Things To Consider When Planning A Wedding? 15 Solid Advice Points


What do you need to think about when planning a wedding?

Planning a wedding sometimes might be overwhelming because a lot of things run through the mind; but the bottom line is always wanting to make a success of it against all odds. Even with hiring professional help it will still need you to think through what you really need to see happen at our wedding. This is why it is pertinent to have some plans in place, think about them thoroughly before drawing out the plans of what we will be expecting to be or happen before, during and maybe after our wedding.

The truth remains that we always want to make a success of your wedding because this happens once in your lifetime and nobody will want to ruin the chances of having their dream wedding. So the only way to achieve this is set out time to think clearly what you will need to be done to your taste and delight.

Well, you might be a total novice to this, which is understandable since having a wedding often comes once as stated but now you will be given the bit and pieces of what you need to think about when planning a wedding here. It will do you a world of the good following this systemically!


15 Bullet-Proof Things We Need To Think About When Planning A Wedding

Now, knowing the reasons why you should think about this in the first place as stated above will lead you to question the things or factors you will need to consider or think about as you are planning for a wedding. Well, below are 15 bullet-proof lists of things to think about. They are all tested and trusted things you should dwell on and be sure about when planning a wedding.


1. Fixing a date

When setting a date for a wedding you should give it a thought on how it will suit your friends, family, and guests especially if you want many of them to be around. Think about if you would want a winter or summer wedding.

Remember that fixing a wedding during holidays and other engagements might be a struggle and if you are on a low budget having a wedding in some periods might be expensive while it might be cheaper and even open doors of opportunities in other periods. So you need to think through all these to come up with a perfect time before fixing a date which will be the essence of giving it a thought.


2. Drawing a budget

What do you need to think about when planning a wedding?

This is like the most important thing you need to think about when planning a wedding. It will be foolish to plan a wedding that is either above or below your budget, but how will you know if you don’t draw up your budget already.  So to get things right, plan a budget and see how you can stick to it. With this other things will fall into place. 


3. The guest list

This is a great factor to consider and think about when planning a wedding. Remember your guests will be crucial part of your wedding and will help make it a success, so you need to get your guest list right. You can be selective with it to cut down on cost if need be. With this you will be able to cater for them adequately from getting a perfect venue to getting rich refreshments for them. This needs to be given thought for a successful wedding.


4. Exploring the local area

What do you need to think about when planning a wedding?

You need to give this a thought when planning for a wedding. The need for this stems from the fact that you would want your wedding date coinciding with a huge local event in your locality that might ruin your wedding plans. This will help you avoid traffic issues for your guest, you will avoid low turnout for your wedding and also there will prevention of limited hotel accommodation for your guest because of an event already going on in the locality. You need to think about this.


5. Think about using an existing connection

You will want to reduce stress for yourself as much as you can during your wedding. When you are in the planning stage think more of using an existing connections that’s a vendor or vendors are suggested to you that were good during another wedding event. Doing this will give you the option of using experienced hands that you are sure will deliver. You can still access their jobs on other weddings before yours to ascertain each will be best fir for yours. The best thing is giving this a thought as well when planning a wedding.


6. Having a meal plan

Having a meal plan is another area of the wedding plan that you need to think through as you are a planning a wedding. Remember hungry guests can never be happy guests. To give your guests something to talk about your wedding for a long time is giving some sumptuous meals. So you need to think about what everyone will love to eat and the type of food you will want for them. So think about the catering service that might be the best fit for this and go for it.


7. The kind of guests

What do you need to think about when planning a wedding?

Give thought to the kind of guests you will need for the wedding. Do you need only adults and no children or you can cater for both and need them all. You have to consider all the issues connected with having children around and come up with what will really be the best for you. So if you wouldn’t be ready for children issues then you avoid inviting families that can’t make it without their kids. Remember it’s your day so you should dictate the tune.


8. Think time

Time is never human-friendly and wait for no one or thing so when planning a wedding think about the time you have to put all things in place and make a success of your wedding. If you think time will be up against you then going for more hands to help will be your sure bet. But if you want to prevent any form or kind of rush then give timing a thought and apportion ample time to achieve a certain or specific thing at a time.


