Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For Men


Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For Men

Lubricants are essential as far as sexuality is involved. But most times before getting a lube you have so much research to do on what kind of lube it is, it’s pros or cons and, the price. We want to make your life easier – with a one stop shop on everything you need to know so you can spend more time enjoying your sex life!

Lube eliminates dryness and friction that may occur during the course of sexual action.  It’s also important to use it to avoid injury, tearing or discomfort. And, there should be no shame whatsoever in using it because it’s basically a sex toy that can heat things up, cool them down, and  make your bits tingle! The list is endless. It’s the most powerful tool in your arsenal.

These lubricants are around 95% water and feel like the vagina’s natural lubrication (also mostly water). Since water is inexpensive, so are water-based lubes, helping them makeup 72.5% of all lube sales in 2015 and still, its demand is increasing on a daily basis. Intrigued? You can check out 20 Top Best Water Based Lubricant For Masturbation for even more lubricants for solo play!


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Water Based Lubes?

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For Men

Just like other lubes, water-based lube has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons you need to know.


  • Water-based lubes come in different formulas which include gel, creams, and liquids.
  • They could be easily cleaned and cared for using clean water and soap.since water-based lube is water-soluble, it’s easier to clean and will come off with a quick rinse. (Unlike water-proof silicone lubes)
  • Many men and women like the lightweight gel consistency of water-based lubricants, as they feel wet and natural and reduce friction without leaving behind a greasy or slippery coating on the skin.
  • Water-based lubes can be used with latex condoms. This lube could also work wonders when used with condoms. All you want to achieve is pleasure and water lubes are go for items to achieve it.
  • They can be used with other toys. Water-based lubes work best with silicone dildos and vibrators. This is in contrast to silicone-based lubes, which warp and destroy silicone sex toys.
  • They are inexpensive. With very little cash, you can still achieve the maximum pleasure that comes from using a lube.
  • They smell nice. The best water-based lubes, like Sliquid products, have a mild citrus smell or no smell at all. If your water-based lube smells like funky chemicals, then you know it has petroleum-derived ingredients inside it–these are harsh on vaginal and rectal tissues and are not good water-based lubes.


In some of them, the contents could be very risky. It could be risky for vaginas and butts. Water-based Lubes like K-Y and Astroglide sometimes contain harsh preservatives and petroleum-derived ingredients, which are used to lower the manufacturing cost. Studies have shown these strong lubes can damage the mucous membrane and flora of the rectum and vagina, leading to an increase in the risk of BV, yeast infections, and STI transmission.

Water-based lubricants have a tendency to become quickly absorbed by the skin, which could lead to an interruption in foreplay, masturbation or intercourse. Since water evaporates, water lubes need more frequent reapplication, especially for hand-jobs and solo penis masturbation. As the water evaporates it leaves behind additives like thickeners, preservatives, and humectants on your skin, which makes you sticky until you add water again. The best water-based lubes are less sticky because they don’t contain sugar alcohol ingredients like glycerin.


The Top 20 Water Based Lubes Includes

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenIsabel Fay Personal Lubricants: In the stores, you will notice more water-based lubes that contain glycerin. This glycerin can cause infection if it’s not properly cleaned up. The good thing about Isabel Fay Lube is that it is free of glycerin and paraben. It is made from high-quality ingredients that won’t get sticky or stain. The bottles are also made in a discreet form which makes it easy for usage.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenWicked Aqua Lubricant: You could add more spice and bring on the heat with this lube. Most people who have used it will testify that it’s a total blast and leaves you tingling in more than one way. It is gentle on sensitive skin because it is fragrance and paraben-free. Unlike other lubes that could end up making you feel tacky after use this one stays as smooth as silk. It could also be cleaned up with ease. Get wicked in the sheets with your Wicked Lubricant in one click! Check out more from the Wicked line here.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenSwiss Navy Water Based Lube: You can never mention water lines without mentioning this product. It has maintained its reputation as one of the top three best selling water-based lubes ever. It is a pure and odorless smooth gel that could give you the best feeling a water-based lube could ever give. It also is comparatively durable and lasts longer than other water-based products.

Coming in different flavors to match your taste, it could be easily applied with the hand. If you are looking for a high-quality product with a good balance of performance and price then give the Swiss Navy a go. Join the Swiss Navy pleasure team by clicking here!

