Top 10 Accessories For More Comfortable Sex


Sex needs to be enjoyed in a comfortable manner and as such accessories that can act as positioning devices to boost positioning and comfortability should be used.

So if you have been looking out for more versatile positioning accessories then you need to check out these top accessories below, there will help you achieve sex positions that would have been difficult to achieve or maintain comfortably.

Comfortable Sex 1: Liberator Sex Position Wedge

This is a top accessory for comfortable sex and can be bought from

This wedge provides a whopping 27- degree angle of elevation which enables partners be in a comfortable position for better contact to the lady’s clitoris and a deeper penetration for the man. All together you and your partner will be having a liberating time having a wider range of motion.

The Liberator Sex Position Wedge has great features like having champagne foam on it which supports partner’s bodies for greater positions.

It has a washable cover which makes the accessory softer with each wash and its elevation angle is superb – making the couple’s bond perfect since they will be getting close body contact.

So if you are looking for a boost in your bedroom to improve comfortable sex then get this allergens latex free accessory. This will be a great accessory for partners that are oral enthusiasts and if they also enjoy perfect rogering.

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Top 10 Accessories for more comfortable sex


Comfortable Sex 2: Liberator Heart-Shaped Sex Position Wedge

Click here for this cute and comfy sex wedge. 

Another top accessory to give you the comfortable sex you desire, it will help put you and your partner in a position that will make your hearts beat as one. This heart shaped sex position wedge that is also velvety soft will enable partners to easily reach each other’s erogenous zones with ease.

With the Liberator Heart-Shaped Sex Position Wedge you are sure of getting into the perfect position for deeper penetration.

Using this accessory will eliminate any discomfort experienced during love making and ease out all strains. The lovable thing about this position wedge is that it was designed in the form of a cute heart shape which makes it perfectly blend with your other bedroom furnishings.

This helps to enable you to leave this sex accessory on your bed, rather than hiding it under your bed or somewhere else.

Keeping this accessory clean is very simple and straight forward. You just need to unzip the cover and place it in your washing machine after each sex session and you have your pleasure wedge looking all lovely and neat for the next play day.

The Liberator Heart-Shaped Sex Position Wedge has excellent features. It is made from 100% polyester lining and comes with a removable cover which makes it very simple to care for and it can easily be protected from any liquids getting to the core.

It is a velvety soft wedge which perfectly enables confident and comfortable positioning and it has a discreet heart shape with great dimensions can be used as a nice bedroom decoration as well.

So if you are really to go kinky in the bedroom with your partner and only think of comfortable sex then get this quality and luxury accessory. It is beautifully soft to the touch but really firm enough to assist you to achieve your ultimate sex goals.

This will be great for partners that want to get turned on by having a better view of one another.


Top 10 Accessories for more comfortable sex


Comfortable Sex 3: Dominix Deluxe Large Inflatable Wedge, Handcuff and Blindfold Set

You can’t go wrong with Dominix Deluxe Large Inflatable Wedge when thinking of accessories for comfortable sex because this is the kinkiest of them all. This accessory is sure of ramping things up in the bedroom.

Dominix Deluxe Large Inflatable Wedge can boost a range of flirting positions and aid you to maintain challenging positions comfortably for a longer time.

If you need to go naughty with your partner, this accessory set has got it all to give you a night of bondage fun. All you need do is pump the wedge, attach the cuffs to it using the quick release clips, then pop on your blindfold, Boom! You are already on your way to having a restraint play.

The key features of this accessory are really thrilling. This accessory has detachable cuffs that is suitable for ankles and wrists which enable flirtation with restraint play, it helps in raising the woman pelvis which will give the man better and deeper penetration during oral sex.

It enhances sensory deprivation exploration with its velvet-lined blindfold; it aids great elevated play with its attachable handcuffs and blindfold and it really gives comfortability for cozy bondage session.

Getting this soft feel and easily adaptable comfortable sex accessory is your best bet. It easy to use, just pump it and leave it under your hips to achieve targeted stimulation during sex.

This will be a perfect gift for partners that needs better access of one another during oral sex and to gain deeper penetration.

