Hottest 10 Unique Foreplay Positions For Couples


Hottest 10 Unique Foreplay Positions For Couples

The beauty of the foreplay position is in its versatility. One can tweak it more to whatever might look or sound more awesome to them. We will be outlining ten tantalizing and sizzling foreplay positions that you can use to overwhelm your partner with intense pleasure while having it slow and subtle to have a more extended sex session together.

Remember, it is not always about having foreplay session but having one that is adventurous, steamy, and organically thrilling. So to get that leg shaking pleasure that will lead you and your partner on to the main dish (intercourse) you should try and use these following foreplay position tips.


Low Doggy Foreplay Position

This is one foreplay position that will set the body ablaze with frenzy excitement because this position will give ample opportunity to partners hitting on the G-spot during foreplay. This position allows couples to explore their body to stupor.

Low doggy foreplay position begins with the woman lying face down on the bed or couch even on a comfy surface; she then bends her knees to let her feet hang in the air. To make things a lot cozier, she can slide a pillow under her pelvis. The man will be on top of her, knees to knees, and head to head in a streamlined manner. The man can start masturbating or stimulating the woman with his fingers or sex toys and intermittently fondle with the woman breast and clit to elicit uncontrollable pleasure that will keep the sex session progressing in a very wild way.


The Electric Slide

The electric slide is an erotic foreplay position that offers the exciting and tingling sensation that might result in multiple orgasms to couples during foreplay. Some erogenous parts of the body are hardly touched, but when there are, it leaves one moaning and asking for more. The electric slide is about the woman leaning on her side with one leg bent up while stretching the other out.

The man now lies on the woman’s stretched out a leg but facing away from her. This position will leave the man’s backside exposed, and the woman can tease, caress, and even go the route of anal stimulation on the man. The man can give the woman from this position sensuous charm of relaxing rubdown, especially if the man likes foot fetishes, the woman can get in the mood by the man caressing and massaging her feet and legs in a sensual way.


Hottest 10 Unique Foreplay Positions For Couples

The Pole Side Foreplay Position

This is a sizzling foreplay position that is easy to perform but offers a remarkable result of electrifying pleasure to both partners. If a man wants to give an element of surprise to his woman during foreplay, then this position will be the best. With this foreplay position, the woman lies on her stomach while the man approaches the woman from between her legs. Maybe a pillow can come in handy here and left under the woman’s tummy, to give the man quick and easy access to her genitals. The man can now use his fingers, tongue, lips, or hands to work wonders on the clit, vagina, and butt of the woman.

One outstanding thing about this position is the element of mystery and surprise, the woman can’t see the man, and she can’t know what the man is up to until it is done, so this will lead to intense and overwhelming pleasure as the man moves from one action to the other. So the woman will be enjoying it as the man is enjoying her too.


Hunger Foreplay Position

If you are looking to make your partner and your self have a steamy foreplay session for optimal sexual pleasure and onward sexual orgasm, then going with the hunger foreplay position will be ideal for you. This is a foreplay position that the partners can enjoy high stimulation on the genitals and a great way of making your fantasized dreams of having a hot foreplay session a reality.

This foreplay starts with the man sitting on the edge of the bed, with bent knees and the toes grazing the floor. The woman then kneels before the man, facing him and can now begin to stimulate the man to stupor using both her hands and tongue. At this point, a vibrator or dildo can be thrown into the mix. The man can use any of it to stimulate the woman from behind to make both engulf in overwhelming pleasure.

Since this is a foreplay position started on the bed, it will be effortless to transit to classic penetrative sex, but the whole idea of having a wild and hot foreplay session would have been achieved before then.

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Tamar Foreplay Position

Are you ready to experiment with a comfortable foreplay position that will make you and your partner never to keep your hands off one another? Then go with the Tamar foreplay position. Tamar foreplay position gives couples heavenly sensations that will see both of them moaning and screaming in excitement.

This foreplay position will be perfect for lazy mornings or sleepy evenings. This position would have both partners lying on their side but lying perpendicular to one another; this is each having access to the other genitals. They can start fingering, licking, teasing, caressing, stimulating or even using sex toys to arouse one another.

This might seem like a straightforward position, but the result is mind-blowing because this foreplay position allows the partners to hit directly on each other erotic spots, especially the woman’s G-spot, and we can’t imagine the overwhelming feeling that will emanate from this mainly for the woman. The sucking of the woman’s clit would make the woman experience uncontrollable volcanic orgasms.


The Pendant Foreplay Position

This foreplay position is otherwise known as the 69 foreplay position. The pendant foreplay position is a foreplay position that couples will enjoy and get the orgasmic thrills throughout the foreplay timeout. This position aids couples pleasure themselves and rediscovers all the zones that will make them scream and moan in ecstasy.

This position starts with partners facing one another’s genitals for an adventurous oral foreplay sex session. The woman lies on her butt and spreads her leg in the air while the man makes his way on top, the man now uses his hands or fingers and tongue to give it hot to the woman. The woman beneath can work the man’s genitals sucking the dick and fondling with groin and even teasing the rectum etc.

With this, the couples get freaky and crazy while getting it right on their genitals and other erogenous zones of their body. Lastly, this one foreplay position will offer both partners toe-curling and back- arching pleasure in no little way especially if the man is getting a good view of the woman’s butt and clit.


