14 Sexy Foreplay Moves That Make Men Crazy!


Sexy foreplay means everything when it comes to sex. Think of it as the trailer before you get to actually watch the movie. If it pulls you in, you are glued to the screen and committed to the movie. If the foreplay… I mean trailer, is lackluster, the movie often is too. 

Certain things increase men’s sexual pleasure. Every guy wants their sexual stamina increased by their ladies and, trust me, the value such ladies just as they value sex. They like it when their women are taking the lead either in the bedroom or wherever both of you found it comfortable for expressing the feeling.

If you want him to satisfy you during the “game” why not make him achieve the sexual bliss before that?

Do you know that some presexual moves (foreplay) can kick men into gear and also boost their confidence, taking you to that desired orgasm?

The truth is that how to perform on the bed, at times, depends on how you engaged him on pre intercourse funs.


Is There A Guide To Sexy Foreplay?


Foreplay is really awesome! Men like it when they have the best of it and I assure you they don’t disappoint when such leads to sex.

If you want both of you to remain emotionally and physically connected sexy foreplay is the answer. Truly, there is no instructional manual that will guide you on how you can take the lead. All you need to do is to understand what turns him on and to make the whole thing very interesting, they shouldn’t necessarily be the same every day.

It is also good to know that what turns one man on is not what turns on another. We have tried gathering some information from different real guys on that crazy foreplay that increase their sexual prowess and libidos.

If you have been looking for the best sexy foreplay for men, here is the best place you should be.

You will know those crazy acts that men like; those set of intimate psychological and physical acts that makes guys mind blow. Indeed you will be happy landing on this page.

14 Sexy foreplay that makes men crazy.

14 Sexy Foreplay Moves That Make Men Crazy!

As ladies have unique sexual foreplay, so do men. If you really want to keep him in a sexy mood or if you want him to beg you for action, try this guide for some of the best sexy foreplay with him.


1. Give a hands-free massage


Keeping your hand loose and making a gentle movement over his body starting from his thigh to that “joint” can make him chill. If massage usually lulls him to sleep, trust me this alone can make him feel to be on top. More gist!

When you use your lips instead of your hands, your massage can instantly go from relaxing to racy and I assure of him moaning as if the game has begun. Try not to hurt him with your nails. Just play gently and watch him feel like you are all for him.

2. Suck on the bottom of his lips

Hey! To get him on the act, allow him to have your top lip while you work on his bottom one. As he is busy with it, hold him closely with you with your hands grasping his head. You can even switch the role, it is not something monotonous.

“A lot of guys know only two kisses: the lip kiss and the French kiss”, says Cane. As you kiss, try to suck on it gently. This will bring blood to the surface of the skin making the area more sensitive. 

3. You can talk dirty

You don’t need to be on the bed before you talk dirty and sexy. Talking dirty especially when both of you are having rest is good, sexy foreplay. This stimulates his emotion sexually and you can read the language from his smiling. Many believe talking dirty involves using bad languages.

No! It not true. It involves something more than that. You can tell him, openly, what you want, what you enjoy and how he can handle you to give you the best. You can even threaten him by telling him what you will do to him when two of you get to bed for banging.


14 Sexy foreplay that makes men crazy.
4. Look sexy

By nature guys are visual they get turned by what they see. Try showing those sensitive areas that are not always exposed.

Draw his attention to those areas and make sure he noticed them. Looking good and sexy should be one of your top priorities if you want to turn your man on and arouse him.

Any time he invites you to hang out or, maybe, both of you are going for a party, dress sexy and hot. This will increase confidence and also build sexual tension with him.

5. Maintain the eye contact

Try to look straight into his eye as you muster some words to him. Eye contact can be very erotic and you can use it to whip your man into a frenzy.

As you kiss him or massage him try to keep your eye glued to his, move your hand gently down to his penis and stimulate him.

Watch him, keep looking at him and forget not to use those “words” he likes to hear at this point.