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenPjur Original Aqua Body Glide: Every user of Pjur is always satisfied with what they get. It does not have this inconsistency that some other water lubes have. In terms of performance and longevity, Pjur is one of the best that most will recommend for you. Generally, when using other water-based lubes the biggest issue for me is the sub-par consistency and lubrication when compared to silicone counterparts. This lube has no smell, stickiness and no taste at all. You will notice this if you go from having sex to giving head. Get your partner purring with Pjur, now!

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenSmooth And Slick: It is rated as one of the lubes of best value. Apart from that, smooth and slick feel great. Unlike other products, it doesn’t have too much polish and premium ingredients. For an affordable lube, you get above the average performance which is a plus. A testimony from a user confirmed that it is actually slick just like the name implies.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenClimax Bursts: Did you hear the name? Climax Bursts. What does that imply? It is the best for an added sensation. The main variant comes with “bursting” beads which add a tingling sensation that makes using it more fun. It comes in three packs which include a great sensation, plus a bottle of cooling and a bottle of warming to give even more variety. These three bottles of lube could be added to the experience to make it fun and interesting.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenElbow Grease H2O Thick Gel: Are you one of those looking for a high-performance lube? Then you have found it. Some people prefer to call this” heavy-duty “. Elbow Grease H2O simply lasts the longest without the need to re-apply making it another best water-based lube on our list. It is a great pick for anal sex due to its longevity and endurance.

Apart from sex, Elbow Grease is also an ideal pick toy for you. It could also be easily cleaned and washed away quickly with leaving behind any residue, inasmuch as it is one of the purest and thickest water lubes. Generally, it is a fantastic and wonderful product. Let Elbow Grease do the hard work for you!

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenLush Valm Personal Lubricant: This lube feels as natural as possible. Extensively tested to ensure safety with condoms as well as toys, this personal lubricant is made to feel as natural as possible. Even better, it’s non-irritating, unflavored, fragrance-free, non-staining, and the bottle even has a locking, spill-proof pump mechanism to prevent messes.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For Men

Aloe Cadabra Organic Personal Lubricant: Though this lube is technically made of natural aloe vera; we are including it because aloe vera itself is 95% water. This particular lubricant is recommended for those with sensitive skin. The PH level is balanced and it is made with natural ingredients. This lube is free of dyes, fragrance, petroleum, and paraben in fact it is mostly organic. It moisturizes and lubricates with aloe vera and Vitamin E. This product is nothing near being artificial because it is made with Vitamins that are needed by the body too. Purchasing this product is a win on all fronts! Get your natural lubricant right here, right now! 

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenNooky Lube: Do you always get interrupted in between because your lube got dried up? Worry no more. Nooky lubes got you covered. With a silky smooth feel and an unbelievably easy clean-up, Nooky Lube is a very popular water based lubricant.  It is colorless, has no taste, and is free of parabens.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenSliquid Silk: Ingredients include Water, Silicone, Emollient Esters. This lube contains 10% silicone ingredients. I’m not sure if it’s against the rules to include a hybrid like this in a water-based lubricant guide, but it’s 80% water and a great lube so people shouldn’t miss out on it. The silicone ingredients make it very long-lasting.  And when you’re done, you can actually wash it off, it isn’t water-proof like 100% silicone lubes are. Have silkier sex with your own Sliquid Silk, here. 

Another ingredient is cream emollients, which give it the creamy white look and extra lubrication. Emollients are also used for lotions, so it can be used to moisturize dry skin in a similar way. Sliquid is a great lube company and if you follow my blog you’ve seen me mention them a bunch! They’ve got 24 different lubes available, and most are water-based. Check out more from the Sliquid line right here! 

This is a water-based lube that has silicone feel. If you are a freak for silicone-based lube, don’t worry this product will convert you to water-based. It is so soft and silky that you will want to rub it on your hands even when there is no sex involved. It also lasts longer than most water-based lubes. The bottle is also bio-degradable and all the ingredients are Eco-certified and botanically sourced.

The key ingredient to its unique feeling is hyaluronic acid aka ‘nature’s lubricant’. hyaluronic acid is already in the body and helps lubricate joints and keep the skin elastic.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenGood Clean Love: It has aloe vera juice as the water base. The ingredients include organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, xanthan gum, agar, lactic acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and natural Fflavor. This lube uses aloe juice as the water and is 95% organic. It smells and tastes like vanilla, it’s totally safe to eat too and makes for a great flavored lube.

