Luxury Sex Kit Essentials For Everyone


There was a time that sex essentials were a taboo to own but society has evolved and people are now recognizing the needs to have popular sex essentials in their kit.

In fact a lot of people are noticing that intimacy and sex have personal wellness and as such are going all out to have the best sex session.

Having an excellent play time need fulfillment by both parties and depending on just one approach brings boredom and these gave rise to the need of owning several sex essentials to spice up the activities in the bedroom at all times.

We have compiled below some sex essentials that you might need in your kit.



This is one luxury sex kit essentials if you need to go the kinky route. This is a restraint used during sexual activities to keep a submissive from escaping.

You can use this with your partner during BDSM scenes or bondage play.

So you can go gaga with your partner during acts of discipline, cock and ball torture and erotic humiliation.

You can use the following accessories for restraining.


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Bondage Rope

This is a great restraining product that seasoned bondage players will love to use, it a pair of silky rope though short but can make the ankle and wrist restraint a doddle.

These ropes are made from triple twisted silk for great safe restraint. These ropes can be separately used but at the same for both the ankles and wrists.

Don’t get tied up looking for the perfect rope! It’s right here!



Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Cottelli Wet Look Teddy with Arm Restraints

Cottelli Wet Look Teddy with arm restraints can be used to harness the power of sex appeal. This can be zip over the breast or crotch and it will give you total control over how much you want to reveal.

This accessory is great for heightened arousal without going into bondage play. You can either use the adjustable garter straps or remove it to use only the teddy.

Fetish Fantasy Sex Position Master with Restraint Cuffs

This is an amazing restraining it helps support the body in hard to hold positions.

The good thing about Fetish Fantasy Sex Position Master with Restraint Cuffs is that the strap system it operate allow users to enjoy accentuated pleasure without any hard work.

The deeply padded neck of this accessory support and lifts the head for strain-free pleasure while the long adjustable straps with ankle cuffs at the end help to raise the user legs for deeper sweet spot strokes.

The cuffs can be adjusted though to fit the ankles which will bring total comfort. Fetish Fantasy Sex Position Master with Restraint Cuffs is a sex position enhancer and its wrist cuffs are good for light bondage and better sex.

This accessory has blindfold which enhances sensory play. Get yours here. 

Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

The vibrator is one sex toy that will add more pleasure to your sex session and as such needs to be in your sex kit as an essential.

Using a vibrator makes getting orgasmic sensation and topping it up with a volcanic orgasm very possible.

So you can get the following vibrators and have them handy whatever you need to spice up things in your bedroom. 


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Rabbit vibrators

These are vibrators that mainly stimulate the clitoris and shaft for intense blended orgasm.

These vibrators are made of luxury, body-safe silicone, there are super quiet and rechargeable examples of rabbit vibrators are Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-spot Rabbit Vibrator, and the Powerful Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator.

Try out this popular rabbit vibrator. 



Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Clitoral vibrators

Give your woman a thorough massage, teasing and touching the clits with the clitoral vibrators. This vibrator gives the woman satisfaction as the clits is thoroughly massaged.

Some of the clitoral vibrators are We-vibe tango rechargeable vibrator, We-vibe Nova rechargeable app controlled G-spot and We-vibe melt app controlled rechargeable clitoral stimulation.

Check out the Tango vibrator here!


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Extra powerful vibrators

These vibrators can be classified as the world’s most powerful vibrators. These set of vibrators delivers wave after wave of pleasure.

These powerful vibrators are Magic Wand rechargeable extra powerful cordless, 10 function bullet vibrators, and so much more that you can shop here!



Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Extra quiet vibrators

You might fancy some quiet vibrators though no vibrator is completely silent but these vibrators are made to have very quiet motors and are also made from raw material that can muffle the noise of the vibrator.

Some of these extra quiet vibrators are Deluxe Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator, Mantric Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator, Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Panty Vibrator, Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator etc.


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Magic Wand Vibrators

These vibrators can be described as the ultimate orgasm tool, there are classified as rechargeable sex wands, mini massage wands and mains powered vibrators.

Examples of these kind of vibrators are a combination of normal sized, mini, rechargeable, and battery-powered wands.

Yours is right here!

Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

G-Spot Vibrators

The G-spot is like the most erogenous zone of the woman’s body, to achieve orgasm via the G-spot it will demand a repetitive strokes and firm pressure which G-spot vibrators offers. They can be awesome for your luxury sex kit. 

So to the get the most from your G-spot or that of a partner then getting some G-spot vibrators is the best bet. Here is an example of a popular g-spot vibrator. 

Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Strong Kegel muscles signify one thing – a strong response to arousal and of course more powerful climaxes. As such one needs to have some accessories that will help in this regards and the love eggs comes in handy.

This is one sex kit essential that we must acknowledged and have to help lift our pelvic for a tighter vagina and a boost continence.

Eggs have different categories to consider for your luxury sex kit and they are:


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Remote control love eggs

Remote control love eggs have the shape of an egg and they are very smooth which will aid in insertion.

These eggs come with a remote control which gives one control over its patterns and speeds so they are more or less teasing toys for partners. Here is a luxury remote control egg to try out!


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Jiggle balls and ben Wa balls

These are fantastic arousing sex toys. Each jiggle ball has a smaller ball that rolls gently which will give the user internal pleasure along with the pelvic workout leading to a healthy pleasurable sex life.

Examples of balls to include in your luxury sex kit:


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Vibrating love eggs

This egg-shaped sex toy is perfect for clitoral and vaginal stimulation; it is smooth and has a separate remote control or wired controller. This makes it great for your luxury sex kit. 

All you need do with this egg is to insert it and you will enjoy hands-free orgasms. With its vibration your partner can control the vibration pattern or its speeds while you enjoy the sensations. 


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Kegel exercisers and sets

These are a set of Kegel exercisers or Kegel toys that will swiftly help users progress excellently when toning the pelvic floor.

This can be described as the most pleasurable way of working out.

Examples are



You don’t need to dump your intimate products from your luxury sex kit just anywhere.

Leaving them anywhere and bare can make the toys gather dusts and bacteria which might cause infection, irritation and itchiness to the skin when used.

So it’s better to have a storage box or case for them to keep them safe, neat and clean at all times.

You can use either the satin drawstring bags to keep your toys hygienically and safely or you go for the sturdy sex toys boxes to keep them away discreetly. Examples of these containers are:


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Satin drawstring toy-bag

This is a silky soft satin drawstring bag that helps keep your toys away from prying eyes. This stylish bag will keep your sex toys very clean, tucked away and discreetly. So go get it to keep your sex toy dust free and lint.

Get yours here. 


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Tie Me Up Weekend In Bed Bondage Sex Game Bag

How else can you keep your BDSM equipment in tip top condition and safe too? Than leaving them in a long-lasting bondage toy and accessory bag.

Bondage large storage bag is the right bag. It is made from hard-wearing materials and finishing is done with a squeeze-toggle. So it’s the best for effect and discreet storage.

This Weekend in Bed Bondage Game comes with everything you need to explore beginner’s restraint. This bag is a great option to leave your bondage essentials in one place so that you can reach for them when needed.

Bondage is fun! Find out here!


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Drawstring toy bag

This is another perfect container to store all your sensual set of toys and lingerie.

This bag is made from black stretch lace and can hold your essentials for a long time. Store your toys safely here.


Do you like kinky sex or you love some unusual way of having sex? Then you really need to consider what to add to you luxury sex kit. 

Then you need to get some kinks into your sex kit as an essential to unleash anytime. You need to go all quirky or offbeat.

There are so many kinds of kinks like breath play, BDSM. screenplay, switch, sadism and masochism, edge play etc.

To perform one or two you might need an accessory like the one below:


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Crystal Kink Couple’s Sex Toy Kit (8 piece)

Crystal Kink Couple’s Sex Toy Kit (8 pieces) is a collection of 8 sex toy treasures and it contains sex toys for the man and woman to enjoy every kinky sex session to the fullest.

The collection has in it a vibrator, a 6 inch dildo, anal beads, butt plug, remote controlled egg vibrator, vibrating cock ring etc.

All of these will bring thrills, open up to the couples an exciting realm of anal play possibilities and also assist them in taking foreplay to the next – especially with the vibrating rabbit cock ring that will help the man sustain longer and stronger erections while using the rabbit too to continually caress the woman’s clitoris.

So go a lot and have your own type of sex session as this collection is perfect for both shared and solo play.

