What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners? 10 Must Try Dildo


What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners

What are the Best Dildos for Beginners

It is not weird to go a bit crazier or upgrade your masturbation experience. You can take it to another level using a dildo. Dildos are very common that you could hear people talking about. The problem here is that as a beginner, you are unsure of where to start from.

If you visit a toy store, there are different varieties to choose from so you are bound to get Dildos to come in different shapes, sizes and affordability and as a beginner, you don’t want to make the mistake of spending a lot of money and end up not liking it. Before buying a dildo, there are some factors you should consider. They include:

What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners


The size of a dildo is very important when buying one. Your choice should depend on what has already been in your vagina. You have to think about the best sex experience you’ve had, try to remember what you enjoyed most about it.

Is it the fullness or the sensation that comes with being stretched by something larger? Or is it the pleasure that came from the head stroking your G-spot? Now take a look at your ruler, measure out an estimated size with your eye then check it with a carrot or cucumber but please do not use them as a dildo.

If you prefer the fullness then perhaps go for 1.5″diameter. If your area of concentration is on the cock hitting the G-spot, then you could start with 1″ or 1.5″diameter. If is in a case where you have issues with penetration, you should go for silicone because it will allow you ease into things. Meanwhile, just bear in mind that most dildos come in small sizes.

What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners


If you are going to take any advice, it should be no jelly, no rubber, no PVC, no cyber skin or UR3. They are usually painted instead and they smell funny and not well made. Most turn out to phthalates in them and they are so porous. You already know what is involved when it’s porous, it means it can never be fully sanitized or shared. You could also find cheaper options that are less or non-toxic at all but they are porous.

Why should you even care if they are porous or not? Porous materials harbor specks of dirt and germs. They are never thoroughly clean and they can even make you sick.,Make sure to buy a silicone dildo, at least they are trusted. Silicones come in different densities and texture. They could be soft, squishy, firm. But in a case you don’t want to go for silicone, please go for glass.

What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners

Shapes and Features

Some of us get confused about the kind of shape to go for. But these days, most people either go for those child toy-like items while others actually go for realistic dildos and it’s hard to see them in very small sizes. Many people also prefer the idea of a suction cup base.


Going Further: The Best Dildos for Beginners

What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners

Tantus Silk

This particular one is great for penetration. It is made of silicone that is fairly firm but due to their small size, they are flexible. Worth the price, they sell very good toys!

Click here for some Tantus dildos to try.

What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners


This particular one may turn you off at first sight due to its weird shape and purple color.It does not even resemble a penis. But this stuff right here is a true performer. It may not look real but the feeling it gives is very amazing. What other thing is important to look out for in dildos if not the performance level.

The charmer hits the G spot absolutely and perfectly well. Some others don’t even know where their G spot is, if that’s the case, then the charmer is the perfect answer. With the help of this particular dildo, you will definitely find the spot and trust me what awaits you is a kind of experience you would wish to have over and over again.

Want to check out other products on the LoveHoney line? Click here for some more options!

What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners

Vixen Small Realistic Bent

Vixen’s single-density silicone is slightly squishier than Tantus silicone but is just as much of a magnet for dust and fur. The Small Realistic Bent comes in Black or Purple (which is one of the most amazing purples – blue opalized flashes and swirls) and is 4.7″ long by 1.2″ wide. Again, this will be pretty flexible due to the small size and slightly softer silicone.

Here are two other products from the Vixen Creation line!

What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners

Colors Pleasures

This is made of silicone. Colors Pleasure gives you the super sexy feeling of a huge black cock even if it’s not. It’s just a small 5 inches dildo that is meant for beginners who want to get all fired up. Just one look at this dildo makes your knee shake. It looks like a real cock with its black skin and veiny texture. Don’t even imagine what the juicy head might do to you if not you might have an orgasm before you actually use it. It is a very great recommendation for beginners.

Love Honey Beaded Sensual

This dildo looks gorgeous in its glassy texture and bead-like structure. It is actually a glass dildo and glass dildos may sound intimidating to use. But trust me, they are great for first-timers. The glass nature makes insertion easier because glass is smooth.

Apart from being comfy to use, it is very beautiful to look at. You wouldn’t mind hanging it on your wall because it looks like a piece of art. Do you also know that this dildo is unisex so it can be used by both men and women? It comes with a row of bulbs that smoothly stick out, which will open up new doors of pleasure for you.

Many individuals could testify that great and intense orgasm comes from using this dildo. Since it comes with a bulbous end, it could also be used for anal stimulation. Now onto the technical aspects of the Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo: The circumference of this dildo measures about 5.5 inches and you can insert about 8 inches of it inside yourself. The overall length of this dildo is 9 inches, but only 8 inches are usable.

What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners

Flare Smooth

The flare smooth could also be pass as an excellent all-rounder for first-timers. With a size of 5.5 inches, it may not like much when you see it but a taste of it would make you want to keep it forever. Not many silicone dildos resemble the Flare Smooth Dildo by Sportsheets, but some may argue that the semi-realistic design is what makes this sex toy better than most silicone dildos.

Those who have sensitive skin should give priority to this dildo because it contains no harmful chemicals or phthalates, and is hypoallergenic. Out of all the materials you could choose from, silicone is the safest, making this dildo a user-friendly one, especially for those of you with allergies.

The Flare Smooth Dildo by Sportsheets comes with a wide base, which means you can use it for a number of sexual positions. Whether its partner or solo play, this dildo will surely satisfy your or your partner’s needs. Staying true to its name, the Flare Smooth Dildo comes in the color red, which will add a bit of color to your sexual life. The insertable length of this dildo is about 5 inches. When you include the base, the length measures to be 5.5 inches. It has a circumference of 4 inches and a base diameter of 2.25 inches.

Click here for more from the Sportsheets product line!

What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners

Berman Marilyn Pelvic Exerciser

This one here is like a hard acrylic resin. It is very solid and is slippery, more like glass. Unlike the other slender glass dildos, resins don’t require much babying and care. It’s 1.25″ wide and slightly tapered. This is one of the few here that is not anal safe.

What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners

Wet For Her Five Jules Medium

This style comes in 3 sizes, ranging from 1.1″ wide (small) to 1.5″ wide (medium) to 1.75″ wide (large) and each size offers three colors – black, pale pink, and pale purple. Anal safe and designed for harnesses, these look like they have a silky, matte finish. The silicone is probably quite firm. All sizes are under $50!

What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners

Ejaculating Dildos

From the name, you should already picture what it means. You could get yourself mesmerized by buying dildos that squirt or ejaculate. These are specially designed toys that make you feel like you riding a real cock, it releases fake semen, the only difference is that you can control this one. You can load it up with lubricants of body-safe fake semen which can be released only when you want it. It sounds like magic right? Well, it’s not.

Click here for more squirting dildo options to consider.

What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners

Harness Dildo

This is a real definition of versatile. It does not only allow you to enjoy independent play but it allows you and your partner to take your bedroom goals to another level. This dildo has a wide base and it could also serve as a strap on dildo. These harnesses are used to give you or your partner a penis extension for penetration pleasure both anally and vaginally. Before you buy it, make sure you check the size and see that it fits the harness O-ring.

Shop more strap ons and harnesses for you and your partner’s pleasure here.


What Are The Best Dildos For Beginners

To Sum It Up

Dildos don’t mean any harm. They are only there to give you maximum pleasure. If your partner is not around and you want to get laid without having to cheat, why not go for a dildo? As a first-timer, this piece should provide you with the necessary information you need so as not to get confused.


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