10 Awesome Must Have Foreplay Accessories


Foreplay is needed before penetration during sexual activity now, and it is a fact that the use of foreplay accessories can enhance intimate experiences, improve arousal, makes intercourse more steamy and heighten climaxes. Even carnal partners can benefit from the use of fresh playful (foreplay) accessories that will help take sex to smash height. It is always great for couples to be creative by devising ways of keeping things hot and spicy during a sex session to avoid running into a rut.

One of the ways to prevent this is by using new accessories during foreplay to make things more spicy right from the beginning.

Top 10 Must Have Foreplay Accessories

They Pyxis Finger Massager in Pink

Finger Teasers

These are a must have accessories for foreplay. They come in different forms but most are made from silicone. Finger teasers are the real masturbation enhancer for couples. Each of the sleeves of this teaser slides over your fingers to give a new sensation to foreplay.

Some teasers are ribbed with tips that have three soft ticklers, others come in tiny textured hearts form, and the material used for them is mostly rubber. As the name implies there are mostly worn on the fingers to use in stimulating the erotic parts of the body to arouse sexual pleasure. For more sensual feelings, they can be used with oil or water based lubricants. Examples of finger teasers are silicone finger teasers, California exotic novelties finger teasers, posh silicone finger teasers, unscented silicone finger teasers, textured silicone finger teasers.


All In Stroker laying on table

Foreplay Strokers- Adam and Eve

This is another accessory that one must have as one of the foreplay accessories. Using a stroker on a partner during foreplay will intensify pleasure before intercourse. Strokers give a perfect feel when the ending nerve in the penis is being stimulated or teased than using mere hands. Strokers give heavenly arousal and sensation to men for either hand or blowjob, and there can be the best fit for spicing up mouth or hand action during foreplay.

They are easy to use, easy to clean, less expensive and very potent. This is an excellent alternative for partners that don’t like sex toys. Example of strokers are Blowyo sensation swirl textured, Lovehoney reversible XL, Tracey cox supersex supertight, hand solo vibrating stroker, main squeeze mini stroker etc.

Liberator Ramp & Wedge Combo
Foreplay Wedges

Wedges are foreplay accessories that one needs to help during foreplay. These are patented in such a way that they grip each other for fast and secure positioning.

This accessory is excellent for better foreplay for unlimited exploration. Wedges will create comfort and support to take the weight off the necks, backs, and knees and makes foreplay less cumbersome to make the recipient more receptive to every touch.

This slanted accessory positioning will bring endless positioning during the sex session, which will be from the period of foreplay to penetrative sex.

Examples of wedges include Liberator 24-inch Wedge, Ever Charm sex toys wedge pillow, Liberator Jaz sex positioning wedge, and Half-Moon pillow adult toy mount wedge.

Need more comfort while having sex. Try out a wedge and thank us later!

The Ultimate Bed Bondage System


If you love kinky sex then you might need some sex restraints as a must have foreplay accessories. The truth is that bondage restraints bring pleasure during foreplay and sex. So that a partner enjoys sex that is designed to keep a submissive from moving or escaping then accessories like collars, bondage mitts, handcuffs, padded leather wrist cuffs, rope, full body suits and under-the bed restraint systems are a must have to kick start the foreplay leading to bondage play.

Sound interesting? Click here to check a beginners bondage bedroom kit. Or if you want more, click here to peruse bondage toys of all kinds!

Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Pinwheel


These are foreplay accessories that should top the list of accessories one should have to enjoy better foreplay with a partner. Ticklers help during foreplay to tickle a lover into submission. This accessory can help elicit so much pleasure when used on the part of the erogenous zones of the woman’s body.

Some ticklers have a great length, which is perfect for caressing and teasing a partner even from afar. If you need your partner to have skin tingling effects during foreplay, you will need some of these ticklers like Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Pinwheel.

Need a reminder of how much fun you can have during sex? Check out these ticklers!


Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Chain

Nipple Clamps

This is an excellent accessory to throw in during foreplay to promote arousal for the woman. The nipple is one of the erotic zones of the woman’s body. With nipple clamps, endorphins are released, increasing orgasmic sensation and bringing forth a full-body rush.  Though nipple clamps can also work for the man to maintain the sensation derived from nipple clamping during foreplay, it is good to switch the clamps forth and back throughout the play but not advisable to have it on for more than 20 minutes per time to aid free flow of blood in that area.

Examples of nipple clamps are On My Heart Nipple Clips my heart nipple clips, plier nipple clamps, silicone nipple suckers, crocodile clamps, vibrating heated nipple teasers, bound to please nipple clamps, feather nipple clamps, adjustable bell nipple clamps, spot sheets collar nipple clamps and nipple and clit clamp.