9. Shopping for your dress

If you are thinking about getting a wedding dress that will come with the wow factor then you need to give it a thought of either picking it alone or going with a friend or two for the dress shopping. If you know you might not make a good choice then going with a knowledgeable friend wouldn’t be a bad idea but you just have to think it through and be sure of what you really want before opting for any of the decisions.


10. Emergency or alternative contact

This is a thing you need to have a thought for because humans can be very disappointing when you least expected. You need to think about having a long list of contacts for alternative vendors or other ideas that might really be important for the success of your wedding. This list can be left with your trusted friends of family so that an alternate person can be contacting immediately if one already booked can show up with or without any concrete excuse on the delay or cancellation. Getting another on a stand-by will be the way for any emergency. So you need to think about this.


11. Division of responsibility

What do you need to think about when planning a wedding?

Division of roles always brings efficiency and effectiveness. It wouldn’t be to your best interest to be a jack of all trades in your wedding or during the planning. There will always be areas your friends and family might just fit in, maybe they must have gone through the process already and they have got firsthand experience on a specific area and you might just be a new to such areas.

It will be perfect for you to think about bringing them on board to help in those areas. You can just tell them what you want done then leave the how to them to figure it out and give you just what you want. So you may need to think about this as you are preparing your wedding.


12. The right shots

Nothing beats getting right the photography work where your memories are captured that would last you for a lifetime. Remember, that this will be your once in a lifetime event and you won’t want a photographer or photo vendor ruining that one thing that will continue to keep your memorable day alive even in years to come. So you need to think about the kind of shots you need and even the best hands that can give you a Midas touch experience that will be worth your day. Planning a wedding will need you to think about hiring an excellent photographer to give you perfect shots.


13. Having a plan B

I know we can never wish ourselves bad on our wedding day but even the world itself is a mystery and a lot of things happen mysteriously. Things tend to go wrong naturally and sometimes beyond our control, so we must always have a plan B in place in case things don’t go as anticipated. So it is necessary to think about eventualities as a wedding plan is ongoing. Thinking about this will help prepare one mind to respond instead to react when the unthinkable happens. So think about plan B when planning a wedding.


14. Early planning

Early planning is one of the things you need to think about when planning a wedding. Starting preparation early enough will give room for getting things rights before the big day. You will be able to right all wrongs as the days progress. It can be daunting to realize late that a certain thing will have been done better if it will earlier be done and the mistakes about it detected earlier. But when it becomes late there seems to be no time to put it right and it might be left that way. So there’s a need to think about starting the planning early enough.


15.The venue of the wedding

What do you need to think about when planning a wedding?

This is an important thing you need to think about when planning a wedding. The wedding venue should come top of your mind because you will need a comfortable place for your guests, family, and friends to come to celebrate with you.

So when choosing a venue you will need to take into consideration the numbers of guests, the cost of the venue at least it should be within your budget, the distance for your guests, will it accommodate your guests and if it has some accommodation for your guests for those that might not want to leave immediately. So the venue is a huge factor for any wedding planning so it must be given a thought.


5 Top Reasons You Need To Think About Some Factors When Planning A Wedding

What do you need to think about when planning a wedding?

You might be wondering why you need to even think about anything when you are planning a wedding. You could just want to take yourself through the whole process without giving a thought to anything. Well check out the below reasons and see why you will need to first take out time to think about what you will need  go into your wedding planning and why?


The need to be proactive

Weddings come with their unique challenges and you wouldn’t want to be taken unaware like you just wake up to your wedding. Thinking things through ahead of time will boost your morale in responding to challenges with vigor than seeing it as stress. The truth is when you are proactive you will respond positively to all negative situations rearing its ugly head during your wedding than reacting to them. This will save you from looking like a stressed bride or groom on your big day.


The need to boost performance

Thinking things out before the actual day will ultimately increase the level of high performance, nobody will ever want his or her wedding to be a flop. Simple natural law holds that thorough preparation precedes tremendous performances.