The toys in this collection are gear towards stimulating a variety of pleasurable zones and this will make it the ideal kit you need for keeps.


One essential thing you can’t do without when it comes to having a smooth and comfortable sex is the lube or lubricants.

There are very important to help enhance sex, if you really need to have some slippery fun that will deliver erotic flavor and extra sensations. They are necessary for any luxury sex kit. 

You need to get your erogenous zones well-lubricated as well as your sex toys and accessories.

So get some into our sex kits depending on your needs and desire. Lubes have different categories and there are:


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Water-based lubes

These kinds of lubes help in reducing friction during sex and there are versatile too, for your luxury sex kit. 

They are perfect for both masturbation and sex.

Water-based lubes are easy to clean up and very gentle to the skin examples are:


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Anal lubes

These are lubricants perfect for anal sex.

These lubes offers less friction and longer lasting usage during anal sex. Examples of this are


Flavored lubes

Using flavored lubricants can be a delicious twist to your sex life and your luxury sex kit. 

These lubes can be described as tasty flavored sex and anal tube that will assist in making sex very enjoyable.

Examples of flavored lubes are

  • Sliquid Swirl Blue Raspberry Flavored Lubricant 4.2oz
  • ID Frutopia Natural Mango Passion Flavored Lube 3.8oz
  • Sensuva Ice Cube Flavored Cooling Nipple Balm 0.15oz Etc.


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Silicone lubes

If you are looking for a long lasting lube for your luxury sex kit, then your best bet will be silicone lubes.

There are superior quality and also condom-safe personal sex lubes that can be used even under water. This lube is great for anal sex, masturbation and sex but it shouldn’t be used with silicone sex toy.

Examples of this lube are


Organic lubes

These are very pure lubricants because only certified organic ingredients are used in producing them. Certainly they should be considered for your luxury sex kit. 

So you can be sure of no irritation on the skin or them being harsh on the skin.

Examples of organic lubes are


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Fisting lubes

Are you a lover of vaginal or anal fisting? Using the right fisting lube should be your best bet for a better pleasurable experience. 

Well, there are good anal, female-friendly and large dildo play fisting lubes.

Examples are



Dildos are sex toys that you need to have as a sex kit essential, because there are essential for the betterment of your sex life.

If you are in love with temperature play or you just want to add something spicy to your sex session then you need to have a dildo or two in your kit.

There are different categories of dildos you just need to look at the different categories and choose the perfect one for you. The different categories of dildos are:


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Realistic dildos

These are dildos that are crafted to feel and look like the real dick. There have stimulating raised veins that delivers overwhelming pleasure.

These dildos have both hand free and hands-on options.

Example of these dildos for your luxury sex kit are:


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Realistic dildo vibrators

This dildo is designed to deliver the lifelike feel of a real cock but has an added advantage of vibration.

These dildos have glans, veins and balls. The outstanding thing about these dildos is that they are made from materials that feel and look like real skin.

Examples of these dildos are


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Glass dildos

This category of dildos is environmentally friendly and they do last for a lifetime.

Glass dildos are specifically made to heighten pleasure or sensation when used. They are completely body safe.

These dildos come in different sizes and shapes and they are made to suit users various needs and desires.

Examples of glass dildos are:

Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Anal dildos

If you are a lover of anal sex or you want to try it out buying these anal dildos will be your best bet.

Anal dildos do have slight curve to help in prostate stimulation and they are slimmer in girth to enhance comfort while in use.

If you need to hit the G-spot for you or your partner getting the long anal dildo will just be perfect.

Examples of anal dildos are


Luxury sex kit essentials for everyone

Strap on dildos:

If you need to have deep penetration or crave for great power-play then getting the strap on dildos will be perfect.

These dildos come with attached harnesses so getting instant pleasure is guaranteed.

Examples of strap on dildos are

These are all great options for your luxury sex kit. 


There’s no limit to the number of sex essentials you should have, you just need to go for those that will suits your needs and urges. A luxury sex kit needs to hold some different options. 

The only problem you might face is just the numerous options available to choose from, so you just have to do your findings and be sure of what you really need before going for them.

The bottom line is that it is important to have some of these essential handy so that you have a sizzling and hot sex session whenever the need arises.

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