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The Diary Cow Foreplay Position

The diary cow foreplay position is one position that makes couples scream and moan to cloud 9. You can’t get it wrong with this tantalizing foreplay position when you are trying to hit on the woman’s G-Spot for more erotic stimulation. This foreplay awakens horniness any time the partners think about sex because it a hot and sizzling foreplay position to try out.

The diary cow foreplay position starts with the man being on all fours while the woman lies on her back with her head directly beneath the groin area. The man, at this point, will use his tongue to drive the woman crazy by sucking the clit and fingering the vagina while teasing the G-spot for more stimulation. The woman can grab the cock from beneath to suck as well.

This sex position is pleasuring for both the man and woman though it will enable the man to hit the woman G-spot easily and in no time. With the position, the woman’s butt and breast will be on fire as the man would go all out in touching and teasing them as a result of this sending chilling sensations down the woman’s spines.


The Nosedive Foreplay Position

If you are looking out for a foreplay position you both can relish and will allow excellent access to G-spot stimulation, then you need to try out the nose dive foreplay position. This is one foreplay position that will surely make the woman squirt as many times as possible and even enable the man to have all the orgasmic thrills from an amazing foreplay sex session.

The nosedive foreplay position starts with the woman resting on her shoulders, and the man bends over the woman, the woman then raises her legs over the man’s shoulders while the man places his hands under her butt to give an added support. This position might be strenuous on the woman’s back; maybe a pillow under her shoulders would be a lot better.

The man can begin to stimulate the woman from that angle. To add more sensation and stimulation, the man’s hands at the back can be used for a massage and rub the clit while the woman can be giving the man a handjob.

The woman can be bouncing her breast more with the fingering because the sight of that alone is erotic enough and will thrill the man. The woman can also respond to the sensation by throwing her booty back and forth to mesmerize the man (men are moved by sight) for intense pleasure.

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The Mirage Foreplay Position

This is one sultry foreplay position that helps couples quench their lusty desires as they explore their bodies and hit all the needed spots to arouse and stimulate them. The mirage foreplay position goes both ways; it enables both couples to get into action to bring forth both spine-tingling pleasure and out of breath ecstasy as they continue to explore one another body and hitting on all the sensual spots to elicit more pleasure.

This is a unique foreplay position, and it begins with any of the partner lying down with knees bent while planting the feet on the ground or the bed. The other partner kneels, straddling the other head and facing the legs and bending over to reach the genitals. In essence, both partners can now have access to each other’s genitals and other erogenous zones. For more intense pleasure and to stimulate the G-spot more, the man can help the woman part her labia apart so that his tongue rubs directly against the woman’s clitoris.

A sex toy or two can be thrown in here or even some accessories like finger teasers and strokers to give the man an unforgettable mouth and handjob, which will also keep the man moaning and asking for more. This foreplay position can be described as the revamped version of the classic doggy. It enables both partners to rediscover all the sensual and erotic spots on their bodies, which only offers heavenly pleasure. The mirage foreplay position will always leave the couples asking for more as the pleasure one another.

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Compliment Foreplay Position

The cross-sex position is a suggestive foreplay position that pumps pleasure into the whole sensual parts of each partner’s body. Compliment foreplay position can make the partner’s adrenaline level pump up as fast as possible because the pleasure that will engulf them will be uncontrollable in this position. The stimulation with this foreplay position will be deeper but at a controllable rate because each touch will come with its sensation that will stupefy the couple and make them let out quaking earth screams. Compliment foreplay can be said to be an excellent addition to a couple’s sexual repertoire and a unique form of foreplay position too.

This position can be started by a woman kneeling just behind the edge of the bed, and then the man kneels on the ground in front of them. From here, the couples can adjust accordingly; still, they reach their genitals and are in a comfortable position to stimulate or arouse their genitals, which can be done using the hands or mouth.

When it comes to sex, foreplay positions are rarely talked about because people tend to focus more on the main event (intercourse) and forget about the hallway to penetrative sex. The simple truth is that people are always in a rush to transit from foreplay to main sex without taking time to savor and relish all that foreplay and proper positioning during it has got to offer.

This oversight can be called negligent at best and maybe ignorant at worst; because there is no way a good thing can have only the middle and the end without a good start. And to a large extent, an end of a thing might not be too perfect when there was no hard work at the beginning to achieve a rewarding ending.



Sex sessions with a partner should be all fun-filled either with a female or a male. It is always good to offer a partner hot sizzling sex and drive them crazy with sultry sex positions that will help spice up things in and out of the bedroom. It would always be amazing to enable a partner to have a proper G-spot stimulation and generally have kinky sex while in a relationship with you.

It will help to fan the flames continually and keeps the fire of the relationship burning. Funny but real sex matters a lot in a marriage or relationship because for some people its the life wire of the relationship, without good sex the relationship is good as dead and one partner will think that sex with the other partner is wack.

So there you have them, the top unique foreplay position tips for couples that need to lit the fire always in their bedroom! The sure way to make couple progress steadily and be in a frenzy mood from the beginning of a sex session to the end is just to have a vast sex position repertoire which could be for either foreplay or main sex. Of course, slow and steady naughty foreplay sex positions can be of immense help here. During foreplay, positions that will make couples take a breather and readjust their pace can be introduced. At the same time, partners unleash their wild side and tap into each other animalistic urges and blow off the sexual steam.

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