12 Unique Sexy Foreplay Suggestions For Women



When it comes to women, foreplay is as vital as sex itself. It is the best sexual warm-up for ladies. The rubbing, touching, kissing and a lot more enhances their readiness for sex and you can imagine using some minutes to play with her sexually. Do you know that women need some time to lubricate their vagina naturally before the intercourse? How would you help her to achieve that? Surely, engaging her on that unique sexy foreplay that turns her on is the option.

The great news about sexy foreplay is that it ensures both of you are ready for the “game”. During the foreplay, women’s sexual desire reached the climax. Of course, that is what she wants. She wants everything about her to relax before the intercourse, and sexy foreplay can take care of that.

Despite vaginal lubrication, sexy foreplay makes the clitoris to stand erect, her cervix to rise to the occasion and makes room for easy penetration by elongating her vaginal canal. If you put in the hard work during the early stage preparing her mind and body for the act to come, she will surely wet her downstair for you, and I am sure you like it when everything is wet.

For women, sex begins in their brain, unlike men who can easily get stimulation through visual means. It simply means that women may be needing foreplay more than men. Check out the best  sexy foreplay that makes men crazy.

Just wait for her! Carry her along. I know the desire may be strong that you might decide to rush her, but what if she pushes you off? Instead of rushing to her genitals for “quickies” start from those things that make her emotionally and sexually comfortable.

According to some sex experts, turning women on, making them achieve orgasm is an art that should be mastered. Undoubtedly, all women can’t turn on with the same techniques. Different Women reach their orgasms through different routes just as what works for one is not what will work for another. It is a little bit challenging to find out those erotic moves prime your partner for incredible orgasms.

Although there are great foreplay tips for beginners and advanced you can check out, we tried finding out from experts that unique sexy foreplay that turn every woman on. If you have been searching for them, search no more! You are in the right place.



12 Sexy Foreplay Suggestions That Man Every Woman Crazy 

Here is the best sexy foreplay that can get her in the mood, boost her libidos, and make her shout for action.


1. Give her a “thigh service”

slump her down your laps, fondle her thigh, visit the “joint” occasionally but don’t rush it, just be gentle. You can use your fingers, tongue or even your toys in this game. To make her feel on top, use your lips to slither, lick and kiss all around her inner thighs. Try slithering around her “pussy” and watch her ache for more.


2. Give her an erotic massage

Massaging despite being sensual, is a sexy foreplay idea after one or both of you have had a long day of work. It provides her with pleasure and relaxation. According to a California based sex expert, stimulating multiple erogenous zones like nipples, clitoris, or the G-spot is a great way to increase her satisfaction and her anticipation leading up to sex.

Get her close to you. Meet those sensitive parts and fondle them. You may not kiss her at the moment but is not bad if you do. Movement of your hand over her is sending the message already. She will like you to keep on. That is what she wants, the pleasure, the caring, and the petting, and gradually, she will be getting ready for what is to come. Indirectly, you are making things easy for yourself.



3. Take off her cloth slowly

Yes! They like their clothes being taken off by their men. They always feel that removing everything on them; the paints, the bra, the necklace and so on is for their men. So do it for her, she wants you to do it by yourself but not to rush it. When it comes to undressing her, never rush. Just do it slowly, tease her into the act of getting naked on the process. Combine other sexy foreplay if it is possible, of course, it is! When you are done, take time, tease her downstair gently and slowly and watch her searching for your “monkey” by herself for the main game.


4. Pay attention to her breast

Play with it; If you have been ignoring her breast, you may not have been giving her enough. Breast remain of the most sensitive part that turns women on when touched or teased. Most women want their men to focus their attention on their breast: they want them to suck it, to squeeze it, to massage it. You won’t believe it, playing with her breast can send the “message” to her nerves. Stop focusing on the nipples only, take your time to discover the most sensitive part on and around her breasts. You too will be happy doing so. That is what she wants. Play with her breast.


5. Lick her clitoris

When you relax her body by massage her, check her clitoris. It is already erect of course. Lick it gently, touch it smoothly, and then try going further, be careful not to hurt her. Remember everything there is very sensitive and soft, find your way to her G- spot, give it a quick and soft touch and you shall have her squirming with pleasure, you shall hear asking you to do it more.

Use this highly reviewed Gspot massager by itself or while you lick her clitoris to give her a powerful orgasm.


6. Special attention to her ears

As you are kissing her, extend it to her ears; bite them, lick them, whisper the love song into her ear. Hope you know the songs she likes? This is the time to sing for her. Put her in the mood by telling her, ” I love you”. Here are 6 other ignored erogenous zones you should play with!


7. Kiss her

Women get the greatest erotic pleasure from frequent, passionate kissing”, says Patti Britton, Ph.D., clinical sexologist, and author of The Art of Sex Coaching: Of course kissing is always the first kind of sexy foreplay to start with. If you notice she’s starting to lose interest resort back to kissing, it is always the best to bring her back into it.

Kiss passionately, read her mood while kissing to know if you can move to another form of sexy foreplay. Passionate kissing doesn’t always require that you focus on her lips only. Try mixing up the tongue play by kissing her nose, eyes, and forehead too. It is not even a bad idea if you kiss the neck.


8. She wants to hear what you are going to do to her

Telling her in advance how you will do it on the bed is a sure way to arouse her. Talk dirty with her! Those words like; ‘i miss your ass, your lips, your hair so much’ are enough to get her mind on how both of you do it. It will get her on subway thinking how both of you used to lie naked fondling and teasing each other.



9. Multitask play

It is always the best not to focus on one sexy foreplay game with her. Don’t just zero in on her genitals. Try to play versatile with her. Pull her in to kiss, take her clothes off, move further to her breast, use your tongue to lick the nipple, throw her on the bed, sit on her while squeezing the breast, shove her hand into the “joint” and allow her to grab and play with the “rod”.

To her, she will feel that she is really wanted, she will feel special and she will be ready for you and trust me, she will dance to your tune when she finally reaches there. Stimulating her multiple erogenous zones like neck, thighs, and breast will make things more comfortable for both of you.

This G-spot toy can be used solo or for multitask play for great reviews!


10. Call her for drinking games

It is not all about being on bed touching and kissing. You can take her out for parties. Make funny moves for her, make her happy. Set her in a smiling mood. Most times, invite her to a dancing competition. If you win her, that is very good but if she wins, that will be more bonus to you. There some good sexy foreplay drinking games you can check to play with her.


11. The power of labia!

Hey! Don’t forget this particular one if you really want her to be asking for more. Labia are often overlooked as a mere barrier to the vagina. Sexually, it is not! They are packed with nerve endings and they shouldn’t be ignored. The sexual pleasure women get when their labia are touched is enormous. It makes them remain calm as they stay quietly and enjoyably waiting for the main thrusting.


12. Reward her bravery

When she initiates some sexual action, approve it. It is better to allow her to take the lead. Compliment her action, show her that you are marveled at how she got things going. When you praise her initiatives, she will feel recognized and belonged.


In Conclusion

Everyone is different. Ladies respond differently to different foreplay and will define sexy foreplay differently. Most women, generally, are ok with one in this post. They are mostly what women want. Make sure you can know how she responds to different foreplay. If she winces when you introduce one, move to another. Check the foreplay game card to learn more about your partner and learn more about how to satisfy her.

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