Fifty Shades Tease Feather Tickler


This is another must have foreplay accessory; the feathers come in a different form, style and color. Feathers are about tickling and teasing for exciting foreplay. The feather can be used to caress the inner thighs to wake the sensational elements. When thinking about hype sensation during foreplay, it is good to incorporate the intense pleasure of soft feathers into the mix for sensuous feeling. You can start by using an artificial bird feather that has soft spikes, ostrich feathers, feather ticklers, etc.

Ultimate Oral Sex Guide

Oral Accessories- Adam and Eve

Oral accessories during foreplay can aid in offering intense pleasure to a partner in an exciting but straightforward way. You can take foreplay to a whole new dimension with all the tips and tricks you would learn from books and videos. So you can either buy the books to read or pay for the subscription or buy videos to learn a few essential and workable tips which will be sure to guide you on giving and receiving mind-blowing pleasure right from the start of sex session (foreplay) to intercourse. Knowing the erotic parts of your partner’s body and knowing how to arouse will steer partners in the direction of having fulfilling sex session.

Tryst Rechargeable Silicone Massager

Tryst Rechargeable Silicone Massager- Too Timid

This is a good accessory that could help women during foreplay to put them in the right sexual mood before penetration by the partner. This accessory is mainly used to offer a woman more or added sensation to keep the sexual action progressing. This accessory can be used to hugs the clitoris or surrounding the nipple as well as giving a blowjob.

The metal legs of this accessory is covered with velvety silicone, and it resembles a tuning fork, so with this form, its ends will resonate and quiver along with the vibration that its exude. It can be that piece of accessory that will help a partner have the best foreplay during a sex session ever.

Nipple Nibblers

Nipple Nibblers- Too Timid 

Nipple nibblers are great accessories that can be added to one’s foreplay accessories package. They help to offer a tingling sensation that will help in foreplay. They can also be great lubricity for pleasing and teasing nipple play.

Most women get weak and instantly get in the sexual mood or have irresistible nipple arousal when their nipples are teased or touched. So instead of the continuous use of the bare hand, nipple nibblers can be employed to help heightens the sensitivity of the nipple with every touch. So during foreplay it can be used to achieve tingling stimulation and arousal to bring out the best in a partner.


Reasons Why You Need Foreplay Accessories

Sex can be great but without a good warm up, just like when one tries to exercise, it can turn into a lackluster performance. A lot of couples get into the habit of skipping the glorious foreplay and jumping right into sex. 

Well, a lot of these happen due to ignorance by the partners. It is only when one comes to terms to a need or purpose of foreplay that will they appreciate it. So we will be outlining the reasons below why you should need foreplay accessories during your steamy sex session.

To Elicit Tingling Sensations

The role or purpose of foreplay is to evoke feelings of arousal that will physically and emotionally prepare the body for intercourse and enhance the feelings of sex. The point is that some people find it difficult to become aroused during foreplay so using accessories like finger teasers or strokers will make the fingers a potent pleasure tool which can be used on your partner’s erogenous zones to induce tingling pleasure and put your in the right frame of mind for explosive sex.

To Add Technique To Your Sex Session

By stimulating and teasing one another during foreplay, one can be about different acts, but not everyone will be confident about their foreplay technique to bring the result they need. This is why foreplay accessories come into play, so it will be better to go for the accessories that will produce a specific result one needs to achieve during the foreplay. A sex DVD on learning about ways to pleasure your partner to stupor before the actual act of intercourse will help in teaching you new methods of pleasuring your partner and aid you in taking foreplay to a whole new level.


Bridging The Gap For Busy Couples

Partners and couples go through the stress of life daily, and sometimes this hustling gets in the way of great intimacy for couples. The fact is that fatigue and tension can be a considerable barrier to intimacy, that is why foreplay accessories are in place to help couples break the ice and put everyone in the right mood for sexual exploitation. The truth is that with the aid of accessories during foreplay, couples can relax more to have more fun time.

Foreplay accessories are designed in a way to make partners have new ideas and motivate them to experiment with one another. So foreplay accessories can bridge the gap for couples by enabling them to make sexy surprises for one another, and it can be good racy gifts for a partner, maybe during a bachelorette party, dinner date, and other fun days out events.
Fetish Fantasy Official Handcuffs

Perfect Solutions For Kinky Sex Play

Couples are always on the lookout for things that will help that achieve their sex fantasies and also deepen the bond with one another. Some foreplay accessories are made to help bring these fantasies to life. If one needs to start his or her foreplay with a bondage scenario getting a restraint and other accessories that will help in creating scenes in the bedroom wouldn’t be a bad idea. It is good to get products that will help set the stage for orgasmic eruption and new intimate experience as the act progresses.

Cuddly Cub C-Ring

Prolonged Sex Duration

Sometimes men tend to have the opposite issue of women during foreplay. Men always get excited and have a premature orgasm which will leave the woman frustrated. Using the right accessories can help reduce the likelihood of premature ejaculation which could slightly numb the penis to work with the other partner almost on the same frequency. Nothing beats a volcanic orgasm that is experienced by a couple almost at the same time.


