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Sharp Pain After Sexually Active?

Pain during sex is much more frequent than we think but does not mean it has to be. Lately, if you have searched, “Pain during sex,” or “Sharp pain after sexually active,” than this article is for you.  Here shows you the most common causes  of painful sex and more importantly, solutions to help.

Sharp Pain After Sexually Active?

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Have you searched, “Pain during sex,” or “Sharp pain after sexually active,” lately? For our life as a couple to be satisfied, it is essential that, if we have sexual problems, we look for the source as soon as possible in order to solve it without affecting the relationship.

The pain during sex is much more frequent than we think. Women who suffer from it feel strange and lonely and rarely comment on it, as they don’t think there might be a solution to painful sex. Many times this pain totally prevents penetration, so they give up on it, and they only take action when they want to get pregnant.

Dyspareunia (painful intercourse) is a more common problem than you think. Almost everyone has experienced it at least once in their lives; it happens when the couple begins to suffer instead of enjoying sex, so we must bear in mind that there are certain factors that cause us an uncomfortable pain during sexual intercourse.

One of the most common situations is when we are ovulating. In the middle of our cycle, the ovaries are inflamed and sensitive, so a very deep penetration could cause pain and much discomfort. Lack of lubrication and infections are also a frequent problem. But this is something just a few women experience. Here at, we show you the most common causes and solutions to painful sex.


The Products You Use are not Effective

Sometimes simple lubricants are not enough to reduce dyspareunia or the regular condom you use causes so much friction that it hurts you. The conventional products that everyone comes to when he or she present pain during sex, can become ineffective after a time of being used, even more if they don’t have any special component that enhance your pleasure, and this is when other methods must be resorted to.

Also, there are women who are sensitive to various substances like the use of spermicides. It can be a factor that promotes the presence of pain during sex. In addition, irritation from the use of these products may increase the risk of infection and microlesions in the vagina. In this case, the use of condoms is better and trying to incorporate new products.

Here we present to you the best products you can use if you have pain during sex:


Sliquid Organics Sensation

Sharp Pain After Sexually Active?


Sliquid Organics Sensation is a water-based stimulating lubricant with natural herbal components. It is designed to increase sensitivity and provide a deeply pleasurable sensation during use. This stimulating formula starts cold and warms up with friction. The sensation is intense and is ideal for those who seek extra stimulation for an already pleasurable experience. The viscosity of Sliquid Organics Sensation emulates natural lubrication.   Its aroma is very, very pleasant. It is ideal for massages.

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ID Silk Natural Feel Lubricant

Sharp Pain After Sexually Active?


ID Silk Natural Feel Lubricant is a hybrid lubricant that combines the best parts of silicone-based lubricants with its water-based formula. This union creates one of the most revolutionary lubricants offered today. It is powerfully slippery, smooth with a great consistency, not sticky and long-lasting, offering a feeling as natural as you’ve ever imagined.


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Sharp Pain After Sexually Active?Astroglide is a water-based lubricant that can be used as a remedy for vaginal dryness, another cause of pain during sex. Some people can use it simply to increase sexual pleasure, whether applied directly to the genitals or inside or outside condoms. Apply a few drops of Astroglide in your partner’s genital area. For women, this lubricant can be applied to the inside or outside of the genital surfaces.


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Lamb Condoms

Sharp Pain After Sexually Active?


Lamb condoms are a totally different type of condom as they are made from Lamb-skin membrane. Its texture makes a more sensitive sexual experience. These are also an alternative for those who are allergic to latex. An latex allergy can be a main cause of one’s dyspareunia.

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Bullet Vagina Stimulator Massager

Sharp Pain After Sexually Active?
If you are willing to use your own lubricant to improve your sex life and make pain during sex disappear, this tiny friend might help you. This vibrator is so potent and versatile that you can use it to stimulate yourself before sex so you can produce enough vaginal secretions to make sex a pleasant experience.

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The Bumpy Betty Tongue

Sharp Pain After Sexually Active?This is not an usual stimulator- covered with bumps and a rounded point that goes straight to the clitoris, this silicon “tongue” is a powerful tool to make any moment (or – previous – moment) a full sensation of pleasure. Its tightness and rubber cover make it the perfect ally for your intimacy.

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Physical Issues and Health Problems

Vulvodynia: It is a rare syndrome, but it causes chronic pain, burning and itching in the vulva region. This condition can destroy your sexual desire. It is believed to be a neurological condition.

Vaginal dryness: It is one of the most common causes why you may not be enjoying your relationships as you could. It is essential that the vagina is well lubricated before penetration. 10% of women complain of vaginal dryness at some point in their sexual life, reaching 40% at the time of menopause.

Vaginal atrophies: When the tissues of the vagina lose elasticity and lubrication, sexual intercourse becomes painful. It is common in women who have entered or are about to enter into menopause stage, since the production of estrogen is decreased and the vaginal tissue becomes thinner. In addition, there is also a loss of natural lubrication, so it is easy to imagine that you may feel discomfort.

Infections: Having an infection such as vaginitis or cystitis can be associated with stress and all these conditions effect lubrication. In postmenopause, there is more risk of suffering urinary and vaginal infections since the vaginal pH is modified becoming more basic and increases the tendency to superinfections.

Depending on your age, the solutions that we can find for these causes of pain vary during sex. If you are in your 50-70s, menopause is the most common cause for these problems- keeping in mind that dryness is normal, and choosing one of the lubricants that we have just recommended should be enough. However, if you can not alleviate your symptoms with this, your dyspareunia must be checked. We recommend you go to the doctor. Some women suffer from the rapid decrease in their hormones and they require that the doctor indicate supplementary hormones to them, which perform the secretory function in the vagina and decreases the pain.

If you’re younger and you’re presenting white-yellowish secretions or symptoms similar to vulvodynia, you must go to your obstetrician-gynecologist, who will indicate to you the necessary treatment if you suffer from infection (in which case antibiotics would be indicated) or surgery.


Sex Trauma and Issues from the Past

Sometimes, dyspareunia is caused by our own mind without consciously wanting it. Commons examples are stress, depression, and anxiety. These are common problems that can cause an involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles (vaginismus) and lack of lubrication. In addition, it makes it “scary” to have relationships, so the situation gets even worse.

This problem is more common than we think, and sometimes we identify it quickly, but sometimes we don’t. So ask yourself if there is a possibility that negative thoughts and traumas from the past may be affecting you?

If the answer is yes, when you realize this you are taking the first step. The second is to overcome it, for that, psychotherapy and couples therapy is the most recommended solution, the help of a specialist becomes essential in these cases because only professionals can give you the tools to get to the bottom of this.

You don’t have to let sex be unpleasant, as you can see, there are many causes of pain during sex or dyspareunia that you might not heard about, you don’t have to make it a myth or something you are ashamed to talk about, as you realize which one is your problem, you´ll find the perfect solution to painful sex, and then, you will improve your couple and personal life.

Products Mentioned to Help Relieve Pain During Sex


Sliquid Organics Sensation (TooTimid) –
ID Silk Natural Feel Lubricant (TooTimid) –
Astroglide – (Amazon):
Lamb Condom (TooTimid) –
Bullet Vagina Stimulator Massager- (Amazon):
The Bumpy Betty Tongue (TooTimid) –

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