Top 20 Water-Based Lubrications for Anal Sex To Try


Top 20 Water-Based Lubrication for Anal Sex To Try

When it comes to anal sex, lube is super important. The more lube the better. This is because unlike the vagina, the anus produces no natural lubrication. Naturally, anal penetration can be painful. It can even cause mild bleeding after. This is more reason why you should go for anal lubes that work and would not leave you in pain. You need more and more lube. This article will guide you through the lubes to choose if you want to dig it from behind and have a wonderful experience.


What Are The Main Kinds Of Lube


The first step is to know that three major types of lubes exist; the silicone-based lube, the oil-based lube, and the water-based lube.

Silicone-based Lube: Termed the best lube for that ultimate experience, silicone-based lubes are made from silicone so that the body does not absorb it over time making it maintain its slippery state for an extremely long time. This makes it the best for anal sex. It can be used for water-based sexual activities. You may however not be able to find it in your local drugstore. It is not compatible with toys and condoms. You will need soap to wash it off after use.

Check out some great silicone-based lubricants here!


Oil-based Lube: This is the most common used lube for anal play. Coconut oil, shea butter are the regular ingredients used to produce this. While these oil-based lubes can be awesome for anal sex, you should know that they are not compatible with latex and therefore should not be used with a condom. However, they do last longer than water-based lubricants. What’s more? Their ingredients can help moisturize and relax your body while your partner digs from behind.

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Water-based Lube: Water-based lube remains the best selling in the market. It is cheap to purchase and is the closest lube to give you that natural feel. Water-based lube could be in the form of liquid or gel. It’s the perfect lube for beginners and users with sensitive skin. It’s compatible with toys and condoms. All you need is water to wash this lube off. It can, however, be absorbed by the body so it may require reapplication during use for a longer time. See Top 20 Water-Based Lube For Men you will like to know.


Factors To Consider When Buying A Water-Based Lube For Anal Sex.

Top 20 Water-Based Lubrication for Anal Sex To Try

Slickness: We have agreed that the rectum, unlike the vagina, does not produce a lube of its own. Thus you need more lube when going from behind than in front. Before you get a lube for anal sex, you should go for ones that are extremely silky and smooth. Don’t settle for your regular lubes, thicker lubes are better. If you are to use water-based lubricants then buy the gel and not the liquid.

Longetivity: How long a lube can last is what you should also consider especially if you wish to go at it for a lengthy period of time. Silicone lubes last the longest when compared to other types of lubes. However, water-based is more natural and has less effect on the body. Oil-based though lasts more than water-based is second place to silicone. So how long you intend to stay in the ride will help guide you on the lube to choose.

Skin sensitivity: It is difficult to find the perfect lube if you or your partner have allergies or sensitive skin. It is advised that you go for water-based lubricants as they are the closest to natural. However, some of them may contain glycerin. If your body reacts to this, then go for the ones that are totally glycerin-free and you will have a great time without worries.


What Are Awesome Water-Based Lubes You Should Try With Your Partner?

Top 20 Water-Based Lubrication for Anal Sex To Try

Top 20 Water-Based Lubrication for Anal Sex To TryElbow Grease H2O Thick Gel: This 16-ounce bottle of pure water-based lube comes with a convenient pump cap for dispensing the content. When it comes to lubes for analysis, consistency is necessary. This water-based lube from Elbow Grease has a thick consistency which makes it perfect for anal as it minimizes the effect of friction on both parties. Due to its thick formulation also, it stays where you apply it. It is long-lasting, slippery and does not readily dry out. This gel is non-staining and cleans easily.


Lelo Personal Moisturizer: This all body lubricant contains only body-safe ingredients. It is free from glycerin and parabens. Fortified with aloe vera, this hypoallergenic water-based formula does not react with the skin making it perfect for people with sensitive skin. Your fabrics are safe with them. Warm water is all you need to wash it away. What’s so unique about Lelo Personal Moisturizer is that it can be used for multiple purposes including massage cream, body moisturizer and so on. It is smooth, slick, unscented and has all you need from an anal sex lubricant.


Gel lubricant: Without cutting down on sensation, this water-based gel cuts down on friction. It’s smooth, slippery, glycerin and paraben-free. This long-lasting formula gel uses natural ingredients to give you the perfect lube for your amorous bedroom activities. Safe to use with toys, condoms, and other sensual objects of pleasure, this lube is the perfect thing you need for that fun time with a partner.


Top 20 Water-Based Lubrication for Anal Sex To TrySassy Water Based Sex Lube: This Sliquid anal-specific lube is a fan favorite. It’s thicker, slipper and safe to use with condoms and toys. This anal gel long-lasting and creates a unique experience. What’s more? Users love the fact that it doesn’t dry out too fast or stain fabrics. Uniquely blended to match your body’s natural lubricant, this lube is water-based and water-soluble, Glycerin free and paraben-free, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, and 100% Vegan-friendly. Get yours sassy gel here!