Sounds like a must have. Get yours!

Top 10 Accessories for more comfortable sex


Comfortable Sex 4: Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo

If you are looking for that accessory that will keep you bonded with your partner as well as put you in a perfect and comfortable position for sex then think Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo because this innovative sex accessory will provide you with all of that.

It will definitely revolutionize things in the bedroom as well as enable you to enjoy better, deeper and longer sex.

To have a better sex session and also being in a comfortable position with ease it is pertinent to get sex accessories specially designed that which Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo is one of such.

The Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo is specifically designed to help lift you and your partner bodies into a prime position that will enhance optimum contact and heighten pleasure while having a sizzling sex session.

Again, this accessory will help you sustain and maintain your sex position for a long time because you will be a comfortable position already.

Of course, this will enable you have a prolonged staying power, explosive regular orgasms, no breaks but more sex and climaxes which are all you had crave for.

By getting this popular comfortable sex accessory you are sure to have a boast of an orgasm-inducing 27- degree position or angle that will make contacting the precise zone for deeper stimulation and penetration very easy.

Cleaning the Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo is very easy and hassle free, just unzip the case and dump it in the washing machine and your accessory will be ready for the next sex session.

The cover even has a moisture-resistant lining, so protecting the core from liquids or wet patches is no big deal.

The outstanding features of Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo are interesting.

It has set of 2 angled sex position pillows for better positioning, its cushions can be used either together or separately and it has non-slip microfiber cases that are removable and can be washed with the washing machine.

Lastly, it is latex free and good for partners that enjoys deeper penetrative sex.

Get yours now and thank us later. 



Top 10 Accessories for more comfortable sex


Comfortable Sex 5: Tenga Egg Textured Male Masturbator 

What else would you be looking for than this super soft sleeve covered internally with rounded texture. These eggs will help to keep you in comfortable position for a delicious stimulation and even solo stroking sessions.

With this accessory having the upwards and downward motion will provide a lovely stimulation with every thrust.

With each of these thrusts, of course, the soft detailing will massage your shaft to bring more arousal and you will be getting closer and closer to the edge of explosive ejaculation.

One great feature about this accessory is that it is packaged in a protective egg-shaped case. So you can easily carry this discreet strokers with wedges in your suitcase or knapsack for a getaway or given to lovers as a portable gift.

Other features are that it is super stretchy with tactile wedge textures that induce sensational stimulation.

It comes with a personalized lubricant which made it ready for use and when it arrives, to prevent any damage one just need to pinch the tip of this accessory before use since it is made from a delicate material.

Though Tenga Egg Textured Male Masturbator is made for a single use but can still be reused if properly cleaned and plenty lube is used with it.

This accessory that looks like a plastic egg looks cute and can as well be placed on a bedside table unlike other comfortable sex accessories.

Be rest assured that getting the Tenga Egg Textured Male Masturbator will help elevate any play session for different egg styles. If you love to go solo and you are a man that enjoy wanking then don’t hesitate to add this accessory to your bedroom, you will sure have a wonderful solo time.

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Top 10 Accessories for more comfortable sex


Comfortable Sex 6: Shade Of Pink Liberator Sex Position Wedge

This is a top sex position wedge that will give you the perfect comfortable sex you ever desired.

The loveliest thing about this particular accessory is that it adds a pop of color (shade of pink) to your play session. It is only exclusive to Lovehoney though, so you can easily order it from

Shade of Pink Liberator Sex Position Wedge provides an elevation angle up to 27- degree and boost precise clitoral contact for women, deeper penetration for the man and of course general wider range of motion.

With the use of this accessory you will be able to try out various sex positions with great magnified sensations at each position. In fact, it gives users thorough liberating times.

Shade of Pink Liberator Sex Position Wedge features are really enchanting from having high density foam for versatile intimate play, to being a great position enhancer, down to adding a splash of color to partners sex play.

The accessory is washable with the washing machine because it has unzippable washable covers that gets softer by each wash and its dimension are great. It comes in a velvet material and expand when once you unbox it.