This is a good lube for vaginal use or penis use, but it gives a bit of a sting when used anally. The lactic acid means it is more acidic, this is great for vaginas which naturally have a higher acidity, but the colorectal environment has low acidity and this lube is too acidic for some butts. It also comes in a cinnamon vanilla flavor called Guilty Pleasure.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For Men

JO Coconut Water-Based Lube: Made of coconut water, this lube takes a naturally-occurring lube and makes it condom-safe. Unlike some of the other natural lubes, coconut won’t cause you infection down there. A known sex expert”, Dominique Karestos ” has emphasized the need for healthy pleasure and the importance of lubricants for ultimate sensual and intimate experience.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenDivine 9 Water-Based Lube: This lube makes use of a seaweed extract called carrageenan, and it makes it ideal for people with extra sensitive skin. According to research, picking Divine 9 products could prevent you from HPV which stands for human papillomavirus and can be transmitted sexually. It’s also compatible with both latex condoms and silicone toys so win-win-win-win-win.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenTooTimid Water Based Lube: This is a water-based lube is slippery and silicone toy safe. TooTimid water lube is a great lube that enhances your body’s natural lubrication. This lube has no added flavors or scents. It is hypoallergenic, latex friendly, non-staining, non-toxic, and 100% vegan-friendly. Since this lube is based on purified water with no added glycerin or paraben ingredients, clean up is very easy. Its condom compatible, and perfect for partner or solo play! Don’t be too timid to get get you too TooTimid lubricant today!

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenLulu Water-Based Lube: This lube is free of both paraben and glycerin which means it is perfect for sensitive skin. Its texture is also thick enough to give you the kind of lubrication you desire without having to go through stickiness. Another sweet thing about this product is that the label is so chic that you can display it proudly on your nightstand.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For Men

Hydra Glide Water-Based Lube: If you like to keep your sexytime all-natural, this lube’s for you. It’s made of water and plant extracts, using naturally-occurring plant cellulose and aloe. Intimate Earth Hydra lube both lubricates and moisturizes while you get it on.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenDurex Naturals Intimate Lubricant Gel: If you’re after something lighter, this intimate gel from Durex is a good option for you. It’s pH-friendly and more of a moisturizer than a lubricant, but it works for sex and masturbation too.

Sensuva Natural Water-Based Lubricant: This is a natural lube’s formula is clean and of some the highest quality. Specifically designed to feel close to one’s own naturally made lubricant, Sensuva  is long lasting, hydrating, and comfortable.

Coming in seven different flavors, this lubricant will increase your personal pleasure without leaving any parabes, glycerine or other harmful ingredients behind. It is pH balanced to ensure you feel comfortable before, during, and after your pleasure play.

One click today can increase your sexual pleasure for weeks! Click here to get yours!

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenYES Organic Water-Based Lube: YES is made from organic aloe vera. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin and formulated to deliver the ultimate in sexual arousal during solo and shared pleasure. These lubricants offer you the discretion of products which, unlike many other lubes, draw no attention to themselves through disturbing smell, taste or color. The water-based anal lube is also available from YES.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenOrganic Glide Personal Lubricant: This FDA-approved “intercourse enhancer” is long-lasting, non-sticky, and super smooth. It’s also made from a probiotic formula that’s supposed to help protect against urinary tract infections.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenUberlube Luxury Lubricant: With barely mere four ingredients, Uberlube appears to be the least likely lubricant to cause irritation down below. It’s also Dr. Dweck’s ( a sex expert)favorite lube on the market. Like other water-based lubes, it is silky and has a nice smell.

Exciting 20 Water Based Lubricants For MenPjur Backdoor Water: This lube is mainly for anal sex. The Ingredients include purified H2O, plant Cellulose from cotton cyamopsis, guar conditioners, potassium sorbate, citric acid. This has one ingredient that doesn’t work for me though: glycerin. It can cause burning in some people and has been shown in a few studies to damage the epithelial layer of the rectum.

But, that being said, it has good reviews and some people love it. It also contains mild preservatives like citric acid, unlike the alternative Jo H20 Anal, which contains parabens, a questionable chemical. If you are already into anal play or are looking to try it out, this a great lube help increase your pleasure. Click here for your Pjur Backdoor and start purring in bed!


You could also check Top 20 Water-Based Lubes for Anal Sex if you want to get more information on lubes for anal sex. Lubricants are used to make sex life more interesting, be you a man or a woman we all need it. If you experience dryness down there, worry no more, our top picks should give you a very good idea of what to go for when you walk into a store.

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