How to Heal A Sexless Marriage? | Guide for Women and Men


Are You Living In A Sexless Marriage?

If you are or have ever been married you know how important sex is. If you are in a sexless marriage, we’re here with tips on how to rev up your sex life and get sex back into your marriage.

How long have you been married? Are you already feeling bored with your partner? Or, are you living in a sexless marriage? Well, this issue that you are experiencing is not good for you and your partner.

Sex should always be a part of the relationship to keep it burning. It is a big consideration so that you can have a successful married life. A sexless marriage can feel dull and it could lead to serious problems with your partner later on.

Sexless marriage divorce rate is rising year after year. That is not shared to discourage your to believe that this is what your relationship will become. You can still work it out and do everything to save it and make it work.

If there is no emotional intimacy in your marriage, there’s still something that you can do. Sexless marriages can be transformed to an opposite one. All you need to have is the determination and effort to genuinely make it work. Make a decision, and you can turn things around in no time.

Here’s Some Advice You Need to Know About How to Deal With a Sexless Marriage:

For Women:

heal a sexless life

If You Feel Sexy, Show it. If You Think He is Sexy, Tell it.

  • A sexless marriage‘s effect on husbands can really be bad. It could lead him to finding another woman or to have an affair in order to fill the missing piece in his marriage, which is sex and intimacy. This is very crucial so you should be observant with your marriage and how it works. If your husband is losing the passion for you, you should make ways to make him fall in love again with you. You should also keep yourself desirable and presentable so that you can keep his admiration over you. You should look pleasing especially in the bedroom to make a psychological or mental initiation for sex. Dressing sexy can also make you feel sexier and more desirable.
  • Know the value of reciprocity. When you are having sex, make sure to make your man feel that you are enjoying sex with him. Men like to hear women moaning because it gives them psychological satisfaction. Don’t control yourself, and feel free to express what you feel and your max will enjoy the sex life better.

Be Honest About Your Sexless Marriage

  • Are you wondering why and asking yourself “Why your husband has no interest in me sexually?” Well, it could be about so many things. It could be because of his tiring job, it could be due to a very bad day, but there could also be a part you are playing in it. You and your husband are the only ones who can assess what’s wrong with the situation and why he turned like that. It should be taken seriously as no intimacy in a marriage can have serious consequences. You should know the root cause of his issue. You can frankly ask him about it and talk to him so that you know the next step you can take. If he is really tired and stressed out, you can give him a massage in the evening to keep him relaxed and maybe eventually it could lead to a passionate sex.

Be Proactive About Bring Sex Back

  • You can be the one to initiate sex. Sometimes there’s no intimacy in marriage from the husband because they also want to feel that they are wanted. They may want you to get the signal that they want to be seduced. They may want to feel wanted and craved for because it adds to their masculinity. They feel good about themselves, raising the intensity in the bedroom. If you are one among the women questioning your husband’s reaction about sex, well, stop and do the move. Make a change and take your relationship to a passionate level.

Try Something New in the Bedroom

  • Explore and experiment is another good thing that you can focus on if you think your husband is already getting bored with you in bed. You should try to learn new tricks and tips in order to be good at pleasing him. Aside from the traditional sex positions that you and your husband do, you should also try new things. You can check out some Kama sutra sex positions and sex toys to try with your husband. You can also improve on oral sex because men love blow jobs. You should be able to please him in many ways so that he will always feel excited with you.
  • Sexless relationship can cause depression to many women today but that should not be the case. Sometimes investing more time with your partner and how to keep each other happy and excited can help. Sharing with him all the love, the sex excitement, and the passion that he needs can satisfy you both tremendously. Feeling wanted will make it hard for him to resist you.

For Men

fix sexless marriage life

Get Honest About Your Sexless Marriage

  • Sexless marriage is a daunting situation a husband could be in to. If you are experiencing this as of the moment, well, it’s time to work it out. The very first thing that you need to do is to ask yourself “Why my wife rejects me all the time?” It’s always good to know the root cause of a problem so that you can have the right solution to it.
  • Women are usually vocal, so if you are in a sexless marriage, it is okay to ask her directly what’s wrong with the relationship. She is the best person that could answer your problem so talk to her. Sometimes she may have an emotion that they cannot pour out without you asking about it.

Be Proactive in Finding the Cause of No Sex

  • You can fix a sexless marriage by making advances to set your wife in the mood. You can praise her, give her some sexy compliments and surely she will know what you mean. Women are good at catching signs, maybe your wife is just waiting for you to initiate one. Just like guys, women also want to feel appreciated, wanted, and craved for.
  • If there’s lack of intimacy in marriage, it could be caused by doubts. If your wife doubts your loyalty, it could lead to her losing appetite for sex. You should prove to her that she is the only one for you. Don’t let this situation continue because it could lead to a depressed sexless marriage experience for both of you.
  • Be sweet and romantic from the start. Women want to feel loved and cared for. Take her to dinner dates and spend happy moments with her again just like when you are just in the dating stage. Sometimes this is the best way to make her more passionate about your relationship.

Remember the little things are sexy too

  • Foreplay plays a big role is sex. Sexless marriages will not happen if you are good in foreplay. Women like to be teased. It makes them feel more excited about love making. Their senses will get turned on and really get aroused.
  • Learn how to tease your wife and surely both of you will end up satisfied. Women are good at reciprocating love, and they can show you that through sex. They will go the extra mile to make you smile in bed. They will exert extra effort to make you satisfied and crave for more.

Add something new to the bedroom

  • Don’t feel shy. Sometimes men feel awkward caressing their woman. Never feel awkward because women love it. They wanted to be touched, to be cherished, and to be adored.
  • Feel free to do what you want, just make her feel loved whatever you do. If your girl is into oral, you can also eat her out. Please her in any way that you want, shy wouldn’t complain.

Bottom Line

How to fix sexless marriage life

Communication is everything to end a sexless marriage

You can handle your relationship with your partner by not forgetting about sex. Everyday is a chance for you to revive your sexual relationship with your partner. Don’t get tired working at it.

Communication is the key. You need to communicate to your partner what you want, and you should also know what he is hoping for. It’s always good if both parties are on the same page. Communication could lead to both of you understanding each others’ needs.

Counseling online or in person can help a sexless marriage

If you need more assistance, don’t shy away from seeking help from an expert. If you are really unsure about what you can do, you can look for some guidance from relationship counselors and the like.

There are counsellors that can really give you a step by step guide until you regain your passionate relationship with your partner. With them, you can also expect confidentiality. They will not reveal your identity to anyone, or you can choose to remain anonymous.

Your marriage is one of the most important factors in your life. If you see an early sign of failing, take action immediately. Save it while it is in its early stage. If you are having a hard time understanding your partner, there are some books and courses that you can check. They are very helpful and very easy to have.

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