What Are The Best Lubes For Masturbation?


What Are The Best Lubes For Masturbation

What Are the Best Lubes For Masturbation

Hey! Do you know it is better having sex with lube than it is without using it? There is nothing worse than a burning vagina or penis. Doesn’t it just make sense to incorporate lubes into your solo sexy time adventure? Lubes are great for masturbation whether you are male or female. If you’re thinking about masturbation, you’re right on the point!

To us men, it’s one of the most charming ways to please ourselves anytime you want. But what if you get something like the best lube for masturbation that will enhance this pleasure even more? As the desire by men and women to achieve sexual arousal and pleasure to the point of orgasm increases so is the choice of masturbation inevitable.

Masturbation is a good and safe way of relieving the sexual tension that can build up over time within an individual(s). To some individuals, it is inevitable whether they have sex or not. It is on the above reasons that the demands for best sex lube (lubricants) increase awfully on a daily bases.

What Are The Best Lubes For Masturbation

What is sex lube

Sex lubricants often called lubes, are specialized lubricants used during sexual acts such as intercourse and masturbation to reduce friction to penis, vagina, and anus or other body parts. It eases penetration and thrusting and makes one feel at home at the climax of it. I am going to tell you how sex lubes make this possible. Relax!

Many (especially men) have been secretly asking for the best lube for masturbation. If you happen to fall into this category, this post is for you.

Since vagina lubrication often occurs naturally during sexual excitement and arousal, unlike men who wank by jerking their penis, we will focus our attention on best lubes for male masturbation. But before I land you on that, let us quickly try to answer the question on who needs the lubes and why you should need lubes for sexual acts especially for masturbation.

What Are The Best Lubes For Masturbation

Who needs the lubes?

Asking who needs lubes is like asking who enjoys sex. I am sure everyone does. If you must wank the monkey or flick the bean why not use lubes? It is very surprising and even disappointing that whenever one mentions the word ‘’lubricant’’ in a sexual manner, most people will think of older women experiencing vaginal dryness during menopause.

What some people don’t know is that sexual lubricants can or should be used by anyone who wants to engage in form sexual acts regardless of one’s age. The myth that sex lubes are only needed for fixing a sexual problem needs to be dispelled. If you really enjoy doing it alone or if you are the type that likes doing it rough and too fast with your partner(s), you need lubes. Even if you are not, you still need it. I am going to tell you why.


What Are The Best Lubes For Masturbation

Why You Should Use Lubes

Since masturbation and most pre-sexual acts are commonly done by touching, stroking, or massaging the penis or clitoris until an orgasm is achieved there is every possibility of damage or abrasion to the delicate tissue of vagina and penis. To save yourself from these damages you need to be using lubes. I know by now, you might have been considering which lubes are best for you. Don’t worry; I will help you in choosing the best lubes among others available out there. But before that, let’s quickly go through the benefits of lubes.

Benefits of sex lube

Here, we shall be considering the few benefits of lubes to broaden our mind on needs for it. There are many benefits of sex lubes to our sexual acts but we shall be discussing four of them here.

Lubes enhance sexual pleasure

All in all, lubes can, undoubtedly, enhance pleasure for everyone involved. Whether you are doing it alone or with someone, it has to be the last resort for when things have gone dry_ you can use it at any time. Sex or masturbation can be enjoyable without lubes but is by far more enjoyable with lubes. Try it if you have not.

Lube reduces friction

We are all aware that masturbation and sex are for pleasure not for pain. You can imagine doing it so rough! To avoid injury during the act, you have to use lubes to make everything safer.

Lubes can be used by anyone

Best sex lubes are for everyone. There seems to be the wrong assumption that younger women do not need to use a lubricant. It is not so. Everyone can use sex lubes and there is not such a thing as ‘’lube users”. It can be used by all regardless of gender, age, and sexuality.

It is very good for anal sex

On like vagina or penis, the anus often doesn’t provide adequate natural lubrication during sex. Apply sex lubes during foreplay for relaxing effect during anal intercourse or while using an anal sex toy for a more pleasurable experience all round.

Having considered some benefits or why you should use sex lubes, the next challenging task remains the best lubes we should use. We shall be trying to find out the best among the varieties of sex lubes out there. People use the varieties of wired lubricants but the best one can make a huge difference.


What Are The Best Lubes For Masturbation

Your Best Sex Lubes For Masturbation

Do you wish to know those lubes that provide maximum pleasures and also lead you to a more powerful and astounding climax? Here are them! We shall be giving you a little clue of why they are the best. Chill while we give you the gist.

What Are The Best Lubes For Masturbation

Water-Based Lube

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The most versatile inexpensive and nonstaining sex lube is water-based lube. Water-based lube also has the added benefit of being incredibly easy to wash off after use, leaving your skin clean, silky smooth and free of any residue. If they do dry out, you can add a little more or reactivate them with water.

Many women like water-based lube because it feels more like their natural vaginal lubrication. It is also absorbed into the tissues of the vagina, helping to nourish and keep them flexible. They come in two varieties: with glycerin, which has a slightly sweet taste, or without glycerin. They typically don’t stain sheets, either.

Glycerin-free products are less likely to cause vaginal irritation. They also have a longer shelf life.

The downside of water-based lubricants is right there in the name: they are water-based. The water in them evaporates with use causing them to dry out or get sticky. Many can become slick again with the addition of a little water but this is still considered a downside for many users.

What Are The Best Lubes For Masturbation

Oil Based Lube

Check out some oil based lubes for your pleasure

They are great to use for masturbation, but be aware that they are not safe to use with latex contraceptives. Many males start with oil-based lubes when they start masturbating. Oil-based lubes give a great long-lasting, silky smooth experience and are thicker and creamier in nature, they last longer during sex.

There are two types of oil-based lubes: natural (think of coconut oil or butter) and synthetic (think of mineral oil or Vaseline).

Natural oil-based lubes like coconut, vegetable, and olive oils are great for massage and all types of sexual play. They’re also safe for the vagina and safe to eat. Synthetic oil-based lubes; including lotion and cream are good for external masturbation only

What Are The Best Lubes For Masturbation

Silicone Based Lubes

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Silicone based lubes last a very long time is great for fun in the water and are safe for use with latex condoms. However, they are not suitable to use on silicone sex toys because they will damage the surface. Silicone lubes are the most expensive and are often the hardest to find. They have the advantage of lasting longer than water-based lubes.

Water-Based lube is apt to need refreshing after about 5 minutes of masturbation, while silicone lube can last for half an hour without evaporating or being absorbed. Many manufacturers of water-based lube also make silicone-based varieties with the same brand name. K-Y, System JO, Gun Oil, Wet, ID, and Swiss Navy come in silicone versions.


The Takeaway

In the end, choosing the “perfect” lube all comes down to you: what works best for your body and your own unique preferences. There’s no need limiting yourself to just one! You might like a thicker lube for anal sex, but prefer a thinner water-based lube for everyday use. Most of these lubes don’t usually have a side effect, however, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to something in them. It is left for you to make the right choice of the one you should use for your comfort. So when deciding between different lubes, keep your comfort and your safety in your mind. Enjoy!


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