Should You Use Lubricant During Sex? 12 Great Tips


Should You Use Lubricant During SexShould You Use Lubricant During Sex

Enjoying sex is everybody’s dream. Reaching the climax and staying there for a long time is the goal both you and your partner would like to achieve while banging! Wouldn’t you want your partner to look into your eye and tell you that kinds word like Yes!:Do it faster!

What if you are the type that enjoys moaning while the game lasts? Have you considered those things that will help you give it back to back to your partner. If sex is for pleasure, off course it is, then anything that will help you to achieve such pleasure is allowed. Before we talk on the reason we are here – should you use lubricant for sex? – think about your past and current sexual experiences: Do you really enjoy sex thrusting a dry vagina? Or do you really enjoy it if the penis is by far bigger than the “hole”? it could be painful right?

What do you do in this scenario if not look for lubricants? Well, it is left for you to answer. Many, especially the beginners, often found it so challenging on deciding whether to use lubricant or not. Often the questions are: Should you use lubricants or not during sex; and if I do, what types of lubricant is good for me? We are here to get your mind cleared.

No doubt, lubricants are good for sex. They make everything more interesting and enjoyable, and they can be used by anybody whether your body produces lubrication naturally or not.

Intercourse without lubrication can be so painful and, even worse, it can leave behind damage to the vaginal lining. Your body may produce fewer lubricants as a result of hormonal changes, medication, aging or menopause. This calls for the need for use of lubricants during sex. Just as there are endless variations in penis size for men, there are differences in women’s lubrication levels.

Artificial lubricants can help enhance arousal, keep your skin or penis smooth or soft, boost sexual pleasure and reduce friction during penetration either by your partner’s penis or by your favorite sex toys and dildos. But just in case you are still not convinced, we will give you more reasons why lubricants should be used during sex.


12 Reasons Why Lubricant Should Be Used During Sex

Should You Use Lubricant During Sex

1. Lube can introduce delightful new feelings during sex

Whether the action is happening through the front door, or the back door, everything is much more pleasurable with sufficient lubrication. Sex with lubes gives delightful feeling than one without lube. Even a little bit of lube can be enough to get you going. You’ll likely find that as you continue, you get more turned on, and your body handles the rest. Thrusting will be more comfortable and pleasurable.

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Should You Use Lubricant During Sex

2. Lubricants help you have safer sex

Not only does a personal lubricant intensify sensations, but it can also protect you from infection and even an unplanned pregnancy. Lube reduces friction during sex. There is no naturally produced lube in your butt, so lube makes anal play possible and more enjoyable (instead of dry and painful). Lube doesn’t just create a smoother and more comfortable sexual experience for both women and men. It also makes sex safer. The moisture reduces friction, which means that condoms are less likely to break and there is a lowered chance of painful tearing.

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Should You Use Lubricant During Sex

3. Using lubricants can turn into amazing foreplay

By now we should all know that foreplay is where it starts. The sensations of lube make sex sexier and highly arousing. Truly, women need more stimulation than men do. During the application of lubes, both mind and emotion of what is really going to happen are always turned on in both parties.

For those that always use lubricants, sighting it or playing with it can cause sexual stimulations or arousal. When you embrace the fact that lube can boost your sex life, applying it is like hanging a “we are about to have a seriously good time” sign above your bodies. Some women find putting lubrication on their partner or their partner putting it on them can enhance their sexual play.


Should You Use Lubricant During Sex

4. Lubricant will make your partner feel at ease

A woman’s comfortability is part of things to consider before going down with her. You can imagine how the whole thing can be if she is not comfortable. If she is not, you too will not be. The comfortability of a woman at all times cannot be guaranteed since their sexual system is more complicated than that of men.

