15 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Sex Toys During Foreplay


15 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Sex Toys During Foreplay

It is no longer news that incorporating sex toys during a sex session can help put oneself or your partner in a frenzy mood for a steamy sex session and as such it is becoming a norm for people to use them even during foreplay to heighten and elicit orgasmic pleasure before plunging into intercourse.

The truth about sex toys is that it can be used in whatever way to elicit unimaginable pleasure. Of course, you own your body so you believe you can pick whatever sex toy to use and how, even the shape, the intensity, the type of touch and the material you need. Well, nobody is faulting you on all of that if you have done your homework well before purchasing. However, you might have bought the best sex toy, but are you using it correctly, especially during the foreplay? Well, a lot of things are done out of ignorance and you just need a re-orientation to get them right.

Well, if you need to know those mistakes you have been making ignorantly while using your sex toys during foreplay, you just have to keep on reading to find out.

Top Mistakes You’re Making When Using Sex Toys During Foreplay.


Using Sex Toys As A Replacement During Foreplay

There is nothing to be ashamed of when using a sex toy during foreplay, and it shouldn’t be seen as a replacement or a makeup for some sort of performance inadequacy. This shouldn’t even cross your mind during the foreplay because with this, you will be thinking more about dumping the toy and using your body even when it is becoming a routine. Some women might enjoy foreplay better when some sex toys are used as stated by a clinical professor Lauren Streicher.

So if you are worried that your partner will view you as incompetent sexually when you use more of sex toy during foreplay, you should disabuse your mind from that. Your partner would only likely want to get profoundly arouse to get in the mood for the kind of sex session you desire and wouldn’t mind if toys are the motivating factor.

Even if you or your partner have no trouble getting foreplay going without a toy or you just want to take the focus off the sex toys, always remember that sex toys can heighten the pleasure that is already ongoing. They can be the icing on the cake or a kind of delicious toppings on already good ice cream. Yes, you might be getting it right without the sex toys, but throwing in one or two into the mix and using it judiciously can bring an electrifying sensation that will get your partner screaming for more.


15 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Sex Toys During Foreplay

Using a wrong or no lube with a sex toy during foreplay

The use of lubricant is essential for sex toys during the main sex as it is useful for them during foreplay. Sometimes it is needed more during foreplay, unlike sex that the juice from the vagina can suffice. During foreplay, especially for women, the body is trying to respond to be able to release some secretion.

Hence, it is crucial to self-lubricate during foreplay, which includes when masturbating. According to sex experts, anytime one doesn’t use enough lubricants and at the same time isn’t naturally wet then one stands the risk of discomfort and irritation even during foreplay, more still a woman can wind up with some vaginal tear.

Another mistake is using the wrong lube on the sex toys, most toys materials are compatible with oil, water, and silicone-based lubes, but silicone materials which are the most excellent materials used for these toys, are only compatible with water and oil-based lubes.

So if you are using a silicone sex toy during foreplay and you mistakenly use a silicone-based lube, you are making a mistake that will ruin the toy and make hinder you from having that slickness you needed with the use of the toy. This might also impede the uncontrollable pleasure that comes with a slippery toy used on the body.


15 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Sex Toys During Foreplay

You need only luxury sex toys near your genitals

I know we believe that only luxuries buying can bring forth the best, well, in as much this statement can be true to a large extent, but we should also know that a lesser amount for an item doesn’t necessarily mean ineffectiveness. A $25 sex toy might be the best toy that will bring out that innate pleasure you seek.

If you are starting with toys and you don’t know which will help you get in the mood fast during foreplay, it is advised to go for the moderately priced ones, that way you can experiment with more toys by buying and knowing which will work the best for you.

Never be afraid to get low-priced sex toys for a start and let your partner use them during foreplay. Don’t be surprised that the low budget ones turn out the best for you. Getting the best of your foreplay time isn’t about the price of the sex price used but the effectiveness and efficacy of the sex toy. Let your partner explore your body with any toy; you can make an upgrade later if need be.


15 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Sex Toys During Foreplay

Not following instructions accompanying the sex toys

I know we always like to do things our way but remember products work better when we go with the creator’s manual. Even doing foreplay, it is better to work in accordance with the instructions following the toys to have the best result, this wouldn’t stop us from tweaking them more to suit us perfectly well.