Passion Natural Water-Based Lube: Like the name of the production company Passion, this lube intensifies your sexual activities and leaves you with powerful orgasms. With this natural, water-based, glycerin-free lube from Passion, all your worries about spills, residue or stains are a thing of the past. It’s slickly, smooth and minimizes friction you encounter due to dryness. The spill-proof pump makes it easier to collect the lube.


Love Liquid Sensual Lube: You want to have that extra pleasure that comes with anal? This is the lube to go for. It comes with the extra glide you need to have powerful orgasms while having anal. Love Liquid water-based lube is one of the best-selling anal lube formula in the market. It’s thicker in consistency, smooth, and slippery. The nature of its bottle (pump cap) makes it easier to dispense the contents. Since it’s water-based, it’s perfect for anal, safe for condoms and toys. The formula does not stain fabrics or sheets, so no need for worries. Kama Sutra is known far and wide. Click here and get your kinky up.


Shibari Personal Water-Based Lube: This is a premium lube designed with high-grade materials for your comfort. A perfect water-based lube for your bedroom activities, it is extra smooth, gentle, slickly and leaves an awesome sensation. It is clean, hypoallergenic, non-staining, contains no dyes or perfumes, and is compatible with condoms. No need to worry about skin reactions as it contains no fragrances and irritating preservatives. This lube can be used for other things including sex, toy play or masturbation. You can check out the top 20 lubes that are also great for going solo whenever you wish to.


Lynk Pleasure Water-Based Anal Lube: This water-based Lube is so long-lasting it leaves you wondering if it’s magic. The formula is designed to imitate your body’s natural ability to lubricate. You can use it for any kind of sex whether you are going from front, behind or using your toys. With an added thick consistency, it has the perfect texture for anal lube. A little drop of water or spit is all you need to reactivate this lube whenever it drys out during use. This water-based lube is paraben and glycerin free. It does not get tacky. Plus it’s safe to use with condoms and toys. Water is all you need to wash it off.


Astroglide Strawberry Liquid: This Water Based Personal Lubricant makes sex sweeter. This lube has a beautiful strawberry fragrance. It’s thick and creamy. If you want to experience that hot pleasure from behind, you can use it thick or add a little water for a more slippery effect. Astroglide Strawberry Liquid is Long-Lasting, easy Clean-Up, and Compatible with Natural Rubber Latex, Polyurethane, and Polyisoprene Condoms.


Shibari Triton Anal Lubricant: Shibari never disappoints. Like their water-based Lube, this anal gel will make a great addition to your bedroom desk. It has a thick consistency and does not leave any weird stains. Shibari Triton Anal does the dual job of lubricating and moisturizing making your time with your partner more pleasurable and intimate. Due to its water-based nature, it’s cool to use with condoms and toys. What’s more? It’s easy to clean up and leaves no stains.


Fifty Shades of Grey At Ease Anal Lubricant: You have got your own Christian Grey and he wants to dig you from behind? This is the perfect lube for you. Ease anal lubricant is an extra thick and luxurious formula for an enjoyable anal play. No quantity is big or small, add your desired quantity at your body organ and enjoy your ride. Little drops of water can reactivate it if lubrication decreases. It is designed for long-lasting smoothness and slipperiness with moisturizing effects.


Sustain Premium Personal Lubricant: Enriched with organic aloe Vera, Sustain Premium Personal Lube enhances your sexual life as well as nourishes your skin. This lube is designed with the health of you and your partner in mind. People with sensitive skin can use this lube without cause for alarm. No irritating preservatives are used. It is natural, long-lasting and stains free. No parabens, no glycerin, no petroleum, compatible with condom and toys.


Jo H20 Anal Water-Based Personal Lubricant: The formula if this lube is designed for your comfort during intimate moments. This smooth, slippery lube made with pure plant-based glycerin ensures a long-lasting hitch-free adventure under the sheets. H2O anal lube leaves no tacky residue after use. It is toy friendly, condom compatible, no added desensitizers leaves no stains and easy to clean.


Pjur Back Door Anal Lube: There is nothing worse in sexual activity than sandpaper sex; nothing can be compared to it. I have found a way you can remove the dry, painful and gritty sex with your partner especially when going through the back door. This water-based lube feels like a Silicone and still delivers like a water-based lube.


It is designed with a special formula containing hyaluronic, an ingredient that is capable of holding together large amounts of water. This ingredient creates small parts of water that boosts the effect of the lube during use. It’s compatible to use with toys, condom safe and does not get sticky. What are you waiting for? Pjur Back Door Anal Lube is all you need for that smooth intensive anal ride.