Shade of Pink Liberator Sex Position Wedge top comfortable sex position accessory is really good in supporting men for deeper penetration position which the women love, so you will no longer need to support yourself especially the legs and arms during a sex position.

You will be in a comfortable position to maintain and sustain the thrusting tempo as you ride along. So go get this for that comfort sex position you crave for.

Great for men and women alike. Yours can be sent directly to you here.

Top 10 Accessories for more comfortable sex


Comfortable Sex 7: Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position Cushion

You can’t just believe how you can rock and roll your way to climax using this top accessory.

The fact is that this dual sided sex position accessory is particularly designed to accommodate 2 bodies while in the heat of the moment, so you are sure of you and your partner getting into the best comfortable position to have the mind-blowing sex ever.

This wedge boasts of a legendary responsive core so you are sure of getting unbeatable sensation that will last longer than you think.

The tapered shape also helps to lift you and your lover into a standard position that will enable you hit directly on the erogenous zones.

Using this accessory is simple – just lay the pillow on a flat surface and enjoy static support of oral pleasure.

But if you need something a bit different, simply flip the wedge on its curve side for some rhythmic arousal waves arousal or see-saw style sex. You can wash with a washing machine; its fabric is velvet and latex free.

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Top 10 Accessories for more comfortable sex


Comfortable Sex 8: Liberator Sex Position Enhancer

Liberator Sex Position Enhancer is one of the top accessory for comfort sex.

This accessory helps to open you and your partner to a world of positions exploration. With this wedge you are sure creating the right angles and giving the right lift to your love making session.

So if you thinking of sex styles like riding high on top, riding from behind or going for the good old missionary style, be rest assured that this accessory will give you the perfect position and angles to access with ease and comfort.

This sex accessory is very sleek and stylish which aids gives longer and more comfortable oral sex session plus deep penetration.

The soft velvety cover fabric used for this accessory offers a lush feel against the naked body while the high-density foam supports the body.

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Top 10 Accessories for more comfortable sex


Comfortable Sex 9: Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow

This is a top liberator wedge that has high density foam and responsive core too.

It easily supports 2 bodies which is great for you and your partner. It has a removable microfiber cover and water-resistant lining which will assist in making clean up and maintenance super easy.

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow will help to enhance your sex life (masturbation, allows hands free arousal and deeper penetration very easy to achieve. So you can have numerous erotic position or plays using this accessory.

Benefits of using this accessory are enormous for example: it has pre-made toy holder suitable for vibrators dildos and wands even for those without a flared base. It has a twin-pocket in pillow case that is mainly for clitoral stimulation.

The fabric used is velvet and latex free. If you need a comfortable sex accessory that the pillow is sturdy enough for sex modifications then go for Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow.


Top 10 Accessories for more comfortable sex


Comfortable Sex 10: Liberator Bonbon Toy Mount

Are you ready for a rumpy-pumpy playtime and you need a wedge that will support you and your partner then you should go for this Bonbon.

It is really supportive, soft and helps put you in perfect position for a jolly ride. This accessory comes in a vibrant shade of pink color that can liven your bedroom.

As usual this accessory is made from high density foam and has removable microfiber cover with water resistant lining.

The outstanding thing about this wedge is that it has innovative toy sots that you can easily place your vibrator or dildo while having hands free ride.

The features are awesome which include:

  • a unique color
  • it can be mounted and used for versatile intimate play
  • has a toy holder for both sex toys with or without a flared base
  • it can easily be cleaned with the washing machine and get softer after each wash
  • women can trust this wedge to curve them into a perfect position for G-spot stimulation, and
  • no worries at all of being weak at the knee as this will take away such weight or pains and it will comfortably done.

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There you have them, the top 10 accessories for more comfortable sex. There are sturdy and can help you have tantalizing sex in different positions. Most are from Liberator as they are known to be one of the best in combining comfort and sex. 

There have been made to enable sitting or riding comfortably on them. These accessories are all easy to wash and kept clean and some easily blend with your other furnishing and can pass for nice furnishing items or fixtures.

So stop dulling your sex life and go get one or two of these comfortable sex accessories to give you all the elevated angles and positions you have ever imagined.

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