For instance if you are using the battery-operated toys, the instruction on the manual recommend full charging before use; you wouldn’t want to know how you will feel, maybe when you are progressing nicely with your partner during foreplay and suddenly the battery goes flat. You might need to start from the beginning after a recharge that’s if your partner might want to go through with you again. To avoid disappointment and frustration, wouldn’t it wise to follow instructions?


15 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Sex Toys During Foreplay

Going for a well-loved sex toy

I know we like to go for items or products we love but the mistake is will that offer the best result we desire and will it be satisfying to our partners. One might have a partner that responds better with clit stimulation during foreplay, then using a nipple clamp or nibblers because you love them will not cut it.

Getting a partner in the right frame of mind for mind-blowing sex, what foreplay is all about isn’t about using a popular toy but should be about meeting the body’s needs. The problem here has always been that a sex toy isn’t like a cell phone that has so many features one can use with just one phone.

Sex toys come with its specific function, so during foreplay, it is good to employ a toy that will help your partner progress better and be solid ready to go all the way with you from just a tease to a volcanic explosion due to unimaginable pleasure.


15 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Sex Toys During Foreplay

Focusing more on getting your partner ready for intercourse

A lot of times what is on people mind when using sex toys during foreplay is to hurriedly put themselves or partners in a mood for penetrative sex, well, sex toys do proffer this solution. But this impatient attitude can as well be adding undue pressure and taking away some exciting moments or fun off during foreplay. They don’t need to be used only to stimulate your partner to be sexually aroused for intercourse.

As asserted by certified sex educator, it can be used during foreplay to have some feel-good feelings and enjoy more of pleasure of sexual play during foreplay without it being a step to having straight-up intercourse and then orgasm. So this simply means instead of rushing on to have the sex toys get into the vagina or anal for stimulation, you can spend more time using it to explore the thighs, nipples, stomach, giving a sensual massage or even shaft of the penis for more orgasmic pleasure.

But for safety reasons, if you need to switch up a toy’s original use, make sure it’s really safe to do that with that singular sex toy, like if you are trying to tease the vagina, it isn’t advisable to use the same dildo from the anal to the vagina. This could be a bit risky for your partner’s health.


Using unclean sex toys during foreplay

You can put your partner off the use of them during foreplay if they get to experience any irritation or inch during the period even a little like perceiving a foul smell or stench can totally kill the desire to go all the way with you for sex. Proper toy hygiene and storage are important for the longevity of the toy and the safety of partners. So using a dirty sex toy on a partner might put some of them off even for mere foreplay.

Sometimes one can get lazy, most times when you finish using a sex toy, getting up and cleaning it might just be the last thing on the mind, that is why it is recommended that one should keep unscented baby wipes or a cleaner nearby, maybe in the locker or bedside drawer for easy and quick access. With this, the sex toy will be kept clean till one can get it thoroughly washed or better yet a barrier can be used like the use of an unlubricated condom so that there will be little or no cleaning after use since there was a barrier between the condom and the body.

So, in essence, it is good to wash the sex toys and keep it in pristine condition, mostly washing it with mild unscented soap that would not leave any residual on the toy will be just fine. The ideal thing is that you clean it before and after use so that it will be welcoming for both you and partner so as not to prevent a fun time for you and your partner during foreplay due to issues associated with unwashed or unclean toys.


Sex toy stimulation is meant for only your partner

This is mostly thought by men because a lot of men want to get their partners in the mood without thinking about themselves. This is why experts are of the view that foreplay shouldn’t be rushed because it a sexual activity on its own not necessarily about intercourse and it can be done for a specific period of time and one can even climax in the process without necessarily having penetrative sex.

What this means that sex toys used during foreplay should be for the enjoyment of both partners, maybe a dildo and vibration can be used during foreplay, so that each partner has a sex toy to use for the other partner. This way, the two partners are enjoying themselves together.

The fact remains that excellent and compatible sex partners would always want one another to experience unforgettable pleasure during foreplay, including satisfaction from the use of toys if that’s what they desire. So it a huge mistake when only one partner is gifted the feelings of uncontrollable pleasure, and the other isn’t.


Feeling embarrassed using a sex toy during foreplay

If you have been using sex toys for a long time now in your life (solo masturbation) you are not alone and shouldn’t be a thing you be embarrassed about. Sex expert Dr. Streicher believes that most people enjoy foreplay better when varieties of toys are incorporated into the session, especially for those that have been going solo masturbating.