Wicked Anal Jelle Lubricant: For those that want a lube that is compatible with a condom for analysis sex, here it is. Wicked Anal Jelle lube is what you have been looking for, it is rich and thick, and lasts for a really long time. Like other water-based lubricants, it is very slippery and safe to use with condoms and toys. This lube contains no fragrance, paraben, and desensitizers. It never gets tacky or sticky after use. This flip cap top on the bottle makes it easier to apply. Water is enough to wash it off. Get yours here!


Pjur Med Natural Glide: This revolutionary lube performs a dual action of moisturizing the skin and enhancing sexual activity. It’s effective and long-lasting. This water-based Lube almost feels like Silicone. Pjur Analyse me comfort glide leaves no stains. It is paraben and glycerin free. If you are looking for a water-based lube that will make the backdoor digging more pleasurable, don’t hesitate to get this lube. Get more from the Pjur line here!


Wet Original Gel: This water-based Lube is thicker and lasts longer than your regular lube. Wet Original Gel gives you this incredible feeling of pleasure and makes gliding more enjoyable. Enriched with Vitamin E for skin health, this water-based gel can be used as a massage gel. If you are planning to go through the backdoor, then you need a thicker lube, you should totally try out Wet Original Gel.


What Are The Best Anal Lubes For BeginnersSliquid Silk Hybrid Lubricant: This hybrid lube is the best of its kind. A combination of Water and 11-13% Silicone, it lasts longer than the usual water-based lube. Though the creamy and white color may seem off-putting, it’s not sticky after use. It may, however, require reapplication if you are using it for a very long rough anal ride. Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lube is less irritable than your regular lube. It is compatible with all sex toys and condoms. Get silky with your Sliquid Silk with one click here!


Sliquid Organics Natural Gel Lubricant: Designed with a blend of aloe Vera, botanical extracts, hypoallergenic and organic materials, this water-based Lube has the equivalent thickness of silicone-based Lube. Skin nourishing ingredients including sunflower seeds, green tea, and flax are used to revitalize your skin after sexual activities. Its thick formula makes it ideal for anal sex. It’s hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and contains no petroleum. Due to its water-based nature, it can be used with sex toys and condoms.Check out Sliquid Organics for better anal sex!

TooTimid Water Lube : This is a water-based lube is slippery and silicone toy safe. TooTimid water lube is a great lube that enhances your body’s natural lubrication. This lube has no added flavors or scents. It is hypoallergenic, latex friendly, non-staining, non-toxic, and 100% vegan-friendly. Since this lube is based on purified water with no added glycerin or paraben ingredients, clean up is very easy. Its condom compatible, and perfect for partner or solo play!

Check out TooTimid Water Based Lube for great anal sex! now!


Fact You Should Know About Using Lube For Anal Sex

As you crawl the internet it is not shock the amount and kinds of questions that come up for what kind of lubricant to use for anal sex and how to best use it. And with all the questions all there, there are some other facts you should consider and may not have thought of. Good thing we have you covered!


Must I Use Lube During Anal Sex?

Yes! Going through the back door without lube is like passing through a dark tunnel, you will come out all bruised and swollen. The rectum, unlike the vagina, produces no natural lubrication. Having anal sex without lube will be rough, dry, gritty and leaves you with injuries. So if you wish to go that way, you will definitely have to consider buying a lube suitable for you and your partner.

What Kind  Of Lube Is Best To Use For Anal?

There is no specific lube that I will say is best for anal. What works for you may not work for another because skin differs, our choices are also different. If you wish to go for a longer ride, choose silicone-based lubes or any of the Hybrid lubes. If you desire a lube close to a natural product then water-based lube is for you. Oil-based is cool for a longer sex duration too. Plus it makes the gliding and sliding during anal less painful.


Can Vaseline Serve As Lube For Anal Sex?

Vaseline is a petroleum-based jelly that can be used for various purposes. It can serve as a lube for sex where there is no better option. This jelly may last long and won’t dry out like water-based lubes. However, it can not be washed away easily. It may even stay days before being completely washed off. Because Vaseline stays for days before washing off, it may increase your chances of getting the infection through bacteria. If you are planning to use this Jelly then the condom is a no-no. Vaseline may stain fabrics and clothes leaving everywhere messy.

Fortunately, the best lube for anal sex provides the extra slickness and long-lasting wetness needed to make anal stimulation feel extraordinary. Don’t hesitate to get one today. While you are at it, go for lubes designed especially for anal sex.

It is always great to invest in different lube for your various needs. Don’t just buy one lube for all your sexual activities; sex, anal, masturbation, handjobs amongst others. Each has a specific designed Lube for it. Remember, wetter is better always.

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