For example, if a woman is under a lot of stress, her body may not always be in a ready-state when it comes to producing her natural lubricating fluids.  In fact, this fluid level can fluctuate throughout her monthly cycle. Medications, including “the pill”, can also cause dryness. It is not her fault! It often happened. So don’t feel disappointed! Sex lubricants can be a remedy in a situation like this. Using lubes can make her feel at ease while you handle her the way you want.


Should You Use Lubricant During Sex

5.  Lubricant is necessary for anal sex

The secret for enjoying anal sex is using lube for the act. It can make anal sex more pleasurable than painful. In case you’re considering trying anal sex or already have but want to give it another go, lube is an invaluable part of making it successful instead of scary. The anus does not self-lubricate the way the vagina does. For any anal play or anal sex, lubrication is recommended for pleasure and safety. The more lube you have at your finger tips, the better.


Should You Use Lubricant During Sex

6. Lube makes it easier for women to reach climax 

Of what essence is the whole game if the climax is not reached? Reaching the climax remains the target of you and your partner. Lubricants make achieving this target easier. And this is something we should be interested in. Men, you need to make her be as comfortable as possible. When you achieve that, she’s going to have a better time. Lube simply makes sex more pleasurable, and you shouldn’t need a better reason than that!


Should You Use Lubricant During Sex

7. Lube aids masturbation 

No need to only use it with another person! Lube can be great for solo sex. “You may crave variation during masturbation, particularly if it’s your only sexual outlet,” says Locker. Some women try warming or tingling lubricant or even use it with sex toys for masturbatory variety.


Should You Use Lubricant During Sex

8. Lube helps you keep going longer 

Without lubricant, you may experience chafing or dryness, especially if it’s for a longer, more passionate session. It’s important to be as comfortable in sex as possible, especially for the inexperienced or those who will be trying it for the first time.  Lube can help you keep the action going from start to finish no matter the time.


Should You Use Lubricant During Sex

9. Lube can help prevent infections 

Surprise? That is the good news about lube! With lubes, the temperature generated during sex is always low. Warm temperature promotes bacterial growth, so do yourselves both a favor and refrain from letting things get too heated for extended periods of time.


Should You Use Lubricant During Sex

10. Lube can free up your mind to focus on the sex at hand

Worrying about your vagina being too dry to have good sex is pretty much guaranteed to backfire. “Using a store-bought lubricant can help relieve anxiety you have about that,” says Locker. “With the added lubricant, you can enjoy the pleasure of penetration, and your mind will be at ease, too.” Plus”, she adds, “your partner will be less nervous about hurting you, which is always good”.


Should You Use Lubricant During Sex

11. Use if for hand jobs and fingering 

I don’t think there is anything worse than a clammy finger exploring underneath your underwear when you’re not wet. You need to make things easier for both the fingerer and the fingeree by applying some lube to both the receiver’s vulva and clitoris and the giver’s fingertips for maximum sensation sans uncomfy friction.

For hand jobs, often, If you do complain about a hand blow job, it is because you are not using lube. How do you feel touching that clitoris or tips of the penis with either rough hand or sex toy? You do produce painful sound right? It is not so when you apply lube. The sensation you get with lube will definitely make you go for more. When it comes to hand jobs, the wetter the better!


Should You Use Lubricant During Sex

12. Lube reduces the risk of condom breakage

Lubes increases the smoothness of condom during sex. If you wish to stop fearing about condom breakage while you engage in a sex marathon with your partner(s), lube remains the solution. Just apply it proportionately and embark on the journey till you reach the top satisfied.

Lubes reduce friction and controlled motion that will prevent any worrying breakages whether you’re with a long term partner or with someone new.


To Sum It Up

By now it is hopefully clear how lubes are very essential in our sexual activities for obtaining maximum pleasure. It helps a lot in fulfilling the purpose of sex – pleasure! The question shouldn’t be if you can use lubes during sex rather you should be much more concerned about the best lube you should use. To make your enjoyment great, lubes must always be involved. Just stick with lubes and stay sexually enhanced.

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