The truth is that the body has been used to your routine and as such no need trying to inhibit it because of your partner. With your partner, slowly suggests the incorporating of sex toys during your foreplay session and do it as enthusiastically and as often as possible so that it no longer new to your partner. Better still, you can go shopping for new toys with your partner, use this period to let your partner subtly know what turns you on and your partner as well.

Have it in mind that the whole essence of using sex toys during foreplay is to maximize pleasure. So you should let go of a lousy vibe and focus on enjoying all the pleasure the toys have got to offer. You can help your partner follow suit quickly by giving the same amount of pleasure, too, using the appropriate sex toys for them also during the foreplay.


15 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Sex Toys During Foreplay

Sharing sex toys during foreplay with your partner without taking precaution

Sex experts don’t ascribe to sharing unprotected sex toys with a partner during foreplay, mainly if the toys will be used to tease the privates. It is asserted that using the same sex toys without protection is the same as having unprotected sex with a partner, whether it is penetrative sex or not. The fact remains that you are sharing bodily fluids, which puts you at the risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection.

Without proper precaution as needed, this will lead to an increased risk of bacterial vaginosis, especially for women. Such conditions appear when the healthy balance of bacteria in the privates gets out of our hands, and one is likely to be down with bad odor, foul smell, itchiness and several burning sensations.

The truth is that if you are sharing your toys with your partner, you are more likely to use it on the different holes on your body too, so without taking the needed precaution, there is every likelihood of cross-contamination from usage which will lead to infection, so apart from the usual usage of the condom to act as a barrier, it will be an excellent opportunity to get or expand your sex toy collection so that as to prevent sharing which will go a long way in protecting yourself even during foreplay.


Benefits Derived From Avoiding These Mistakes During Foreplay

Preventing yourself from making the above mistakes when you use a sex toy during foreplay comes with its benefits. The below benefits will be derived and there are tips to encourage and motivate one in doing right with toys when having a foreplay with your partner.


15 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Sex Toys During Foreplay

Not seeing sex toys as a replacement take the pressure off you

When you throw in a sex toy or two into your foreplay session and not seeing it as a replacement but an assistant to help open the door for more intense pressure for your partner, then the pressure will be off you in getting your partner thoroughly satisfied. Sometimes a partner might want to orgasm even doing foreplay, of course, there’s nothing wrong with multiple orgasms during a sexual play, you might stimulate the clit with your hands or tongue and the orgasm seems not to happen, by not being ashamed or feeling embarrassed, you can throw in maybe a vibration and stimulate or tease your partner to a volcanic explosion


Not focusing only on penetrative sex during foreplay brings multiple orgasms

As earlier stated, a lot of people rush over foreplay and want to do with to go straight to intercourse, which is somewhat wrong. If you focus on the foreplay at hand, multiple orgasms can be achieved before the main penetrative sex. Foreplay shouldn’t only be seen as a pathway to intercourse though it seems so, it can be a sex session on its own, and as such, it should be treated that way. So focusing on foreplay without a rush will be you and your partner setting yourselves for heightened pleasure, which will lead to multiple orgasms.


15 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Sex Toys During Foreplay

Open doors to more exploration and trying out of new positions

When once you leave out the mistake of getting ashamed or embarrassed by using sex toys during foreplay, you will be encouraged to try out new positions and exploring different erogenous body parts better for a very hot sexual session. The truth is that nobody can ever forget that sex position that gave the best pleasure ever whether during foreplay or main sex. So with shame aside, there will be more room to explore and try out different comfortable position during the foreplay.


Your curiosity will be conquered

Maybe you have been enjoying your sex toys on your own during your solo masturbation and have been curious or fantasying about how it will be if you used it with your partners during foreplay. Still, you have been making the mistake of keeping your toys away when you are having the foreplay with your partner for whatever reasons. When once you live above that mistake and introduce sex toys to your partner during foreplay, you would have to stop your curiosity and wondering and start having the best of intense pleasure you have always needed with your partner.


15 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Sex Toys During Foreplay


Here you have some of the mistakes you need to start avoiding when you use sex toys during foreplay. As earlier stated a lot of the mistakes done might have been out of ignorance, or some didn’t just know the needs to prevent those mistakes, well there have been well explained now and you just need to avoid or stop doing them, to get the best of your foreplay session.

The bottom line here is to use sex toys to your advantage during foreplay and it shouldn’t be a thing to be ashamed of handling with your partner. If your partner is new to toys, then the necessary precaution should be taken, so that the new partner can learn and adapt quickly to its usage. Again, a lot of patience needs to be exercised here to achieve your desired aim.

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