lubricants can be toxic to the vaginal microbiome and its tissue. The fact remains that vaginas that are exposed to toxic lube ingredients can lead to a lot of health issues like increased risk of infection even in short period exposure, there will be discomfort. Some with the harsher chemical are sure of bringing even more long term health damages which could affect reproductive health and also bring cancer due to repeated exposure over a long period.

Some flavored lubricants have undisclosed generic ingredients and chemicals that will bring out reproductive toxins, carcinogens, and allergens.

Is flavored lube safe to buy?

Finding A Safer Lube That Will Meet Your Need

Now, it is imperative to go for safer lubricants most especially because of the health benefits derived from using safer lubes. Using lube doesn’t just end with heightening the pleasure for sex and having real explosion but also being on the safe side with your health. So to get it right, you can use the following tips

  • Check out the computed by world health organization on the different brand names their osmolalities and pH levels. World Health Organization recommends a safer pH level to be 4.5 and the osmolality should be below 1200mOsm/kg
  • Avoid lube with fun colors, fun flavors, and tingling. The safer ones are just plain and simple.
  • Be conscious of any lube you are using, pay attention to its symptoms and reactions after usage. When once you notice the first irritation dump it immediately in case it has toxic ingredients but then again it might just be the wrong choice of lube, so go for the right one for you.
  • Always remember to check out the ingredients for a lube. Move away from lube with chemicals there will be unsafe for you unless you don’t mind using them even at that. But if you are thinking about the healthiest lube then avoid lube with high chemical content.
  • If your brand of lube isn’t listed on the brand sheet computed by a world health organization, then your best bet will be contacting the producers to ask about such a product osmolality and pH level. Don’t just end make sure their composition meets with the WHO guideline.

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