6. Nibble the earlobes

Most women don’t pay enough attention here. Spending time licking and biting his earlobe, for sure, amps everything up.

Lick it gently. Bite it quickly and gently, caress the lobe with your finger and whisper those love words into his ear. Click here for 6 other ignored erogenous zones to take advantage of easily!

14 Sexy foreplay that makes men crazy.

7. Sex videos with him

Spending time together watching porn and having hands run over each other can spice the feeling.

For those partners that are comfortable with watching porn videos, it is very exciting, stimulating, and you can decide to replicate some moves you see on the screen in your bed to learn different sex positions or styles.

This sexy foreplay is very good for an amateur in the banging game. 

8. Play with his booty

The back door is a great place to explore. It has tons of nerve endings that are very sensitive to touch. If you really want him to “buzz” on the bed, stroke, massage his ass.

Tickle, and slap it. Use your finger or tongue to gently make a circular motion on it. As you are doing it, don’t forget to visit his prostrate.

If you can combine this with another sex act, I am sure he will not want you to stop. You will be everything he dreams day and night.

This tickler and whip combo is perfect for beginner and more experienced in butt foreplay and butt play. 

14 Sexy foreplay that makes men crazy.

9. Give him a sexy show

When it comes to sex, men are more visual. They can be turned on quickly by sexual images more than women. While he is lying on the bed watching, you can start pleasuring yourself before him.

Those acts like doing a striptease or lap dancing will give him a better idea of strokes you like. It will make him think of how he can blow your mind during the main event.

Here is a sexy foreplay costume for any size, perfect for a striptease or to get him in the mood just by looking at you!

10. Suck the nipples

I hope sucking your breast by your man makes you crazy? While not compliment it by licking his nipples?

Though men’s nipples are not sexually sensitive like that of women they are also sensitive and a lot of guys like it when their women is touching and licking their nipples and at the same time running their down to grab that erected “rod”.

This is definitely sexy foreplay for the both of you to enjoy!

11. Kiss his stomach and his thigh

Start from his stomach. Make the gentle kiss and then work you way down to his thigh. Stop momentarily and move from the thigh up.

You will, for sure, increase his pleasure and he will like to stay with you for the whole day. This is an example of easy and effective sexy foreplay that gets you both in the mood!


12. Both of you can bathe together

Bathing together is a perfect example of sexy foreplay especially after a long day at work. On the process, you can massage him all over.

Don’t focus on the sex right away. If both of you are really in the mood, two of you can play with each other’s bodies.

After the bath, rub him with your cream, comb his hair, and wear him the cloth you want him to wear for the night. If possible, allow him to be naked while you join him naked on the bed too.

This silicone lube is great while in a bath to get every part of you both warmed up for sex later on!

13. Surprise him with gift

He is your partner. You know what he wants. Get it for him even when he didn’t expect it. This is a perfect way to build his love and trust in you.

It mustn’t be so expensive gifts; it can be flowers, fruits, drinks. If you can afford the expensive ones, that will be great, there is nothing bad in it, rather it will make him feel loved; it will make him feel special, and trust me, he will put in his best to take you there when the time comes.

He will answer the ‘’bedroom call ‘’ satisfactorily and competently.

14. Use your feet

Use your feet to make a sexual move on her penis, press his penis with it, and let him kiss the toes while you hang them on his chest after. Some men love this; it increases their sexual urges just as they will be happy that their women are taking the lead.


In Conclusion

If you want your man to be active, work towards it. Participate actively, and also let him know how you want it.

His confidence during intercourse depends largely on the extent you turn him on during foreplay. Bring out time for him and, at times, make the moves by yourself.

Research shows that relationships last longer when it is being spiced up by great sexy foreplay. It is really necessary for that ache for great sexual pleasure. Whether you a beginner or advanced, sexy foreplay is very critical to the survival of your relationship.

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