So if you will want your wedding to be a great success then thinking about what you need should be paramount to boost high-performance success. Always remember that your level of preparation (which is thinking about what you need) equals the level of performance too.


Forestalling risks and assessing opportunities

What do you need to think about when planning a wedding?

It is one great reason why you need to think about some things when planning a wedding. Some calculated risks are worth taking to help achieve our dream wedding but the best bet will be first identifying associated risks with our plans, weigh them and maybe classified them. You can still go ahead to prioritize them and then create a response plan.

By doing all of these you will be able to prevent some risks that aren’t necessary and shouldn’t be considered at all while going for only the ones with promising opportunities. I have seen couples wed in the plane and maybe that’s just what the bride wanted, there are risks involved here which will need one planning thoroughly for this kind of a wedding to be sure they can respond effectively to the associated risks or forestall the risks to have a successful wedding.


To have a rewarding wedding

Thinking things through or having time to think about what we need as a wedding is planned is all about having a success story after all. The truth is even for a badly done wedding, the couple had still envisaged a 100% successful wedding.

Nobody has ever wanted a flopped wedding event. Rewards or success don’t come on a platter of gold, you need to work to earn it. So anyone needing a rewarding wedding at the end of the day must put the needed things in place for success.


To be on the right track

What do you need to think about when planning a wedding?

Thinking about what needs to be done as a wedding plan is ongoing will enable one to be on the right track to achieve success. This will be like having a wedding map and following it strictly and by so doing losing the way or not getting to the destination will be avoided. We all want our wedding to be done in a specific way and we can envision its success already if you follow our game plan.

So a great reason why you need to think things out is so that it can be imprinted on our minds and maybe on a writer’s notebook and will follow it religiously to be on track still we have everything done just the way we had anticipated.


Benefits Of Knowing What To Think About Before Planning A Wedding

You have been educated when what you should have a thought for or need to think about when planning a wedding. Now after giving each of the listed points a thought and making it happen, how would all these benefits you and your wedding either in short or long terms. The below benefits are what you would derive from sparing your thoughts for the above factors


Getting things right before the wedding day

This is the first benefit you will derive from giving thoughts to the thing you will need to be done when planning a wedding. Knowing what you should think about will help you x-ray your needs and you will start fixing whatever it is on time. No one will like to be too busy or outrightly stressed out on their wedding day. This can only be avoided if everything was sorted out days or some period aback before the actual wedding day.


Staying on a budget is possible

What do you need to think about when planning a wedding?

Knowing everything your wedding will need will enable you to make an estimate of things and maybe compare the prices with different vendors then draw out a plan that will accommodate your budget. With this budget, everything that would be done will according to the budget so that all estimates will be met. So yes, knowing what to think about when planning a wedding will eliminate impulsive buying or spending which might lead to a bloated cost for a wedding.


Capturing all areas of a wedding

As you start listing what you need to know about when planning a wedding and listing them out as done above, the good thing is that you will be capturing all that it entails to plan for an elaborate wedding even on a small budget. Sometimes, having the best of a wedding isn’t about the money spent but how well it was organized.

Spending a little but having a well-planned wedding will be more impactful than spending millions on a disorganized wedding. So how can one enjoy capturing all areas of a wedding it still boils down to giving a thought to each of the factors listed above.


Arresting all the flops of the day

Knowing what you are up for and having on ground how there can be arrested is the best way to enjoy a wedding day. An element of failure can’t be over-emphasized when it comes to human’s planning to be it by a wedding planner or not, so listing out what you need to think about when planning your wedding is one but having a plan B on ground in case plan A doesn’t go as planned is another thing. So with knowing that you need a plan B and not only giving it thought by going as far as having them in place will help you have a successful wedding against all odds.


Saving cost for event planners

Some vendors can cater to different areas of the wedding, but you will be also saving cost if you can figure things yourself and do them than hiring a planner especially if you can’t afford them. So instead of breaking the bank just to hire a vendor, know what you need to think for your wedding and do them yourself to save cost.


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