What Are 10 Of The Best Lubes To Use During Menopause?


What Are The Best Lube To Use During Menopause?

Sex during menopause is assumed to not be as pleasurable as that of young age. As one approaches middle age, the urges to have sex begin to diminish and sex may not feel as good as it once did. For many menopausal women, sexual intimacy and intercourse will become uncomfortable and even painful. At this age, there is always a lot of sexual changes and feeling.

The vagina tissue will become thin and everywhere will be almost dry. Natural lubrication of the vagina occurs much less, and as you can imagine, having someone trying to have sex with you can indeed be painful. No doubt about that. That is why at this point, casual sex and banging especially when one is not prepared really reduces.

The fact remains that the older you grow, the drier it becomes down there. It can become more of a challenge and less of an interest to reach the G-spot either by penis or dildos, or to be creative in bed. Many challenges and symptoms are very common when it comes to the menopausal stage. There are a whole lot of unpleasant, annoying, and embarrassing experiences that can make you think that sex is no more for you. One of the most common sexual side effects for women undergoing this stage is menopausal dryness or inflammation. The side effects alone can make one think that her sex life has come to an end.

Many women who are on their way to menopause or who are at the menopause stage have been contemplating the possible ways they can make their sexual feeling and comfortability more lively. Some are even wondering if sex can be possible at this point. If you are in this category, worry less. You are not alone. I will soon tell you what you can do to boost your sexual pleasure and make everything wet if even at your seasoned status.

I have answers to questions like can women have sex at menopause? Is sex at menopause still enjoyable? What can one do to be sexually active at menopause? And so on. If you have been thinking about these and even more, then you are lucky to come across this post! Before giving you the answers to the above questions, wait let me ask you this too: is a woman no longer a woman at menopause? She is still a woman, right? Ok, why shouldn’t she enjoy her life at menopause when there is a solution for that? Before you think of the answers you can give, let me break the news for you!


Can A Woman Still Have Sex At Menopause?

If you have been wondering about one having pleasurable sex and how you could continue your game with your partner without fear of difficulty, you worry no more! Sex at menopause is possible! Lubricant can do the magic. Interesting right? The gist is that by using just a small amount of lubricant for menopausal dryness, you can put yourself at ease and boost your confidence in the bedroom, allowing yourself to begin enjoying sex again.


Why Is Lubricant Essential For Menopausal Women?

Lubricant is essential to restoring the feeling of intimacy, and enhancing the pleasure you can feel when having sex, using a toy, or self pleasuring. This will make both of you be comfortable any time you want to get it done. And I am sure comfortability is vital to any sexual relationship. Don’t forget the rule, the wetter the place Is, the sweeter it becomes, and longer it lasts.

Lube can restore your peace of mind when it comes to hot sex but another problem is: do you know the right lubes to use at menopause. Can you easily get one from the market for yourself without being directed? Lubes generally are made for sex but there are ones specially made for some specific sexual purpose like sex during menopause. Here, you will be guided on your choice of lubes that will work for you depending on your menopausal experience or disposition. You will be left with a variety of options to choose from. All you need to do is to get yourself ready while we reveal the whole secret!


What Are The Best Lubricant For Sex At Menopause?

You can imagine thinking about sex at menopause and also thinking about how you can wade through a host of products to find the best one. Really it isn’t that easy. We have made an attempt to gather the list from which you can choose.


What Are The Best Lube To Use During Menopause?1. Astroglide – Best Water Based Vaginal Moisturizer: This is a natural vagina moisturizer that can get you relief from vaginal itchiness and dryness by providing you with the ultimate comfort and a natural feel which is needed for comfortable lovemaking. This product is among the examples of water-bases lubrications for women.

Another benefit to this water-based gel is the fact that it’s free of parabens, hormones, and fragrance. This type of lubricant is for those who think that menopause has ruined there life. As a water-based type, it is friendly to skin and it doesn’t have any side effects with the vaginal lining. You can grab yourself one if you really don’t need a product that will stain your sheet after sexual intercourse. Click here to get more pleasure with Astroglide!

What Are The Best Lube To Use During Menopause?

2. Almost Naked Organic Lubricant – Best Natural Lubricant for Women: Almost Naked for Women cures vaginal dryness and atrophic vaginitis in a natural way. It is a non-irritating menopause cream that contains no parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, or animal by-products. Get the product, rub small quantity down there on your vulva and then see the magic. It will not only allow you to enjoy sex but it will also make you shout for more!

