What Are The 10 Safest Lubes For Wonderful Anal Sex?


This is the era of explorative anal sex where lovers are becoming more daring with different styles for this sexual activity. Anal sex is a form of sex that is quite safe with lubes. Using some safest lubes for anal sex is the key to having a comfortable and pleasurable time during the activity.

According to sex therapists, lubeless anal sex can be a high risk because the friction encounter during such sex can lead to a tear of the anus or skin and it’s a high way of contacting infections. So with anal sex the wetter the anus the better. All one need do is to purchase some safest lubes for anal sex to have an unforgotten anal sex experience.


What Is An Anal Lube? 

Anal lube can be described as a specific type of lube that is produced mainly for anal sex. Anal lube can be effective for anal intercourse or any kind of anal penetration. Anal lube goes a long way in helping the anus to expand to avoid pains or tears. The fact is that unlike the vagina that has natural lubricants the anus doesn’t have the same. The tissues of the anus are vulnerable and delicate and as such anal sex is a high-risk practice and needs to be practice safely with safest lubes for anal sex.

Anal lubes are in three categories namely the oil-based lubes, water-based lube and the silicone lube. Each has its strength and weakness like the water-based isn’t as long-lasting or slick like the other two but it very safe to be used along with sex toys and condoms. Silicone-based works with condoms but not with silicone sex toys because it can cause a breakdown of the material. Of course, no one will like their sex toy falling apart. The oil-based lubes are the slickest of them all and can work perfectly with both sex toys and condoms.


What are the safest lubes for anal sex?

Safest Lubes For Anal Sex 

Anal lubes are not one-size-fits-all because what makes a lube great for anal action might not go well with a sex toy, so the best bet might be investing in specific lubes that will be safest for you during a specific anal act. Sex experts are of the view that thicker lubes are the safest lubes for anal sex since anal walls are thinner than the vaginal walls. So one can only be safe when the anal wall is left slippery and nice to avoid any tear or cut into the rectum.

Anal sex lovers are also to understand that the anus absorbs water very fast and as such the water will dry out easily. So you need to be careful when choosing any anal lube. After a long research sex educator Lisa Finn of Babeland plus outlined the following anal lubes as the safest lubes for anal sex.


Tested And Trusted Safest Lubes For Anal Sex

What are the safest lubes for anal sex?

The Please Gel

This is one of the safest lubes for anal sex in the market. It is a thicker water-based anal gel. This lube is versatile and only limits friction but boosts sexual sensation. This lube is paraben and glycerin free. So you are safe using it during your anal sex.


What are the safest lubes for anal sex?Elbow Grease

If you are looking for a safe lube for anal sex, then using Elbow Grease lube wouldn’t be a bad idea. Elbow Grease is a rich, creamy oil-based lube. It has a smooth and thick texture to aid you to have a mind-blowing anal sex experience without any pain or tear. This is because it will leave your anus well moisturize and soft. So for safety go the Elbow Grease way. Click here to try out Elbow Grease.


What are the safest lubes for anal sex?The Wicked Jelle Lube

We can’t talk about safest lubes for anal sex without including the Wicked Jelle Lube because it’s one of the safest lubes out there. The great thing about this lube is that it remains where it was placed and it hardly dries out or becomes sticky. So you have the best sensation during anal sex without fear of tear or pains, it helps makes be very comfortable during the action. Again, it comes in two mini tubes, so partners can have each to themselves. Click here to try out Wicked Jelle Lube. 

What are the safest lubes for anal sex?

The Almost Naked Personal Lube

The almost naked personal lube can be listed as one of the safest lube for anal sex because it’s one lube that is natural and organic. It is versatile with no harsh chemical content. It is parabens –free. It is one water-based lube that is greatly compatible with condoms. So you are safe from contracting diseases or infection from your partner.


What Are The Different Types Of LubricantsThe Premium Astroglide X Silicone Lube

This Astroglide X is another safe anal lube that helps reduce friction for partners during anal sex. The premium silicone personal lube is a very gentle formula and remains non-irritating to the skin. It enhances versatility for partners engaging in anal sex and one can use it even in the shower. This lube is super slippery and compatible with a condom too. Click here to get your own Astroglide X! 

What are the safest lubes for anal sex?

The Natural Lubricating Gel Lube (Sliquid organics)

This is one of the safest lube for anal sex though it is a little mild, it is good to always be safe which is what this lube offers. This a 100 percent organic and vegan lube. It contains sea extract and green tea. So it will help users avoid having irritating skin. So using it on the anus is safe. Click here to try out Sliquid Organics Gel.


What are the safest lubes for anal sex?Sustain Natural Lube

This is the safest of them all, since it like a go-to for anal sex lovers. This lube is anus –friendly and it prides itself as being the purest lube because it has no harmful content. It is petrochemical, paraben, and glycerin-free. It is on the thinner side though but its quality is top-notch and it worth the buy for safety.


What are the safest lubes for anal sex?The Sliquid Sassy Lube

This is one of the safest lube for anal sex in the market now. This thicker formula is chemical-free and can be smoothly used with sex toys and condoms. It doesn’t dry out easily which increases slipperiness and no stain on the sheet with it. Check out Sliquid Sassy Lube and more from Sliquid here!


What are the safest lubes for anal sex?The Boy Butter

This lube is both safe and popular. This is an oil-based lube that is produced with a combination of organic silicone and coconut oil. This lube looks like butter so when used on the anus brings a high level of softness and slickness. This lube eliminates dryness, friction, and tears.


What are the safest lubes for anal sex?Backdoor Water-Based Anal Lubricant

This water-based thick lube is among the safest lubes for anal sex. This lube is designed to last for a long time. It will keep users safe no matter their rough anal adventures. This is because this lube will always stay in play without being goopy. One just needs little drops of it. Check out more from Pjur here!


What are the safest lubes for anal sex?

How To Choose The Safest Lubes For Anal Sex 

There’s a myth that anal sex hurt. Well this is untrue because to avoid discomfort and pain is knowing how to choose the safest lubes that will save you and keep you protected. So these are ways to choose anal lubes for safety

  • Go for anal specific lube: purchase mostly lube specifically designed for anal play.
  • Go for condom compatibility lube: oil=based lube destroys condoms, so if you can’t trust your partners then don’t go for oil-based anal lubes.
  • Avoid desensitizing anal lubes: be careful of numbing anal lubes, which will mask pains in the anus because you might feel sore when it wears off. Such lubes are not safe enough.
  • Go for anal lubes with a thicker consistency because there are always compatible with adult toys and condoms.
  • Silicone-based anal lubes are the safest because there hardly dry out fast as such boost slickness, slipperiness, and less friction. There are hypoallergenic too and there’s no pausing to reapply silicone lube since it stays on for a longer period.
  • If you want to be safe during anal sex then avoid the use of dyed or scented lubes. Scented lubes though may boost pleasure but can be irritating to the anus. The anus being a sensitive area will be against scented lubes. So to avoid any problem with the anus area skip scented lubes.

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