Male Masturbator Toys Package | Best Sex Toy for Males


Experiencing complicatedly or boring sex? is introducing you to a unique package of adult toys for men’s pleasure. Check out our review here on a fantastic male masturbation toy and let the sexual liberation begin!

Male Masturbator Toys Package|Best sex toy for males

Male Masturbation Toys with Airbag Suction and Vibrations (Amazon link):

Sex can sometimes become complicatedly boring, right? This is exactly why has chosen to feature, a unique package of adult toys for men’s pleasure. This high-tech male masturbator toy understands and solves your struggles that can come when looking for oral sex toys that can be used to simulate realistic oral sex. With its variety of modes and abilities listed below, this electric sex toy can bring the fun back into your sex life or add the extra spice that you and your partner have been craving in your couple sex. Check out our review here on and let the sexual liberation begin!

Let’s face it, even with some of the best sex toys for men, if you are into solo sex, your “one-trick” toy can start to become an eyesore and cause you to lose interest in using it. The same can be said when you choose to have sex with the same partner(s). After some time, if there is not dedication to spontaneity and variety in the bedroom, the same expected and overly practiced sex moves can become boring. If we are completely honest with ourselves, the mystery of sex is where part of our sexual excitement stems from.

Made of non-toxic, non-porous materials, your sexual happiness and health are top priorities with this toy. This set of realistic sex toys for men, comes with the two simple tools that bring you to stimulating, powerful orgasms time and time again. So no matter if you are in bed with yourself of with someone else, no two orgasms will need to be the same again.

Male Masturbator Features

The Male Masturbator toy is a new sex toy for men and couples that has already gotten strong review over the summer. Its modernity can be seen in its featured ergonomic, high-tech, waterproof design. All the magic of this high tech sex toy can be controlled from the outside and happens within the inner canal.

Sucking and Vibrations

The main chamber is surrounded by a sucking airbag that allows the soft, realistic feeling rubber to shirk and squeeze against your penis. What does all of this really mean? Well in effect, it means that the airbag creates a realistic clamping and sucking that gives a deep throat sensation.

This electric sex toy for male masturbation includes a variety of vibrating and sucking modes for you or your partner to choose from. With a total of 7 vibration modes and 3 sucking modes, your partner can get you to cum a different way each time. And since this electric toy is USB rechargeable, you or your partner can pleasure you over and over again.

Realistic Sex with the Added Audio and Earphone

The Male Masturbator high tech features do not end with the level of vibrations and sucking, but instead continue with the choice of added audio! The Male Masturbator includes a woman’s sexual moans that you can play while being brought to ecstasy. The audio of the woman’s sexual moans can match up with the vibration patterns to assist in the realistic feel of your overall sexual experience. The Male Masturbator package includes an earphone that can be connected to your electric sex toy so that you can enjoy sexual moans without disturbing someone in the next room. The audio along with the stimulation can aid in a stronger, longer orgasm.

Male Masturbator Style

The Male Masturbator sex toys style and quality was created taking into consideration the sexual health of those men and couples who choose to use it. Made of non toxic, ABS and TPR. ABS is a non- porous hard plastic that is used by most high-end sex toys because it does not allow for dirt and bacteria to get tracked and linger behind. Thermoplastic Rubber, TPR, adds flexibility and durability to this new sex toy for men and.

The electric red color is a signal of the excitement awaiting you! The sleek red and black external design supports the Male Masturbator’s overall high-tech abilities and feel. The shell shape is anti-slip, so that your intense stimulation and pleasure will not be interrupted. Both the shell and angled tip are ergonomically sound, ensuring your penis and hand are comfortable.

Male Masturbator Comfort

The mixture of ABS, TPR and pure medical silicone that make up the Male Masturbator were expertly combined for a skin-friendly, soft and elastic touch. More and more it is important to note when selecting a new sex toy, what it is made of. The non-porous Thermoplastic Rubber, TPR, is hypoallergenic, and phthalate free.

With the Male Masturbator, the controls for vibration, contraction, and to turn your new sex toy on or off are wisely placed on the angled end of the shell. The shape of the shell and the placement of the controls make it easier for you or your partner to govern your pleasure without pause or unwanted disturbances

Male Masturbator Quality

When considering electric sex toys it is always important to know just how long it will last. This adult toy for men couples can keep its charge for up to 1.5 hours! And no worries, the Male Masturbator sex toy package comes equipped with a USB cable so you can easily recharge your masturbator.

Inner Chamber
Inside this high tech device are multi-layered, spiraled wrinkles. These ridges supplement the airbag’s sucking intensity. The airbag clamps and releases around your penis for a realistic blowjob feel with an added deep throat grip and licking sensation.

The vacuum pump of pressure pads produces an internal vacuum to use in tandem with the airbag for incredible sucking power and pleasure. The airbag, vacuum, and massagers intensity will rouse a harder penis for longer.

When you do the math, the wrinkles plus the three sucking modes, and 7 vibration options give you the opportunity to stimulate your penis for a more intense pleasure play and masturbation.

Masturbation Cup
The included masturbation cup distinguishes this se toy, allowing you to continue your pleasure through to completion. You can orgasm without any disruption or mess! The Male Masturbator is easy to clean and it’s non-porous build does not allow for bad or strange odors to linger*



  • Made of ABS, TPR and medical pure silicone
  • Electric, USB rechargeable toy that lasts up to 1.5 hours at a time.
  • Included earphone and audio port for sexual moans
  • 7 vibration options and 3 sucking modes for a variety of strong orgasms
  • Customizable to give you a different orgasm every time.
  • Masturbation cup means you can cum and no mess and no stress.


  • Not for those of large girth
  • Charges in 1.5 hours


Is it easy to use?
Yes. With the controls on the angled end of the shell and the masturbation cup, this male sex toy is easy to use.

Are there suggestions on how I can best use this toy?
Yes. Here are some of the ways the manufacturer has suggested using this toy for your solo or couple sex.

  1. Vibration: Press the vibrate button
  2. Airbag: press the Sucking button, airbag clamp
  3. Voice + vibration: long press the vibrate button 2 times, enter the voice smart interactive you plug the more fierce and deeper, the louder the moans
  4. Voice + vibration + airbag: On the basis of intelligent voice interaction, press the airbag key again to increase the airbag clamp function
  5. Voice + vibration + airbag + deflation at any time: on the basis of voice and intelligent interaction, press the airbag key to increase the airbag clamp sucking function

What are the dimensions?
The Male Masturbator is 26.5 cm, head diameter of 8.2 cms. Weight is .5kg.

Is the toy durable?
Yes. Made of ABS, TPR, and medical pure silicon, this waterproof sex toy is non-porous and durable for continuous use.

Bottom Line

Both single men and couple have shared positive reviews of this toy. This adult sex toy for couples and solo sex come complete with the sleeve, a masturbation cup, and earphones all for you and your partner’s pleasure and excitement. The selection of vibrations and suction to choose from will diversify your sex life and increase your excitement. When used and cleaned properly, this masturbator can get you to orgasm over and over again. For all that is included, this $64.99 price tag is a steal!

So click the link below and get started! And don’t forget to snag the products below that work well with your masturbator to make your sexual experience incredible from beginning to end every time.

Order your Male Masturbation Toys HERE (do NOT pay retail!)

Male Masturbation Toys with Airbag Suction and Vibrations (Amazon link):

*Please make sure to clean all sex toys thoroughly and properly.

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