How To Get The Best Of Your Foreplay Accessories

Using one or multiple of the foreplay accessories outlined above will help you get your partners on the right sexual footing. Bare hands sometimes don’t cut it because it has become a routine and there nothing exciting about it any longer. To bring something new and give your partner a more orgasmic sexual outing, then you need to throw in one or two foreplay accessories to help give your partner something to look forward to.

One thing is to get these accessories but the outstanding thing is making the best of each accessory. Below are ways you can put these accessories to best use to align with our expectations.

Realistic Stroker Sleeve

Get The Right One For You

You can’t necessarily go for all the accessories listed above, so you go for the one that is more appealing to you and can help you achieve your sexual desire. For example, if one is looking at stimulating the penis more during foreplay going for a stroker will be the best bet.

This is because the inside of the stroker has a textured canal that will arouse the penis more even the outer layer of the stroke is the ridge to ensure it has a good grip of the penis during use and some strokes has two completely different textures in one so to give users multiple orgasms.

Check out the Realistic Stroker Sleeve here at TooTimid!



Be Prepared

To get the best of some foreplay, check to find out if they need additional preparation with it to get the required effect. Accessories like the teasers and strokes that need a bit of lubrication must be applied to get the best result. If you need your teaser or strokes to slide upward or down with ease, then you need to use either water or oil-based lubricants or just make your choice for any that is compatible with your accessory.

As you apply the lubricant to the accessories, don’t forget to do the same to your sexual organs for slipperiness. This will enhance an enjoyable slick and stimulating sensation when the accessory is used.


Boost Your Stamina

To enjoy your foreplay better, you need to condition your body’s responses during the foreplay to stop or delay ejaculation just before seconds of climax. You can start intermittent usage of the accessories to bring hype sensation to help you delay orgasm. You can keep on with this method till you can build an excellent pleasure tolerance level. This is called edging, wedges and strokers can help in this regards before throwing in other accessories.


Use The Accessories With A Partner

Foreplay accessories offer an exciting addition to the partner’s play. Maybe the partners can go for see-through or transparent lingerie to have a better intimate view of the action. Using the different accessories listed above is a great part of foreplay for partners because each will aid to intensify pleasure before sex, and again there can be used for mutual masturbation by partners if they are in no mood for penetrative sex.

Using it with a partner will make sexual activities more progressing like if a partner is tired of giving a handjob, what he or she needs to do is just to grab a stroker and continue the activity and this will help the partners to enjoy themselves for a longer time.


Consider The Materials Used For Production 

Foreplay accessories come built in different materials, and as such, to get the best off any, you need to consider the materials used. You need to be careful with your selection to avoid introducing dirt and bacteria into your body, especially your privates, which can bring yeast infections. It is always advisable to get accessories that are made from safe body materials like silicone. Metal, glass, etc. these materials are still non-porous and easy to clean.

It is better to get ones that their forms or styles wouldn’t give room for trapping of dirt and it will be hypoallergenic too.


Consider Its Durability

Remember, if you’ll be having a lot of playtime with your partner, you can’t afford to be disappointed with falling apart accessories in your hands when you need it most at a point. So investing in durable accessories should be your best bet if you will need to get the best of them. So you should be looking out for accessories that have high-quality materials and also safe for use.

Maybe you should go mostly for those with a sort of warranty if possible. The bottom line here is just investing your money in accessories that are durable and worth your hard-earned money.

Research Before Buying Your Accessories

To get the best off your accessories, you can research them to be sure of what you are getting.

You can read their description or reviews online to ascertain about its ratings before purchasing. You can as well get into a sex store to question the consultant or handler there. It is always a perfect idea to buy from popular or trusted stores or brands; that way, you will be getting the best products even though the price might be slightly higher, but you will be sure of the effectiveness of the accessories, its durability, and quality.



If you need to mesmerize your partner with sexual pleasure, then starting out with a good foreplay will be the answer, there are some kinky foreplay accessories you can throw into the mix to instantly get your partner in a frenzy mood and even make them beg for more. As you have read, you might not need to break the bank or give an arm to achieve this. You just need those necessary ones to get the groove started.

Foreplay and sexual satisfaction go hand in hand, and as such, speeding straight up to intercourse is like setting self up for failure. It is advisable to treat foreplay as an appetizer to get the best off any sex session; it is good to introduce some accessories into the mix to bring more excitement and thrills to the play. Just like a good workman getting his tools ready to have the best off his work, the same applies to sex.

You can set the ball rolling perfectly well for your partner by teasing, pleasing, tantalizing, stimulating, and arousing the hell out of them. It will only take the right foreplay accessories and a little time, and it will be achieved.

So what are you waiting for, get that spicy and steamy foreplay session you have always fantasized about by investing in the above must have foreplay accessories and you would be glad you did.

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