Top 20 Water Based Lube for Sex


Asking questions about lubes can be embarrassing despite being curious about it. There is a misconception that lubricants are only for people who experience sexually related problems. This is not true as lube can be used by anyone, anytime.

It can be embarrassing to walk to the shop or stroll online in search of lubricant to boost your sexual life or one that will serve you better. Rest assured, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Buying lubes can be confusing, especially if you have never purchased one before. As human body chemistry differs, lubricant that agree with one person may not agree with another.

You want to purchase that lube but you don’t know how to go about it? This article will help you find the best lube for sex suitable for you without buying dozens of lubricants. The right lubricant can heighten your sexual experience.

You should know that all lubes are not the same. There are three major types of lubes; the silicone-based lubes, the oil-based lubes and the water-based lubricants.

The kind of sex you want to engage in can help determine the lubricant you should go for. While silicon-based lube is best for the last longing experience, it can damage your toys. It can also be irritating on the skin. On the other hand, oil-based lube can be used in the shower or underwater. However, it may lead to a breakdown of latex so avoid using it with a condom.

Water-based lubes are the best choice if you have never used lubricants. It’s natural and leaves no residue on the skin. Though it can’t be used in the shower, it’s easy to find and not overly expensive. It leaves no stains on fabric and is safe to use with a latex condom. water-Based lubricants is compatible with toys.


Best 20 Water-Based Lubes You Should Try Out

Top 20 Water Based Lube for sex

1.Pjur Woman Aqua: This is a good choice if you have not tried a lube for the first time. Though both sexes can use it, Pjur woman is designed especially for the female. It has a softer and more slippery formula. It is long-lasting and had no fragrance. This water-based lube has a neutral taste and is both condom and toy safe. You can check out these top 20 lubes for women to choose from the variety of great lubes.
Wetter is better! If you want to check out more from the Pjur line, click here!

2. Lube Life: This perfect water-based lube comes in a pair. Free from oil, silicone or wax, Lube Life has a smooth and silky feeling. It’s not tacky or sticky. Lube Life leaves no residue and washes off easily. Designed to supplement the body’s natural lubrication, Lube Life enhances intimate sexual activity and pleasure. Still, thinking of why you should choose this lubricant? It’s compatible with latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms.

3. Astroglide liquid: This unique top-selling product from Astroglide is the right lube for an exhilarating mind-blowing experience. Astroglide liquid lubricant performs the dual function of lubrication and moisturizing. Its smooth texture makes gliding easy. While it’s good for both sexes, it’s great for men. Enjoy a long-lasting pleasure with this lubricant that is condom compatible, not tacky and washes off easily with water. With Astroglide liquid, your toys are safe. Glide into more fun here!

Top 20 Water Based Lube for sex

4. Shibari premium: Tested by FDA, this water-based Lube is safe and reliable for consumer’s use. Shibari Premium is clean, odorless, free from skin irritating preservatives and contains no dyes. It is purely natural, silky and smooth. This non-staining liquid comes in an 8 fluid ounce bottle making the product easy to grab from the drawer or desk. Shibari Premium is designed with the highest grade materials for ultimate pleasure.

Top 20 Water Based Lube for sex

5. Sensuva Natural Water-Based Lubricant: Want a lube that is close to your body’s own natural lube? Then Sensuva water-based lubricant is for you. It is smooth, not tacky and provides long-lasting pleasure. The product is designed to work perfectly on a woman’s body as it is pH-balanced, paraben and Glycerine free. Available in 7 different flavors, this product is made with safe and healthy ingredients. Each flavor including; unscented, apple candy, Butter rum salted caramel, Strawberry, watermelon, and Orange Creamsicle has a unique scent.

Top 20 Water Based Lube for sex

6. Lynk Pleasure Anal Lube: Every intimate act needs to be wet. The wetter, the better. No one likes rough dry sex as the friction sometimes causes pains. A small quantity of Lynk Pleasure anal lubricant is all you need to bid goodbye to dry, painful and gritty sex. Its slickness and smoothness make one doubt if it is water-based. This lubricant though can be used for a variety of sexual pleasures, it’s more suitable for anal. Check out these top 20 anal sex lubrication for more great anal products.

Top 20 Water Based Lube for sex

7. Sliquid Naturals Sea Formula: Sliquids make great lubes and this product is not an exception. Made with carrageenan, this water-based lubricant is thicker than other products. One thing that makes this lubricant stand out is that it contains other seaweed extracts that help moisturize and decreases inflammation of some of the body’s sensitive parts. Slide into better sex here!