Generally, if you are really dry there, always try this. It is 60 milligrams progesterone and 2-milligram estrogen and, the best of it, a natural product. It helps to provide natural hormones in your private part to make sex easy for you because as women grow older, they dry out from inside out and things can be very difficult any time you want to play.


What Are The Best Lube To Use During Menopause?3.KY Jelly-Best Female Dryness Cure: This product despite having a natural feeling works instantly. The cream contains ingredients that make intimacy very enjoyable and prevent yeast infections. The major advantage of this type is that it can last for days. Very amazing! Banging will be continuous if you wish. When you apply this lube, you don’t need to interrupt the sex to apply it again.

So if you are looking for a lube that will get you sparked sexually, this the right choice for you. The interesting thing about this lube is that, apart from lasting for hours, it stops irritation and burning while adding silky moisture to your vagina. It contains no hormones, alcohol, and glycerin. This simply means that it doesn’t cause yeast infections or vaginal burn. Your K-Y is one click away!


What Are The Best Lube To Use During Menopause?4. All-Natural Vulva Skin CreamBest Intimate Care Cream: Intimacy is the key to sexual readiness! No doubt about that. It is what leads partners in the journey to orgasm. Physical intimacy is the conner stone of any healthy relationship. Vulva Care cream lube got that covered! It is an all-natural vulva skin cream that soothes, moisturizes, protects and calms even the most sensitive skin.

It is an answer to all the symptoms with a lack of adequate lubrication during menopause. It offers immediate relief from dryness, itching, redness, burning, and general discomfort caused by chemical irritants, intimate activity, hormone changes, pregnancy, and menopause. This lube, however, needs to be used with cautions as it tends to stain. If you’re looking for all-natural vulva skin cream, this is for you!


What Are The Best Lube To Use During Menopause?

5. Julva Vaginal Cream Moisturizer-Best Soothing Personal Moisturizer: Do you want to soothe, repair and even tight your vagina? Julva’s Best Soothing Personal Moisturizer product remains one of the best. If you want something to boost your urges stop searching further! You have seen a product that covers you. This hormone and toxin-free cream improves vaginal integrity, reduces pain during intercourse and make that aged lady’s part look like that of a young teen. ulva’s Best Soothing Personal Moisturizer are a cure to anybody, young and old that feel much pain during sexual intercourse.


What Are The Best Lube To Use During Menopause?

6. Isabel FayBest Lubricant For Sensitive Skin: This lube is slick but thin enough that it doesn’t feel like someone is icing a cupcake. It is also long-lasting. If you are looking for a water-based sexual lubricant for sensitive skin, try natural personal lubricant from Isabel Fay. They are free of parabens and glycerin, it’s safe for use with condoms. This lube being a water- based, doesn’t stain sheets nor does it cause irritations and yeast infections upon being very easy to use.


7.What Are The Best Lube To Use During Menopause? Sliquid Organics- Best Long Lasting Lubricant For Women: This is made with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, organic ingredients that work to reduce irritation, itchiness, redness, and burning. It is a water-based lube that boosts your sexual sensitivity and is safe to use inside your vagina. It contains no fillers and it is very concentrated which simply means that a small amount can go a long way.

As you age, if you don’t want to retire sexually, your vagina needs to be rehydrated and rejuvenated. This gel can help do just that. This is highly recommended if you are the type that has a lot of activity in the bedroom. It doesn’t only take care of yeast infections, it also treats the dryness and agitation in that area. Get slippery with Sliquid Gel here!


What Are The Best Lube To Use During Menopause?

8. Organic Glide All Natural Personal Lubricant: The product is made with only organic ingredients which are blended perfectly to provide great satisfaction and comfort of every woman especially those at menopause. The content is proven to be great for the immune system and they help to fight off the allergies.

The lube being considered as one of the best lubricants for vaginal dryness is pretty safe and healthy to use. It is super smooth just as it lasts longer. This simply means that it doesn’t need constant reapplying. The most interesting thing is that it doesn’t leave a stain on the sheets or clothes and it provides that natural feeling during sex.


What Are The Best Lube To Use During Menopause?9. Aloe Cadabra Personal Lubricant for Dryness Relief: This lube, really is one the most comfortable and, maybe, the best lubricant for vaginal dryness. It is a great vaginal moisturizer that makes perfect sensually experience when it comes to sex for both women and men. It’s pretty nice smell can make you embark on a journey without return in the bedroom.

This lube is greatly recommended for those who are more experienced in the bedroom because it is very friendly to condoms. When it comes to anything that has to do with vaginal sex, you can use it. It is 100% vegan considering its pH balances. The only problem with this little is that it is not slippery enough, so if you use it for sex, you need to reapply often. Try it out for yourself here!


