Best 12 Questions To Ask To End Boredom In the Bedroom For Men


Whether you are just starting a relationship or in the texting era or you have known your partner inside out. It still wouldn’t hurt to ask some flirting and erotic questions that would help eliminate boredom totally in the bedroom. Spicing up things in the bedroom doesn’t end with the first few things you know about your partner, because repetition brings boredom. There are still things to know about one’s partner to kill boredom in the bedroom and using some dirty flirty questions is an awesome way to find out.

Spicing things up in the bedroom by men will require the man to ask the right questions that will help connect with your partner sensually on a deeper level.  And this might really lead to positive conversations that wouldn’t have arisen if there wasn’t a little prompt. So if a man wants to finds out about his partner’s sexual fantasies and desires to kick out boredom off their bedroom then asking the right questions is the best bet.


question to end boredom in the bedroom

Overview Of Questions To Ask In The Bedroom

These questions can also be described as flirty dirty or wild questions. These questions can be described as talks of what the man wants the woman to do to them before they start doing it and of course what the man likes about the action done. The questions will be tilted towards what the man genuinely desires at that point or questions that will turn you both on.

By asking question you can actually arouse your partner through imagination that your questions will bring on. The truth is that these kinds of questions should be able to captivate the attention of the woman and then replace, whatever is happening in her mind and head with a strong sexier signal. Of course, if your questions are anything to go by, the woman’s juices will start to flow and she will become receptive to getting intimate.

If you as a man have a female partner with a high sex drive but she only craves sex when she is in the mood and you see yourself guessing what she really wants and how to push her sexual buttons to ignite the fire these questions can help make your job feel less like work and more like fun.

She might want sex often but that hardly crosses her mind, so the solution here is to ask some erotic questions to put her in the right frame of mind. The secret is instead of wishfully cold starting sexual activities maybe with just physical touch, you can first walk her through to climax with the right questions before making a physical move.

The questions asked might be flirty; some are suggestive while others can be outrightly risqué. It will be up to you to choose the one that will help stimulate things with your partner and help keep boredom at bay.


end boredom in the bedroom

12 Questions To Ask To End Boredom In The Bedroom For Men

So if you need to get boredom out of your bedroom, you want to know about your partner’s sexual fantasies or you just want to have massive fun in your bedroom, then we have got you covered with these selections of questions. They will help you communicate better with your woman as well as having deep conversations with her too.

1. Where on your body is your favorite place to be touched?

What other way can you have your woman giggling excitedly in the bedroom than knowing where to touch and stimulate. If you need boredom to flee from your bedroom, please ask to know the erotic areas of your woman’s body. Find out where to stimulate more to keep things spicy in the bedroom

2. What is your favorite sex position?

This is another question that is so needed to be asked to keep away boredom from the bedroom. You just have to know the sex position that your woman enjoys the most and can go all out for. Sex positions matter a lot to women because it will help you hit on the right and G-spot. Give it to the woman just the way she wants it.

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3. Do you prefer to give or receive a blowjob?

Find out which is her preferred choice, any of these can be enjoyable depending on the choice. So don’t go choking her with your penis, when she doesn’t fancy it. If she prefers to receive than giving then do so and see the juices dripping endlessly and the fun continues.

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4. Do you watch porn?

You will be encouraging boredom if your woman isn’t a porn watcher let alone an addict, because that might be ridiculous or embarrassing to her. So ask to find out before introducing porn to be watched. If she does then go ahead to help supercharge sexual polarity with it. But do away with it immediately before your partner finds it silly or offensive.

5. Name a sex position you will like to try?

Women love to explore their body and they have fantasized about some sex positions that will help them explore their sexy parts better. Find out from your partner the sex position she just discovered and will love to try out. You never can tell which is her must do sex style if you don’t question her. So go ahead and ask now to have an electric sex session the next time.

6. What brings multiple orgasms to you?

What is sex when you can’t get your partner asking for more and exploding in multiple orgasms? There’s nowhere boredom can be experienced with a steamy sex session. So ask your partner what helps to make them erupt in uncontrollable ecstasy. You need to find this out and use it to your own advantage.

7. Would you love to make a sex tape?

It will be pretty fun recording yourselves during your sex session and sitting back to watch it all over again. So why not ask your partner if it will be a convenient thing for her. It is good to find out first before introducing in case the other person doesn’t fancy it but if she loves it, why not? Go ahead with it and enjoy yourself

8. Do you like to be spanked?

This is another question to ask and find out from your partner to keep things wild and hot in the bedroom to eliminate boredom. Apart from just stroking in and out of your partner, try to find out other ways she can be pleasured to avoid monotony. Some partners like to be spanked or choked to bring out the sexual prowess in them. So you need to know this about your partner to ascertain which will be her preferred choice for your usage.

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9. Do you like to kiss during sex?