Top 20 Water Based Lube for sex

8. Acvioo Water Based Lubricant: It’s really not cool when you have to keep reapplying a lube whenever you are using one. Acvioo lubricant was designed with you in mind. It’s smooth and long-lasting and gives you the intimacy you desire. It works on sensitive skins too. This pure water-based lubricant is made with the highest grade materials for your comfort and pleasure. The lubricant is duly registered with FDA, and have CE and Rohs certifications. You only need water to wash it off.

Top 20 Water Based Lube for sex

9. K-Y Jelly Personal Lube: Need to enhance your intimacy level? Get K-Y Jelly water lube. No need to worry about dryness or friction, K-Y got you. It helps boost your intimate moments and removes all dryness. This water-based Lube is an all-inclusive product designed for Women, Men & Couples alike.

It’s a non-greasy, fragrance-free and smooth lubricant that prepares you for that “Wow” moment of intimacy. It stays exactly where you want it to with no tackiness and is really cool for the handjob. There are other awesome water-based lubes for handjobs you should check out too.

Top 20 Water Based Lube for sex

10. Climax Water Based Lube: This silky water-based lubricant is suitable for you if you are looking for an odorless and non-flavored lube for use. Climax water-based lubricant is a smooth and slippery long-lasting personal natural lubricant for women, men, and couples. It is easy to wash off both from skin or fabric. With this lubricant, dryness and friction are reduced, giving room for an amazing intimate moment.

11. Sliquid Satin: There is a periodic dryness that comes with menopause making your sexual activity a nightmare. Sex at this time needs lube more than ever as your body does not produce its natural lubrication like before. Another Sliquid water-based product, Sliquid Satin helps alleviate this dryness encountered.

It’s designed with carrageenan, vitamin E and aloe vera. This lubricant offers lasting hydration and is silky. Due to the difference in skin types, there are other great lubricnats you can try out if you have reached your menopause to still enjoy those intimate moments. Your sheets aren’t the only thing that should be deliciously satin! Click here for yours.

what to know about lube before you use it

12. Isabel Fay Personal Lubricant: Glycerin used in some water-based lube products can cause infection and make post-sex cleanup difficult. Here is a product that is all-natural and free from Glycerin. If you have sensitive skin, you need to get this. This odorless and colorless lubricant is also great for body massage. What’s more? Your toys and condoms are safe with them. It does not leave stains on fabrics.

Jo H2O Personal Lubricant in Chocolate Delight

13. Jo H2O Personal Lubricant in Chocolate Delight: This lube comes in various flavors and enhances sexual intimacy. It reduces the discomfort that comes with dryness in intimate areas. Jo H20 Personal  Flavored water-based lubricant is compatible with most toys, natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms.

Made with high-quality material for comfortability, it’s silky and smooth nature makes it easy for you to glide on. Designed for everyone, this product is edible and great for oral sex. With different flavors, you have room to choose from different tastes. Your flavors are waiting! Get it here.

14. Paloqueth Personal Lubricants Water Based Lubricant: This lube gives you all the comfortability you can get. Paloqueth is water-based, non-tacky, and slickly. It’s nature makes it easy to wash off. It gives you a long-lasting pleasure and does not dry off easily. With this lubricant, less is more. Your fabric is safe with it.

Top 20 Water Based Lube for sex

15. CyberSkin Squirtz Cum Lube: With Squirtz, you get the best experience. This water-based lubricant stays smooth and comes off easily. CyberSkin Squirtz’s slippery texture gives you a great fun time. Made in an FDA Registered facility, this lubricant comes in a handy size and is non-staining. Squirtz Lube is safe with all toy materials including latex, rubber, glass, silicone, metal, neoprene fabric, amongst others.

Top 20 Water Based Lube for sex

16.Unbound Jelly: Quite affordable, this lube is less intimidating and comes highly recommended by users. It’s 95% organic material. Due to its water-based nature, this lubricant is versatile and can be used on skin, toys, and condoms. Its smoothness helps it blend with the skin. The easy-to-squeeze packaging makes it stand out on your dressing table. Unbound Jelly is the smoothest of its kind you can find in the market.

Top 20 Water Based Lube for sex

17.Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based Lubes: Manufactured in the USA, this water-based lubricant is paraben and glycerin free. Its unique formula is slickly and helps you create perfect intimate moments. As moisture is important during intimate moments between couples, Lulu is long-lasting and does not dry off. This product is so natural that you don’t feel it. Due to its tasteless and odorless nature, Lulu is suitable for all skin types. It also serves with toys and does not stain fabrics.

18. Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Lube: Fortified with a natural ingredient, Aloe Cadabra is designed to increase your sexual arousal and give you more mind-blowing orgasms. It’s among great lube for men as it helps them last longer. Aloe Cadabra lubricant can be used both for sex and solo play to give ultimate pleasure. It’s non-staining and easy to wash off. No need to worry, your sex toys and condom are safe with it. One click, multiple orgasms. 

Top 20 Water Based Lube for sex

19. Gun Oil H2O: Whether you are jacking off, going solo or settling for penetrative sex, Gun Oil is the lube for you. It is one of the most long-lasting, heavy-duty and durable lubricant you can buy. It’s a bit above your regular water-based Lube and more expensive but it’s worth every penny. Gun Oil H2O is also among the best water-based lubricant for masturbation. It comes in a sizeable bottle so you don’t have to run to the market every day. Get yours here. 

Top 20 Water Based Lube for sex

20. FAV Personal Lubricant: This lube enhances the intimate experience. Designed to give a smooth and natural feel, this long-lasting lubricant is suitable for sensitive skin. FAV Personal Lube is a premium lubricant that does not stain fabric and washes off easily with just warm water. You will have no problem using it with your toy or condom as it is compatible with both. Cleared by FDA, this lubricant is as safe as it can be.


Important Things to Know About Lubricants

Lubes are amazing especially when you find the one that helps satisfy your sexual needs. However, there are questions about lubricants as it can be confusing. Here are the basic questions people ask about lubricants and answers that help.


What is the point of lube?

One who has not used lubricant before may be wondering what’s the point? Does lube really make a difference? When it comes to sexual activity, wetter is always better. Sometimes you may experience dryness but with lubricant, you are assured of mind-blowing orgasms. Lubricants make masturbation more amazing. If you are single or your partner is away, you need to bring lubricant to your wanking party. It reduces friction and enables you to glide your fingers across your intimate body parts smoothly.


What does lube do for a woman?

Lube is not just for women who have attained menopause and can no longer produce their own natural lube. Vaginal dryness occurs in women for a number of reasons including taking a medication, illness, hormone changes relating to age, pregnancy or stress.

Sometimes your natural wetness may not match up with your level of arousal. This is where lubricant comes in. It comes with a slickness that creates room for a smooth sail under the sheets. With the extra moisture that comes with lubricant, a woman will have an amazing time.


What kind of lube should I use?

In choosing a lube, your comfortability should be the first concern on the list. It is however advised that you start with water-based lubricants if you haven’t used one before. It solves all your sexual needs; masturbation, penetrative sex, and sex toy play. They don’t leave a stain and washes off easily. However, they are not suitable for shower sex and may require reapplication. Silicon based-lubricant, on the other hand, is slippery and ideal if you are planning to have marathon sex.

Silicone lubricants are best for anal sex. They are great for shower sex and may not need reapplication often. Silicone lubricant is difficult to wash off and leaves stains. They are not compatible with toys and condoms. Oil-based lubricant like water-based is ideal for masturbation, penetrative sex, or handjobs. It, however, lasts longer than water-based. Thus, the lubricant to purchase depends on the activity you wish to use it for.


How is the lube applied?

There is no definite way of how to lube should be used. It all depends on your natural level of lubrication, the sexual activity you want to engage in and the product you want to use. However, it is best to apply first whichever lubricant you choose on your fingertips and then on the desired body areas including anus, vagina, penis, amongst others. Start with a few drops then add more if you are not satisfied.


Is using saliva as lubricant bad?

If it’s not lubed then it’s not lubricant. Not everything can be used as a lube. Almost every sexually active person must have used saliva as a lubricant at least once but it is not the best. Aside from the risk of contracting STI or infection, spit is still not advisable to be used as a lubricant. It lacks the slickness and smoothness that lubricants posses. It cannot stop the friction thus resulting in tears in the vagina. Stock up your drawer with lubricants of your choice so you don’t have to settle for saliva


Do you need to wash off lube?

Some lubes can get tacky when they dry so you need to wash lubricants off after your adventure. While oil and silicone lubricant may require soap and water to wash off, water-based lubricants don’t. Some lubricant stain fabric softener you should wash off as soon as possible. More so, the vagina absorbs, so avoid using lubricants that are heavily flavored for penetrative sex.

Lubricant remains one of the best bedroom enhancers. It makes sex wetter, smoother, long-lasting and more enjoyable. If you haven’t tried one today wait any longer. If you have, check out these Not everything can be used as lubricant. for a natural, awesome intimate experience.

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