Lack of Sex in a Relationship? Need More Libido?


If you are feeling a lack of sex in a relationship or searching for more libido, you are not alone. will help you increase your sexual desire by show you the secrets of stimulation and how to increase libido to improve your sex life.

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Lack of sex in a relationship? Need more libido? You are not alone. We live in a time of great demands and pressures and often the first thing that suffers these damages are our moments of enjoyment and fun. Maybe for different reasons, you have noticed that you are not the same as before in bed, and your privacy does not have the quality you want.

In other words, whether you identify as a man or a woman, you are experiencing a loss of sexual desire. But don’t worry, in this article, we here at will show you the secrets of stimulation and how to increase libido to improve your sex life with our recommendations and our selection of best male sex enhancement pills.

What is Libido?

It is a person’s sexual desire. There are also definitions such as one of the creators of psychoanalysis, the Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, who refers to the libido as the psychic energy of a sexual nature that pushes to satisfy itself immediately. This impulse is a type of attraction that people feel toward other people, whether they are the same sex or not, which is determined by a number of biological, psychological and social factors.

The sex drive, along with the instinct of conservation, directs the sexual life of men and women, which arises as a response to the need to satisfy: sex.

The hormones secreted in the brain, such as oxytocin and testosterone, constitute the “base” of the sex drive. Their presence in our blood gives, as a result, the congestion or vasodilation in the vessels of the pelvis, and this is what makes erection in man and lubrication in women, possible.

When Does the Libido Drop?

Although we notice our libido or sexual drive very active in our early decades, problems in sexual desire usually occur in adult life, after a period of normal sexual drive in relation to psychological distress, stressful events or relationship problems.

The loss of sexual desire can be continuous or episodic and, in some cases, becomes present when the person has to face commitments and responsibilities and feels overwhelmed by uncertainty or decisions. Regarding the frequency of this disorder, there are no systematic epidemiological data, but it is estimated that it would be between 15% and 33% of the population who is feeling uncomfortable, being more frequent in women.

Despite the foregoing, it is natural for men to notice a gradual decrease in libido as they get older. The degree of this reduction varies, but most men retain, at least, a certain level of sexual interest after the 60’s and 70’s. However, sometimes, the loss of the sex desire is related to a hidden condition. Depression and stress often contribute to the loss of sex drive in men.

When the sex drive is low, it is necessary to review the factors that are causing it and look for new ways of how to increase libido. We must investigate the organic causes. Above all, let’s pay attention to the type of relationships we are participating in, the form of interaction of the couples experiencing a drop in libido, review the myths or beliefs, and investigate if the lack of desire prevents the presence of erotic fantasies.

In some cases the decreased sexual desire is not episodic, it accompanies the person from the beginning of the sexual activity. These people are usually very repressed, with affective indifference or a sinful vision of sex, and this is when you should seek help from a professional in medicine or psychology.

Natural Solutions if You Need More Libido

If you feel identified with this problem that turns out to be daily at a certain stage of our life, or if you simply want to avoid it, we share recommendations that you can carry out daily to keep the sexual drive alive:

1) Do not abandon physical contact, even if it is not specifically sexual: caresses, cuddles, hugs, etc.

2) Alternate between erotic game and ask what each one wants the other to do.

3) Generate spaces of intimacy and reunion.

4) Suggest, provoke, use phrases or said stimulants.

5) Help stimulate fantasies.

6) Break the fear of verbalizing fantasies.

7) Work with the negative image of yourself: physical exercise, diet, meditation, psychotherapy.

8) Discuss your worries with your couple.

Extra Help to Increase Libido

Now, you may already be putting this into practice, and it seems to you that it is not enough, or maybe the desire is not at its highest level. At that point, it also prevents erotic fantasies and masturbation to work efficiently, and possibly the use of resources such as sex toys, pornographic, erotic movies, or sexual contact with another person, is unsuccessful.

Right now, there must be a lot of questions on your mind:

How can I solve this problem?

Can I do something to improve my sex life?

Well, our purpose is to explain to you how to increase libido with infallible products that will solve the loss of desire you are experiencing right now, by giving you efficient suggestions about the best male enhancement pills and highly available alternatives to boost your sexual desire. Well, here there are:


Lack of sex in a relationship? Need More LibidoAny woman can use the Vigorelle cream in order to stimulate the vaginal area during the preliminaries and basically in any sexual encounter. The ointment contains high-quality stimulants that increases the number of orgasms in women. It is not just a lubricant, the Vigorelle cream can increase the sensitivity and therefore the sensations in each vaginal area thanks to the transdermal absorption of its components. The results can be noticed instantaneously and this characteristic makes it such a good product to combat the loss of desire by doubling the sensation on the area you spread it.

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VigRX Plus®

Lack of sex in a relationship? Need More LibidoVigRx Plus is a natural herbal formula that not only strengthens the erections during the state of excitement, it also improves sexual health and increases the size of the penis, a total all in one formula that makes it one of the best male enhancement pills. Its new natural ingredients have achieved the stimulating effect directly on the corpora cavernosa (the structure that makes up the penis and through which blood flows to achieve the erection) promoting a more lasting and pleasant erection by directly expanding these erectile tissues, increasing sexual power, and duration of the orgasms.

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TestRX ™

Lack of sex in a relationship? Need More LibidoTestosterone is the male hormone responsible for sexual function in men. Lacking high levels of it can make you have symptoms of loss of desire and libido, which is why the TestRX supplements were designed specifically to correct unfortunate problems caused by the inevitable fall in production of testosterone, commonly known as “Low T”. The reason why this is considered one of the best male enhancement pills is that it is so effective for stimulating the production of this hormone inside your body in a totally natural way. TestRX does not contain any form of synthetic testosterone, it contains a carefully crafted list of natural ingredients that cause your body to produce testosterone.

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Bottom Line

Sexuality is a big part of our life and a direct road to pleasure. As you can see sometimes this road appears to be under construction and our willingness to rediscover the path begins to fall. But now you have in your hands the tools to regain your sex impulse and the keys of how to increase libido. Put them into practice, talk about it with your sexual partner and add to your daily routine these best male enhancement pills to boost your virility. You don’t need to wait until you feel impotent. The moment to start is now.

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