Kissing is one sexual activity that one can completely master when done right and a good kisser will love to be kissed even before the start of any penetration. Kissing can be likened to setting the ball rolling for a steamy hot sex session. So if you need to keep things lively in your bedroom, then you need to bring in a lot of side attraction that will elicit fun and charge the atmosphere for more advance sexual activities

10. Do you like to take control or be submissive?

You need to find out if switching things up with your partner will help eliminate monotony in the bedroom. The main cause of boredom in the bedroom is a monotonous way of handling or doing things, so you need to find out from your partner if she can be in control or under to ease tiredness of a routine that might only bring negative results.

11. Do you prefer a quickie or marathon sex session?

This is one question that will add a steamy air to your sex life in the bedroom. People love different sex styles and to keep things spicy you will need to find out which makes them go weak in the knee. A hot exciting quickie will be more appreciated and lively than a long boring sex session that the other partner can’t wait to be over with. So this question will help bring a deeper connection and more fun when you know how your partner needs sex to be delivered to her.

12. Which do you enjoy most anal or vaginal sex?

You need to find out via questioning your partner the best way to get her screaming and moaning in the bedroom. People have their preference and you might be ignorant of this. So the best bet will be to ask her to ascertain which will be more appropriate and a better fit for your partner.

Knowing this and taking advantage of it will help kill boredom in the bedroom. This will be likened to knowing what your partner wants and going for it. Question to find out where your partner prefers to be hit and give a good thrusting to bring satisfaction.

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questions to end boredom in the bedroom

5 Bullet-Proof Benefits of Asking Questions in the Bedroom

Almost all activities we engage in come with some benefits or importance and the question game in the bedroom isn’t an exception, so let look at the benefits accrued to men when the right questions are asked to their women.

Elimination of boredom

This is the first benefit that readily comes to mind if you need to quiz your woman and get to know her better. Monotony kills the fun in the bedroom. The bedroom is one place that things must be spiced up at all times. So to kill or reduce boredom drastically in the bedroom then you must have questions to enable you and your partner to be on the same page sexually so as to be able to take things to the climax.

Connecting with your partner on a deeper level

To get deeper with your partner, asking the right questions to get the honest answer is necessary; this will help to activate imaginations and supercharges sexual polarity, which in turn will add steamy air of liberation in the bedroom activities. Remember that women get aroused via the imagination, so ask more erotic questions and let them answer while imagining those things already happening in their head and you can now help bring them to reality by engaging them physically in it.

Strengthen the sense of closeness

It is a known fact that women feel better after good sex, and good sex almost always depends on great communication. Asking the right questions and your woman supplying the answers is a two-way communication and invariably communication enhances closeness and keeps the boredom away. So if you need your woman close to you and boredom having no place in your bedroom then you must improve on your kind of questions asked. You might be more spontaneous with your questions.

Achieving intense pleasure

Questioning or asking your partner some questions about the bedroom is a very powerful aspect of eroticism. It arouses not just yourself but even your partner. Nothing brings intense pleasure than fulfilling your partner’s imaginative answers.

You must have asked her, for example, the erogenous zones of her body and she must have supplied the answer, of course, you will go straight to those parts to ignite the passion and what is the end result for the woman? Intense pleasure! With this, boredom can’t find a foothold here because everywhere has been electrified with sexual pleasure and both of you will be in cloud 9 enjoying the whole sex session.

Learning about the other desires and fantasies

You might just be doing the wrong things with your partner if you don’t key into their desires and fantasies. To get things right in the bedroom, you need to be calibrated to whoever is at the receiving end. You can’t just be all about vaginal sex when your partner wants to try out anal sex. The only way you can find this out is by asking the right questions. So if the routine is becoming boring, to kick boredom out,  ask about their desire and what will ignite the passion in them. It might just be what the bedroom needs.


questions to end boredom in bedroom

Why You Need To Kill Boredom In the Bedroom Through Questioning

It is understandable that the bedroom can’t always be filled with fireworks and a little boredom now and then in the bedroom is expected but when it becomes overtly much then it becomes a cause for concern. Bedroom boredom might not be dramatic but it might be dangerous if left unattended to for a long while.

The truth is that boredom is like an attack on a romance immunity system. Once weakened it will come with it myriads of ailments and if not tackled can escalate to an epidemic. The following are reasons why boredom should be kicked out of the bedroom:

Cheating by partners

This is the major problem that boredom in the bedroom causes. People that find the bedroom boring with their partners tend to look out for fulfillment. So if you don’t need your partner cheating on you then you need to address the issue of boredom in your bedroom.

Emotional infidelity

This occurs because humans are innate novelty seekers and the brain is always seeking out ways of fulfilling our fantasies and imaginations. When things become boring in our bedroom, the other partner might want to experience outside to get the fulfillment that is lacking in the bedroom.

To avoid destroying a relationship

Some people can’t just stand a cheating partner no matter how connected they had been with such a partner previously. So when things become boring in the bedroom and one of the partners cheat and the other finds out and cheating is his or her deal breaker then a lifelong relationship can be broken due to this. So to avoid this dealing with boredom and keeping it at bay is the right answer.

To encourage romance

How else can you liven up your romantic life than spicing up things in the bedroom? Killing boredom will help alleviate a monotonous sexual life for partners and help keep them romantically connected for a longer time.

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