Best 15 Foreplay Drinking Games


What are some good foreplay drinking games? Best 15 Foreplay drinking games

Did you just google “what are some good foreplay drinking games?” Then you are in the right place! So it sounds like you are tired of the routine act of sitting in front of the television with your partner on weekdays? You want to spice things up in your sex life but you don’t know how to go about it. There is nothing wrong with having a set routine but it is always better to mix things up once in a while.

Drinking games are a fun way to do that. You and your partner can at, anytime, do a nice and naughty foreplay drinking game to keep things hot and sizzling through the night. We have gathered the top 15 hot foreplay drinking game you can play with your partner.


What are some good foreplay drinking games? Best 15 Foreplay drinking games

Top 15 Foreplay Drinking Game To Try With Your Partner

If you have been searching for the mind-blowing foreplay drinking games that can complement that sexy foreplay with your partner here is the answer.


Russian roulette

You can play Russian roulette with a group of friends or with your partner. The first step to playing this game is to gather all the shot glasses you can find. You can borrow from your neighbor if you don’t have enough.

Arrange the shot glasses on the table, fill one with vodka and the rest with water. The other party will shuffle the glasses round. Everyone takes a shot and whoever drinks the vodka performs a dare. Increase the number of glasses with vodka as the game progresses.


What are some good foreplay drinking games? Best 15 Foreplay drinking games

Spin the bottle for two

This foreplay drinking game does not end just with kissing! A twist has been added to make it more fun and naughtier. To play this game, grab an empty bottle, a full bottle of liquor and any sexy treat of your choice. This could be ice cream, chocolate, or whipped cream.

Gather the items in a circle and use them to replace other people. Start spinning. If the empty bottle lands on your partner, kiss them. If however, it lands on any of the sexy items, use it in whatever way you wish. This love game is exciting and can turn you on pretty quickly.

Naked twister

Naked Twister is childhood game adults can remake to suit their needs. This game already has established rules but the catch is that you can add your own rules to make it more interesting. For example, instead of touching the circles with your hands and feet try using your other body parts.

Chutes and ladders

I’m sure you remember playing this old children’s game. Trust me the adult version does not disappoint either. You play this game the usual way with that of children. The twist, however, to make it a foreplay drinking game, is that you take a shot when you go up a ladder, and take off a piece of clothing when you go down a chute. Pretty interesting, right?


What are some good foreplay drinking games? Best 15 Foreplay drinking games

Beer pong

This game is a higher form of the classic drinking game beer pong. It, however, comes with a naughty twist. Though beer pong is better when played in teams, two persons can still play this game. Cups are filled halfway with alcohol (anyone of your choice). Now you’ve got yourself a great foreplay drinking game going! 

Dares are placed beneath the cups which are arranged in a triangular form on a very low table or mat. The next step is to take turns with your partner (opponent) trying to land ping pong balls in the other cup. Whoever the ball lands in his or her cup will have to take the drink and perform the dare beneath the cup.


Drunk uno

You need deck cards to play this game. No worries, if you don’t have them then a regular deck of cards, like the one you use for poker, can serve the purpose. This card can be used for Crazy Eights, which is essentially Uno without all the extra cards. There are so many ways you can incorporate drinking game rules into this childhood game. For instance, you get to take a shot when you have the wrong right color, or two shots when your partner plays a “Draw Two” card.


The Jenna Jameson game

Want a game that leaves you all wet and hard? This is it. Sit with your partner, get some alcohol, and an adult video. Here is how to play the Jenna Jameson game. Watch an adult movie with your partner and whenever a certain body part or phrase is mentioned, you take a drink.

Both of you will take a drink also whenever one of the casts says the f-bomb. This is one foreplay drinking game that you will want to do over and over again!


What are some good foreplay drinking games? Best 15 Foreplay drinking games

Blind mate

This game is one of the naughtiest. How well a person knows the partner’s body is put to a test in this naughty foreplay drinking game. So here is how it’s played. One of you will be naked and the other blindfolded. The blindfolded partner’s hand is guided by the naked partner to any part of his or her body.

But the blindfolded guy will only touch the body part with his index finger and tries to guess the body part. If the blindfolded player gets it right then the nude person takes a drink. If otherwise, the blindfolded guy takes a drink.


Go fish

This game is simple to play. It can be played by either a couple or more persons. It already has a pattern, play it as you would normally. However, when one partner asks for a card and the other does not have it, the former takes a shot. But if the other asks for a card and the partner has it, he or she takes off a piece of clothing.


I never

Most drinking games are games you recognize but with an added twist. To play this game, one of the couples will start off by saying something he or she has never done for the first time like sex in the backseat of a car, a threesome.

The other partner takes a drink if he or she has done it. Your partner will have to show you how to do something he has done and you haven’t, and vice versa.


Body shots

 This is another drinking game to play with your partner to keep your relationship hot and sexy. To play Body Shots gather a pair of dice, paper, a writing utensil and most importantly alcohol. Using the writing utensils, put down the six body parts and number them on a piece of paper.

On another paper, write down the several ways to take a shot, like a suck or a lick. In the next step, one of the players rolls a dice. One of the two dices says where on the body the shots will be taken and the other, how it will be taken.


Truth, dare or drink

This truth and dare game comes with a twist: a drink. It’s the usual rules. You pick “Truth” or “Dare”, your partner asks a question (truth) or dares you to do something. But the “Drink” is added. This allows you to skip revealing the truth (which could be embarrassing) or doing a dare that you will never get over. So you drink whenever you can’t tell the truth or do they dare.

To turn this foreplay drinking game up a notch, try and get really creative with your truth and your dares! Here are some great foreplay toys that can definitely turn your dares up a notch!


What are some good foreplay drinking games? Best 15 Foreplay drinking games

Flip, sip or strip

This game is all fun and naughty and can lead to great foreplay between couples. To play this game, all you need is a coin, alcohol and a wild imagination. Played by at least three people, two people will still have fun with it.

So to play this game, flip the coin, then take a guess if it’s heads or tails. You will do nothing if you are correct but when your guess is wrong, you take a shot. If you fail to get the right answer twice, you will remove a piece of your clothing. This foreplay drinking game will get you both turned on more and more with each turn. 

Striptease dice

Want to heat things pretty quick? Try this game. You need just liquor and dice to play it. It’s simple, the first player rolls the dice if it’s an even number he takes a drink. If it’s an odd number, he removes a piece of clothing.


Strip poker

For those who wish to get their partner out of their clothes, this drinking game with a “strip” title is perfect for you. Originally, this game does not involve booze but you can turn it into a drinking game. It’s simple! Instead of you stripping when you lose a hand, you can opt to take a shot.

This works for persons who are shy about taking off their clothes. Of course, your clothes won’t be on for long either, you understand me? Knowing how to play poker gives you an added advantage at playing this game.



Drinking games are fun and most importantly inexpensive. All you need is a bottle of booze to create a night of sparks for you and your partner. To make it more charming, there is no hard or fast rule for foreplay drinking games. You can create or add your own rules.

While at any of the games above, regulate your drinking unless you want to have drunk sex if you haven’t tried it before. You might also like to check Foreplay card games to learn more about your partner whether you’re a beginner or advanced, it will surely help you to build up the intimacy required for the bedroom act.

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