What Are The Best Lube To Use During Menopause?10. Vmagic Organic Vulva Balm: This is actually a cream with multiple purposes and is used much more for a sexual purpose. This product is capable of replacing intimate skin creams, moisturizers, and some other lubricants because it has the advantage of nourishing and protecting your sensitive part with great care.

The main benefit of this cream is its ability to give you immediate relief from dryness, redness, and itching. Since it’s formula is based only on healthy and natural ingredients, it is capable of providing such great care and comfort. Being recommended by a gynecologist and doctors, it is noted as safe for any type of skin even the most sensitive one like a vagina. Its pH is compatible with the delicate tissue of the vagina and it is great for getting ride vaginal itches and redness. Vmagic Organic Vulva Balm formula is based only on healthy and natural ingredients, therefore it is capable of providing such great care and comfort. This product is readily available on Amazon.

The above lubes are among some of the best lubricant you can consider when having sex in while in menopause. Each of them has its own special advantage over another. The wonderful news here is that even at in menopause, you can still enjoy sex the way you like. Some lubes mentioned here can lead you to a journey of no return on your bedroom. What you have to do is to make choices base on your body factors or base on the kind of sexual pleasure you would like to achieve. It is good to know the factors you should consider before going for any lubes for you to make your choice appropriately.


What Are The Things To Consider While Choosing Lube At Menopause?

What Are The Best Lube To Use During Menopause?

Rushing to any lube without considering yourself is like eating anything that comes your way. Definitely, you will have a lot of problems doing that. Here are the possible factors you need to consider before going for a lube.

1. Your Taste: Among the best lubricants mention above, not all will suit your taste for the type of sexual satisfaction you want to achieve. You know what you want: whether you like doing it with condoms or not; whether you like interruption during sex or not etc. When you know your type, it will help you to determine or choose the lube that can give you that.

2. Are you allergic to it? This is also what you should consider when choosing lubricants. You need to check those contents or lube formulas your body, especially the vagina, is allergic to. People have different body systems so is possible that what works for A cannot be what works for B.

3. How long you last in bed: This is an important factor too! If you are the type that likes to embark on a journey without wanting to return, then no need going for that will not last long when applied. You have to go for the one that will endure the duration with you. So how long you last doing it also contribute a lot.

4. Do you like using condoms or not: This is what you need to consider too. Some lube is not condom friendly. Some cause condom breakage when going become though.


Sex At Menopause And What You Should Know 

What Are The Best Lube To Use During Menopause?

There are several myths and stories of what sex will be like at menopause. It is a feeling anyone who is clocking menopause age will like to know about. Many have pondered on which myth and story are true and best. Here are a few things you need to know about sex as you reach your middle age.

1. Your Vagina is Not Going To Shrivel: It is true that the vagina undergoes some changes during menopause due to some loss or inadequate estrogen which responsible for vaginal lubrication but much of these changes are not that noticeable as some think. There is no such a “shriveling”, of the vagina. It may begin to thin out or sag though. So no need to be afraid of that. Just get ready to get the best lube for yourself and these little changes will give way for your sexual play.

2. Your Sex Can Go Down Or Even Up: Menopause for different people come with different styles. While some people’s sexual drive can decrease some can increase. It depends on what nature brings for you.

3. More Struggle To Achieve Orgasm: The truth is that as menopause sets in, you will be struggling harder to reach orgasm. Yes! But this should not let you down, or do you still want to compete with the memory of your younger self like when you are in the 20s or so? You are aging so you have to accept whatever that may come out of it.

4. Your Vaginal Wall Will Become Thinner: Obviously, declining in estrogen levels can lead to thinning of the vaginal wall and, this with a combination of vaginal dryness can contribute to making sex more painful. It is good you know about this so you can get your self prepared for it.

5. Sexually Transmitted Diseases Is Still Possible: Many menopausal women thought that sexually transmitted diseases are no longer possible at menopause. This is not true. You should take good care of sexual life even at menopause, there is every possibility that you can still contract sexually transmitted disease at menopause.

6. Your Sexual Intimacy or Urges Can Still Increase: It is all about engaging yourself in what will arouse you sexually like foreplay, morning kisses, gentle pats on the butt, hand-holding and whispering sweet songs with your partner(s). These in no small way arouse your sexual desire and feeling thereby increasing your intimacy. So both partners taking time to take each other there is all that matters.

Sex at menopause is possible. Just make up your mind on how you can enjoy your menopause life using available options that await you.

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